Ralphie Rides Again

According to Fox News, Ralph Nutter is going to officially announce this weekend that he’ll run for President as an independent. I wonder how many disenchanted Dean Dongs will vote for him in November?

Oh, and that “HA-Ha!” sound you hear isn’t Nelson Muntz, it’s Karl Rove…


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  1. erp Says:

    Is that a fact????? Don’t toy with us.

  2. J. Wilde Says:

    My bold prediction is that Nader will have even less effect this time around than last time. The Dems are still snakebit from 2000, and hate Bush too much to let old Ralphie snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Plus he’ll never get the one thing he needs to actually get his message heard in the absence of any real advertising budget: a pliant media.

    I also doubt the Deanie Babies, betrayed as they currently feel by Politics-As-Usual within the Democratic Party, will really come around to Nader in the kinds of numbers and monetary support he would need to act as a spoiler for the Dems. The ABB crowd will hold their nose and vote Democrat, and the True Believers will go for Nader to little effect, while the rest of them stay at home, wallowing in their disillusionment.


  3. legion Says:

    Feh. I’ve read that the reason he’s not with the Greens anymore is that even they don’t want his stink on them – they’re still feeling too much heat from the left for his impact on the last election.

    If anything, Ralphie’s entering the race may spur _more_ Dems to come out & vote the party line…

  4. Mr. Lion Says:

    With the rather significant support Dean was able to dredge up, I’d expect Nader to do better than he did in ’00. Maybe, 3-4 million votes.

    Boy, won’t the Dems love that. </snark>

  5. bains Says:

    I was reading some the the DU threads earlier today – they are positively apopletic about a potential Nader candidacy. Gotta say though, there are enough ‘purists’ on the left for whom a Kerry administration is just as repugnant as Bush’s.

  6. Citizen Smash - The Indepundit Says:

    Nader Is In

    RALPH NADER will run as an independent candidate for President, FOX News is reporting. That sound you hear is millions…

  7. Matt Says:

    I wonder in how many states he’ll be able to get on the ballot and how much money he’ll get from the right. I’ll be voting for Bush and am tempted to to Ralph a few bucks.

  8. Gary and the Samoyeds Says:

    bains: Are these that SAME folks that were on DU saying there was no way they would vote for Kerry or Edwards?

    So, THEY’RE allowed to take their ball and go home, but no one else is?

  9. Insults Unpunished Says:

    Nader To Run As An Independent In 2004

    FOXNews.com – You Decide 2004 – Nader to Jump in Presidential Race Unlike the Kerry intern story, the media seems to have jumped on this one. This has to be giving the Democrats fits. I can’t believe he doesn’t think…

  10. agave Says:

    Not sure if there are many purest left. Can you vote for Bush and not admit to major compromise, or worse, total mindless partisionship?

  11. kyost Says:

    There are plenty of “purists” in the Dem party who will vote for Nader. Many Deaniacs will; some because of their dedication to the progressive platform, some because they are angry at the rest of the Dem party for not loving Dean as they did. Go read Deaniac blogs and see how much they hate Kerry, Edwards, and the party honchos. Then there are other purists- Kucinich devotees who will welcome someone to vote after he finally bows out; those so left that Nader seems centrist, and those who calculate that it is better for the future purity of the Dem party for Bush to win, leaving ’08 open for someone more “pure” than Kerry. If Kerry wins the purists can expect to wait at least ’till ’12 and most likely until ’16 or ’20!

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