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Independece Day II

February 25, 2004

Here’s a bit of a follow-up to a debunked story about a “secret Pentagon report” outlining a global warming doomsday scenario (second item in John McCaslin’s column today; the first one is also very interesting).

Check out this tidbit:

“As with past national security assessments, the Department of Defense was presented with a worst-case scenario, not the likely future,” he says. “The Pentagon naturally believes it has to research any possible threat


And Now For Something Completely Different

February 25, 2004

Want to feel old this morning?

Van Halen’s “Jump” was the #1 song in the country twenty years ago this week.

Might as well jump, indeed…

Computer No-Support

February 23, 2004

This very funny Salon piece accurately describes life in a computer support call center. Rings very true to the experience I had ten years ago, when I took a temp job with Apple Computer in Austin right after I finished grad school.

Fair warning, you’ll have to minimize and wait for the annoying Salon commercial to get over with unless you’ve a sucker–uh, I mean, unless you have a paid subscription…

Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?

February 21, 2004

Today is Saturday of Mardi Gras weekend, which for my money is the best day of the year to be in New Orleans (Fat Tuesday is more for the locals). It’s also a gorgeous, sunny, breezy day in the South.

The parades are rolling on St. Charles Avenue, the sidewalks and neutral ground are clogged with ladders, coolers, jambalaya cookers and happy people. Beads are hanging from the trees and power lines, and a grand time is being had by all. Tucks is rolling right now (pun definitely intended), and tonight Endymion will be out in all its gaudy glory (it’s one to miss, in my opinion, but still).

And I’m running around Atlanta buying gift bags and other assorted wedding crap.

Have you seen the Simpsons episode where a bunch of the kids are stuck on a desert island, and one of them says, “I’m so hungry, I could eat at Arbys!”? Well, I’m jonesing for NOLA so bad right now, I just had lunch at Copeland’s.

I think I’m going to go kill half a case of Abita Turbodog right now…


Steve here. Will remains missing, presumed drunk.

We Now Return You To Your Regularly-Scheduled Smart-Alec

February 20, 2004

I think this’ll do it for my guest turn as a VodkaPundit. I’d like to thank everybody who read along and commented in this week, and particularly thank Steve for so graciously sharing his site and readership with me.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t offer hosannas in the general directions of James Joyner, Mark Hasty, Pejman, and everybody else who linked over to my posts this week, with special thanks to the Oracle Of Blog Mountain, who favored me with not one, but two certified Instalanches.

As Steve predicted (miserable slimy blog-pusher that he is), I’m now hooked, and I’ll be re-starting my old site as a shiny new blog starting in April. I’ll pass along the word to your snarky neighborhood bartender once it’s officially up and running.

Thanks again, y’all have a fun Mardi Gras weekend…

Ralphie Rides Again

February 20, 2004

According to Fox News, Ralph Nutter is going to officially announce this weekend that he’ll run for President as an independent. I wonder how many disenchanted Dean Dongs will vote for him in November?

Oh, and that “HA-Ha!” sound you hear isn’t Nelson Muntz, it’s Karl Rove…

Is There Anybody In There?

February 20, 2004

Somebody in Colorado, go beat on Martini Boy’s door and make sure he isn’t dead.

If I have to miss Mardi Gras this year because of wedding crap (uh, I mean, yes dear, of course I’d rather be here to meet with the photographer), the least he can do is take a couple of Advil and make an appearance…

007 Is On the Case

February 20, 2004

Sean Connery is participating in an anti-ChiCom protest in Taiwan. Good for Sir Sean.

Apropos of very little, wouldn’t it be great if Hollywood were to make a James Bond movie starring Connery, playing Bond as an older man? If done the right way (i.e. emphasize the character instead of gadgets and stuff blowing up, I’m not talking “Never Say Never Again, Again” here), it’d be a great career-capper for Connery, something like Eastwood’s “Unforgiven.”

Never happen, of course…

New Frontiers In Mediot Psychoanalysis

February 20, 2004

This may be the dumbest single thing I’ve read in months. A couple of excerpts:

And think of Jenna Bush, the blond twin, celebrating her 21st birthday by visiting the Cheers Shot Bar in Austin, Texas

Ve Haff Vays Of Making You Turn Your Head Und Koff

February 20, 2004

Interesting Tom Goeller piece here on Germany’s economic double-bind:

But those who gleefully count the days remaining in Schr