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For those who missed it (including me; I’m planning to fire up Audio Hijack on the G4 this afternoon), James Lileks, Roger L. Simon, and the Instapundit were on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show last night in a grand confluence of blogger deities.

Here’s a page with a 24-hour audio archive. Click quickly; it will be replaced by tonight’s show this evening.


4 Responses to “Blog-A-Riffic Radio”

  1. jkrank Says:

    Will, you just changed my life.
    I just got a cable connection over here, and it is working great, all the way from Sofia.
    First NATO, now KRLA. What a day.

  2. Will Collier Says:

    Now see, this is why blogs are cool.

    I’ve been a fan of Sofia Sideshow for quite a while now; between the Bulgarian babe pictures and John Rhys-Davies anecdotes, you can’t beat it with a stick. I’ve even got DragonStorm cued up on my Replay for viewing Real Soon Now.

    Glad you found the link, Krankster, very happy to be able to repay the favor for all that good stuff on the Sideshow.

  3. aaron Says:

    Sigh, audio isn’t working on my machine, transcript anywhere?

  4. Ricky Vandal Says:

    This is no time for partisan politics. Guys if you are just as sick as I am about Daily Kos remark about the 4 dead American contractors in Iraq, He welcomed their death and said “screw them” visit this site

    Michael Friedman is organizing an e-mail campaign to demand that the Democratic candidates pull their ads from the Daily Kos site. It seems to work. I got an e-mail from one of the candidates telling me they are pulling their ad. We should not allow this infamy to stand.

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