Random Music Blegging

Has anybody out there caught one of Eric Johnson’s acoustic guitar/piano concerts? He’s playing Atlanta tonight, and I was wondering if it’d be worth springing for the tickets.

I’ve seen EJ several times in the ‘rock band’ format (outstanding), but I’m not familiar with his acoustic shows. Thanks…


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  1. doug Says:

    Will, you must see it. I saw EJ do a clinic a few years ago under this format and it was amazing. EJ is definitely at his best in a small intimate setting. He fluid technique and tone, even on an acoustic guitar, are meant for piano accompaniment.

  2. Mortimer Snerd Says:

    Nice turtleneck, fuck-o. What do you do for a living, model for the pictures that come in cheap wallets?

  3. UtilityGuy Says:


    In a way that’s a compliment I’d guess.

    What a miserable person.

  4. Will Collier Says:

    Thanks for the advice, Doug, GREAT show. Catch him if you can, folks…

  5. Crank Says:

    Wow, that’s funny. I was just tonight listening in the car to a 10+ year old mix tape I made in college with some Eric Johnson tunes on it (like ‘Cliffs of Dover’), and after I remembered his name, I was wondering to myself, “I wonder if that guy’s still around.”

    Guess so.

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