New Frontiers In Mediot Psychoanalysis

This may be the dumbest single thing I’ve read in months. A couple of excerpts:

And think of Jenna Bush, the blond twin, celebrating her 21st birthday by visiting the Cheers Shot Bar in Austin, Texas


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  1. Courtney Says:

    What did I do on my 21st b-day? I started the night at Cheer’s shot bar in Austin. I and all my girlfriends drank ‘blowjob’ shots. Very classy, I know.

    Everyone goes to Cheers on their 21st birthday. In fact, everyone starts at Cheers, then goes to The Library, The Aquarium, then Paradise, or similar bars. The Greek system at UT may be enormous, but it’s also very traditional.

    Jenna wasn’t defying the rules, she was following them.

  2. Will Collier Says:

    Gee, thanks, Courtney. Not one of those places (best I can remember) were in operation when I was at UT (’92-’93). Back then it was Abel’s, Touche’s, Shakespeare’s, maybe Nasty’s if you wanted one of those evil Everclear margaritas.

    You’re making me feel extremely old right now. Please tell me Joe’s Generic Bar is still in business…

  3. Mike M Says:

    Uh, how does getting arrested for being underage, then going back when you’re legal “smack of privilidge”?

    It smacks of making sense, although I can think of some smacking that would be much more appropriate considering the faux sophisto-chic and idiotic nature of the source article. This is actually *worse* than any Dowd I’ve read lately…and I thought that was a literary and intellectual impossibility…

  4. Tman Says:

    Funny thing is, if we didn’t have a drinking age, not only would the presidents kids probably not want to go to Cheers on their 21st, nobody would- because you would already have had puked your guts out at 16.

    Not to say we should get rid of the drinking age, because its probably too late now, but I alwyas found it interesting that the cultures who have less age requirements when it comes to alcohol seem to have less of these drinking issues.

    Seems pretty obvious- if you told me not to do something when I was 18, guess what I was probably going to do?


    I hate nanny states…….


  5. Kathy Says:

    Joe’s Generic Bar is still in business—well, at least they were last year when I was in Austin for SXSW. Still the best damn dive. But I have to say—I really like The Library. Saw the Drive By Truckers there—that is one nice bar with great music. Great courtyard.

    My nephew also goes to UT. He’s also in the greek system. He knows Jenna Bush and is the same age as her. And nothing about her behavior surprises me because if she’s doing it—well, my nephew already got busted for it. The nephew thinks she’s pretty tame, on the whole, and that she doesn’t deserve the bad rap she’s received. “A typical sorority girl,” he says, to describe her, “who’s just had the bad luck to get busted. She’s pretty sheltered—anyone else would have known who the undercover cop was in the bar and would have gotten out of there as soon as they’d been spotted. She’s pretty inexperienced.”
    Direct quote from a serious party boy.

  6. Ian Argent Says:

    So where were the secret squirrels during the bust? Laughing their guts out? Or standing outside the womens’ WC in her dorm waiting for her to finish powdering her nose?

  7. Mike Rentner Says:

    Flaming Dr Peppers at Touch

  8. Brian Swisher Says:

    I notice, though, that they don’t mention Al Gore’s son’s underage DUIs…

  9. erp Says:

    The implication is loud and clear that because they are so privileged, they should be agitating against the war, anti-nuke, save the whale, ending suffering and pain across the globe or whatever the cause du jour is and not behaving like every other kid their age.

    They’ll all grow up and assume their responsibilities unless of course they’re leftwing nutcases, then their adolescence will continue well past middle age into their dotage. I cite Chomsky, Mailer, etc.

    We didn’t do the things kids do today when I was kid. It was never even dreamt of, but I do remember getting my driver’s license and going off by myself on a very cold, drizzly afternoon for a long ride almost out to Montauk Point from Queens NY where I lived at the time and that was before the Long Island Expressway was built.

    Oh you thought the LIE was built at the time of the pyramids? No, I assure you it wasn’t there when I was kid. There was something called Horace Harding Boulevard. It was a beautiful eight lane road that was the approach to the 1939 World’s Fair.

    I don’t think John Glenn could have felt more of a sense of accomplishment on his first ride into space then I did that day.

  10. Crank Says:

    The Horace Harding is still there in name, it’s just a service road to the LIE now. It’s a few hundred feet from my house.

    Honestly, I haven’t seen the Bush girls do anything that resembled a grab for attention – quite the contrary – and neither did Chelsea until about the end of her dad’s term. Get a grip.

  11. Slartibartfast Says:

    Please. I paid my own way through college and was in no way priveleged. Despite these incredible handicaps, I was still able to obtain a false ID and drink illegally. What a victory for the middle class!

  12. Yehudit Says:

    “Ms. [Chelsea] Clinton

  13. hatebush Says:

    Never never forget she is the daughter of Bush the HilterchimpyrichshrubAWOLliarfratboycorproatetoolidiothatemongerneoconzionist!!!!

    That is all that matters!!!!

  14. Kathy Says:


    Hatebush: do you need a tissue after that massive eruption of phlegm, or would a moist towelette be more appropriate? I’m not sure which would work better, but I’m pretty sure you need to wipe *something* after that little volcano impersonation.

    Lighten up.

  15. hey Says:

    hatebush would be joking kathy

    and yeah, jenna shoulda reamed out her detail hard for letting her get busted for underage

    this is just as bad as the article slamming harry for partying… hmm 18 year old prince likes partying, girls, partying, rugby, partying, and isn’t protesting his life… these people either were the worst losers as kids, or they are in serious denial about their lives from 14 to 25

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