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Sofia Sideshow is one of my favorite blogs, and not just because of the all-too-infrequent Bulgarian babe pictures.

Proprieter jkrank (an American who lives in Sofia making movies for the SciFi Channel) posted a long dissertation on anti-war (actually anti-Bush) rhetoric last week. Even if you’re not up to reading the entire den-Besteian post, check out this on-the-money excerpt:

Something about this war is eating Bush’s detractors alive, something unquantifiable with conventional weights and measures. I think that it is because if George W. Bush really did lie (and thus surprising both the Right and Left), the anti-war crowd would still have to face a disheartening Spectacle of Freedom For An Entire People, instead of the more satisfactory Humiliation Of Bush At The United Nations And Mass Graves Nobody Knows About.

That simple.

Nothing is more irritating than watching your enemies fail to live up to your worst expectations. If George W. was hawking stolen museum art, or John Ashcroft was forcing Shiites to convert, or Dick Cheney was sucking the oil from Iraqi teenager’s skin, the Left would have far lower blood pressure. They would be relieved, vindicated, because the war would be delightfully immoral.

The anti-war crowd long ago started measuring themselves as culturally, intellectually, and morally superior to the pro-war crowd, instead of measuring whether their policies were superior. Thus, the incredible success in Afghanistan and Iraq is not a blow to their policy, it is a blow to their ego and sense of self. I think the worst example I can give is during the campaign in Afghanistan, where it became popular to repeat that ANY civilian casualties should classify the endeavor as a failure for George W. Bush and the administration. This was to raise the goalpost to a level not out of concern for Afghani civilians, but out of concern that the critics’ self-image not be a casualty, to attempt to force the debate into one where it was guaranteed that the pro-war side would be inferior.


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  1. Marge Inalia Says:

    Nothing is more irritating than watching your enemies fail to live up to your worst expectations.

    He’s right. It really is that simple.

  2. The Old European Says:

    You’re talking about the WMD blunder, right?

  3. Mike M Says:

    It’s kind of like the boyfriend of the girl you have a crush on. You want to be with her…you’re convinced the guy is all wrong for her.

    Then you meet the boyfriend and it turns out he’s a great guy that really takes care of her. How do you feel? Relieved? No, you want to punch the smug SOB in the face since you’re convinced it’s all an act!

    Brilliant blog.

  4. Steve Ducharme Says:

    It’ an old argument for the left along the lines of “if it saves just one life then it’s worth it to……” (fill in a leftist bugaboo here). They are reverting to type. If just one civilian dies then we were right and you were horrible warmongers.

  5. erp Says:


    This is what drives them crazy. It’s wonderful.

  6. Percy Dovetonsils Says:

    One of the sites I frequent (televisionwithoutpity.com) covers U.S. television shows. and has message boards regarding various shows.

    So last night the program “Law and Order” did a show where (from what I understand, I didn’t watch it) a self-righteous trustafarian was killed by a postman who got tired of being called a fascist and warmongerer by said trustafarian – and the jury deadlocked, letting the mailman go free.

    And people at the message board for this show are going absolutely apeshit (to use the scientific term) over this, calling the show “Republican propaganda” and part of the right wing conspiracy, etc. It’s quite entertaining, actually.

  7. Sandy P. Says:

    Oh, Old European, your rulers are doing a wonderful job keeping an eye on the Iranian nuke program.

    You should, considering YOU’RE responsible for it.

    Via Instapundit:

    …The proliferation has its roots in Europe’s own postwar eagerness for nuclear independence from the United States and its lax security over potentially lethal technology. It was abetted, critics say, by competition within Europe for lucrative contracts to bolster state-supported nuclear industries. Even as their own intelligence services warned that Pakistan could not be trusted, some European governments continued to help Pakistan’s nuclear program.” (Shall we guess who those were?)

    YOU did it, YOU fix it. But you won’t, you’ll leave it up to us to clean up your mess AGAIN.

    And more of our people will die. We’ve been dying for you for 90 years now and I’m getting tired of it.

  8. Dean Says:

    Sandy P:

    Whenever I see TOE post, I always know just what to expect—fecklessness combined w/ arrogance.

    Just once, I’d like to see an effective European response, w/o us. Bosnia? Kosovo? Iraq?

    If the French can resolve Haiti, I, for one, will give them full kudoes to that effect.

    But instead, the litany of failure continues. Cyprus? Zimbabwe?

    So, what’s left? The ability to sneer.

    Don’t take that away from him. It’s all he has….

  9. Sandy P. Says:

    I guess you’re right, Dean, it’s what a “compassionate conservative” would do.

    But we would also smack them in the head to clear the cobwebs.

  10. The Old European Says:

    “But instead, the litany of failure continues.”

    It all depends on what you consider success.

    If Afghanistan and Iraq is considered a success right now by a compassionate conservative – then you really have a long list of foreign policy achievements to show.

    You could also call Haiti a US success then. Didn’t you support Aristide?

  11. SDN Says:

    No, Aristide was supported by YOUR Presidential team of Clinton/Gore. And I’ll take what’s happening in Iraq now over what happened without our intervention.

    Afghanistan? Not doing so well, but I have to suspect that it isn’t being run on optimal lines, since the Germans and Canadians are sticking with us. If we were doing it right, they’d pull out in a huff.

  12. Dean Says:


    This is really quite simple. List five EUropean interventions where there was no US involvement, which had a successful outcome.

    Otherwise, STFU.

  13. The Old European Says:

    It’s so nice of you to put your former presidents in my garden. I like as well the argument that because Haiti was a French colony way back it’s still French responsibility – even though there have been the Monroe doctrine and half a dozen US interventions after that.

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