Some interesting reading and linkage here, courtesy of AllahPundit, regarding events in Pakistan.

Which reminds me: Just what exactly did the Administration say to Musharraf in late 2001 to jerk him so quickly and decisively into line? I’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation.


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  1. Danny Says:

    I suspect the answer to your question can be found in the linings of Musharraf’s pockets.

  2. Pouncer Says:

    Let’s see. Maybe it was subtle, clever, persuasive and correctly pronounced.

    Or maybe it was “Eee-ther y’r fer us, or agin’ us. What’s it gonna be?”

    We are talking about an administration led by an illiterate moron cowboy with fractured diction and a studied accent. One that actually behaves in a manner surprisingly congruent with its public pronouncements.

    After the Bush Doctrine is run thru the Powell-erizer, it might come out sounding to their diplomats like this:

    “We’re going to take out the Taliban in Afghanistan. To do that, we have to base troops and aircraft in Pakistan. Now, we would prefer not to delay our replacement of the Taliban by replacing your General Musharraf, first. But are willing, able, and prepared to do exactly that. If we must. On the other hand, a cooperative or at least tolerant Pakistan will remain, and perhaps become even more, eligible for financial assistance commensurate with America’s vast resources. Would you please ask the General to telephone us with his decision by, oh, let us say, noon tomorrow. Your local time, of course. President Bush will be more than happy to take your call. ”

    This sort of thing seems perfectly plausible to me.

    What sort of IMplausible alternatives would others attribute to the Shrub?

  3. Angie Schultz Says:

    Well, according to a Usenet group I was reading at the time, it was, “When the shit hits the fan, on which side of the blades would you like to be standing?”

  4. Mr. Lion Says:

    They didn’t say anything, they just had a SEAL team sneak in, paint a happy face on a warhead, and leave a business card.

    “Call us, or we’ll call you.”

  5. vaildog Says:

    Hey Pouncer. How long have you been such a tool?

  6. Chris Says:


    You have your graduate degree from what school now?

  7. John Farren Says:

    Pouncer looks wrong on Bush (graduating from Yale, getting a Harvard MBA, and flying an F-102 has to make him the smartest illiterate moron I’ve ever heard of).
    But I reckon his Powell version is pretty close to what was said.
    With the addition, perhaps, of a very quiet whisper behind the scenes that Pakistan’s nukes were in for a short and eventful career in the event of the wrong answer.

    Or: “Hey, Pervez. We’re gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.”

  8. Sandy P. Says:

    Anybody remember the Islamabad airport shutting down for 2 hours and containers being unloaded?

  9. Dishman Says:

    It seems to me that Perv recently told his mullahs to get in line, or Pakistan could lose its sovereignty.

    An item of note: It is now widely known that the Pakistanis have not used proper security with their nuclear weapons program. In other words, they have accepted in advance responsibility for the terrorist use of nuclear weapons.

  10. Michael Lonie Says:

    I don’t think they had to say much of anything. Musharraf took one look at the situation and realized that failure to cooperate with the US would lead to Pakistan being ground to powder between the US and India. Trouble is, most Pakistanis, even among the military and ISI, are not smart enough and perceptive enough to realize this.

  11. Michael Lonie Says:

    By the way, for people who still believe Bush is a moron, does the phrase “rope-a-dope” mean anything to you?

  12. Acanty Says:

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