I guess he thought the bus was too plebian


(Hat-tip to Jonah Goldberg at the Corner.)


3 Responses to “I guess he thought the bus was too plebian”

  1. Jim G. Says:

    WTF? Is that supposed to make me feel like Kerry is a “common man”? I think this little tour may be a mistake. A bit pretentious IMHO.

  2. Ricky Vandal Says:

    “There’s no better place to have a good conversation than on the deck of a fine sailing vessel, out there in the sunshine, with the gentle breeze playing in your hair,” Cahill said. “It’s beautiful up there.”

    This picture can not be true! This must be doctored by the republicans!

    If this pic is for real Kerry is more aloof than I thought he was. This guy is incredible. He talks about joblosses on the deck of his own personal million dollar yaught. This is too much.

  3. Will Collier Says:

    Uh, guys… it’s from The Onion.

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