Where’s Steve?

Heck if I know, but I suspect he just doesn’t want to admit that he broke down and bought a minivan.


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  1. erp Says:

    Amusing post.

    My son the software executive who owned his and her Jags, is now the proud owner of a Volvo and a Minivan. That’s what happens after four kids, three of whom are triplets.

  2. Linda Says:

    Especially nice are the minivans with entertainment systems for the back seat passengers.

    That makes our long trips more enjoyable for everyone!

  3. Mr. Lion Says:

    There’s simply no excuse for owning a minivan. If you’re going to crank out more than two kids, the likes of which can fit into any 2+2 sports car, wait until the first batch is old enough to drive on their own.

  4. B Says:

    Don’t underestimate the power of the minivan…

    Travolta’s character in “Get Shorty” somehow managed to make minivans the new rage.

    Chili Palmer: What is this?
    Rental Car Attendant: An Oldsmobile Silhouette.
    Chili Palmer: I reserved a Cadillac.
    Rental Car Attendant: Yeah, well, this one’s the Cadillac of minivans.

  5. Robert Schwartz Says:

    Magnum Hemi All Wheel!

  6. Jim in Va Says:

    Dodge Grand Caravan. No, it ain’t sexy. Admit it. you’re a grown up, with RESPONSIBILITIES. When you have to cart around two kids, a spouse, a mother in law, and assorted kids’ friends, a sedan doesn’t cut it anymore.
    Just close your eyes and walk past the Miata and no one will get hurt.

  7. ed Says:

    Hey, Will-

    I’m not sure if Martini Boy is receiving any of my emails. Something about his mail setup and blocking from large companies.
    Anyway, I am in touch with the Little Misses, and know the poop. But, I shall let him drop the word.


  8. Mr. Lion Says:

    A Miata? Last I checked, he has a wife, not a boyfriend. 😉

  9. John F Says:

    Mais oui! l’ homme du vodka ach

  10. Cybrludite Says:

    Look, if you need to haul a bunch of kids without looking *****-whiped, I have two words for you: Chevy Suburban.

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