This Has Got To Be An April Fool’s Joke

Either that, or Barbara Boxer’s internal polls are showing some extremely bad re-elect numbers.

Regardless (never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d say this), Boxer should be commended for taking a public stance in favor of firearms for pilots and against a recalcitrant Federal bureaucracy.


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  1. Puff Says:

    I think Boxer can spin this as not a pro gun thing but a support the troops/cops thing (after all most airline pilots are ex airforce/navy anyway) when attacked from the left and wink and nudge the
    pro gun side. Pretty painless way to been seen as “doing something” about terror which is why I wonder about the TSA sometimes, really what are they thinking.

  2. John Cunningham Says:

    Boxer would NEVER favor arming pilots on principle, the only possibility is that her re-election poll numbers have tanked, and she is trying to get some cover by looking pro-gun. She must be totally desperate to take a position like this.

  3. Dave P. Says:

    After an entire career of being DiFi’s lockstep clone when it came to guns, she’s gonna have to backpedal a LOT faster to overcome her antigun rep. Even when it comes to armed pilots, none of the Congressional Democrats have done more than to “view with alarm” the Bush administration’s foot dragging. They could’ve made this a BIG issue… but doing so would have alienated the Million Moms. A congresscritter’s got to have its priorities, no?

  4. Outside the Beltway Says:

    Beltway Traffic Jam

    It looks like I’m finally going on the network at work, which means today marks the end—at least for now—of the regular telecommuting. I’m not…

  5. jtj Says:

    Strange days, indeed.

    But, frankly, this really doesn’t surprise me.

    The political universe has been turned upside down on its head over the past 10 years.

    Democrats used to rule the Congress the way the Tsars used to rule Russia.

    Now, however, the Dems are going to fall below 200 seats in the House for the first time in three generations; and they might not have 45 seats in the Senate come next January.

    In fact, barring massive election fraud, the LEADER of their caucus in the Senate likely will be ousted from office. (Oh, right. Never mind. Massive election fraud is fundamental Democratic strategy in South Dakota. My bad.)

    Republicans have so much federal power these days, they’re calling for federal control (a Constitutional amendment) over a traditional state law issue (marriage). (And I’m included in that camp – gasp.)
    Democrats have so little federal power these days, they’re calling for “states rights” on that same issue.

    My God, Strom Thurmond, George Wallace, and the old “Dixiecrats” are probably rolling over in their graves; even if they’re not yet dead!

    So, Barbara Boxer making what theoretically could be deemed a pro-gun proclamation?

    Barbara Boxer????

    Someone who literally is to the left of communism on economic issues and to the left of NARAL and the Sierra Club on social issues???

    Hey, it’s all good. Sun, fun, and guns, baby. This is 2004. Not 1974.

    In other words, it’s not your mother’s Democratic Party anymore.

    Peace, friends (through deadly force of arms).


  6. M. Scott Eiland Says:

    Good news–she’s obviously running scared. Now, can the Republicans come up with a candidate centrist enough to beat Boxer, and one who can weather the abuse when Bob Mulholland slithers out of his sewer and starts sliming whoever the Republicans pick? It’ll be a rough ride for whoever it is.

  7. Mike M Says:

    I’d call it the Arnold effect. If the political pendulum keeps swinging and the Democrats suffer significant losses in California this year, they’re pretty much dead as a viable party in their current form.

    Kerry is also not going to help west coast Democrat candidates at the ballot box. Keep an eye on how many joint capmaign appearances Kerry does with Dem candidates for Congress and Governor…my bet is that there will be very few outside of New England.

    Boxer is hedging her bets and making some news of her own.

  8. The Lonewacko Blog Says:

    The CA version of voter fraud is driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. When those IAs go to the DMV to pick up their DLs, they can register to vote under the “MotorVoter” law. MotorVoter is supposedly just for citizens, but who’s checking?

    Boxer recently gladly received the endorsements of Antonio Villaraigosa and Gil Cedillo, both of whom are former members of the racial separatist organization MEChA.

  9. jtj Says:



    No biggie. All they advocate is the violent overthrow of the federal and the state governments in California; and the imposition of “Nativist” — i.e., Mexican — rule. Ahem. By force!

    Hell, the most recent candidate for Governor in California on the Democratic ticket — Cruz “No on Recall (ha!) Yes on Bustamante (hint, hint)” — was a former MEMBER of MEChA, for God’s sake.

    As for voter fraud, you bring up a good point.

    Indeed, the Democratic Party has specific methods for engaging in massive election fraud based on the particular venue. In South Dakota, for example, it’s all about Indians (oh, excuse me; Native Americans) filling out absentee ballots for other Native Americans and then submitting them as Democratic votes; even if those other people want to vote for someone else, or even if they are dead.

    In California, as you say, it’s all about the illegal immigrants casting illegal votes on the basis of false drivers’ licenses.

    In big Eastern cities, e.g., Philly, New York, Boston, it’s all about inner-city minorities voting early and often. And then again. And then again. At different precincts.

    In the South, they’ve come up with a really fun trick. Seems that a few hundred dead people manage to vote each year in all of the old Confederacy States. Oddly enough, literally 100 percent of the corpse voting block casts their ballots in favor of the Democratic nominee. Every time.

    In Florida, well, that’s the best one of all. Florida has a very large percentage of active duty military personnel on their rolls. Of course, the overwhemling majority of those people cast absentee ballots; many of which come in from far overseas. Those ballots have — ahem — a strange habit of never being counted. In 2000, that “practice” on the part of the Democratic-dominated election boards nearly changed the course of human history.


    The party of tolerance and the party of the people.

    The dead people. And the illegals. And the intentionally disenfranchised.

    Like I said previously:

    Sun, fun, and guns.

    Bush lied, they died.

    If it doesn’t fit, you must aquit.

    You know the rest.



  10. Sandy P. Says:

    I wrote it here before, I wonder if I’m right, especially w/The Ten Commandments on Sunday?

    There will be a great hue and cry across the land that they will surely cry, Hillary, Hillary, save us!

  11. The Lonewacko Blog Says:

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say that MEChA chapters or members explicitly espouse the violent overthrow of the govmt. However, their founding documents are not pretty. Info here. Villaraigosa was the former president of UCLA MEChA. Some members of the general reconquista movement have said things in which violence played a part, but I don’t have specific quotes off the top of my head. If I were looking, I’d start with Profs. Navarro (UCR), Truxillo (NM or TX), and Acuna (CSUN).

  12. Game the World Says:

    Even a Stopped Clock…

    is correct twice a day.

    I try not to be thoroughly cynical. Granted its fun and makes for much better jokes, but I honestly do try to keep a sunny disposition about people. (All comments from the peanut gallery should be filed properly below)

  13. pianoman Says:

    When the illegal aliens driver’s licenses bill came up in California, I realized that the Democrats were in serious trouble. More trouble than I had guessed. The proposition (56?) lowering the threshhold for raising taxes to 55% from 67% was further evidence of that trouble.

    Why would the Democrats try such naked grabs for power? Answer: Their voter base is shrinking, and they are circling the wagons.

    The recall of Gray Davis didn’t happen in a vacuum, and it didn’t happen because of the machinations of GOP operatives. It happened because more and more Californians (and Americans) are turning conservative.

    Barbara Boxer’s embrace of guns, too, isn’t happening in a vacuum. Her polling numbers must be horrible right now, and she can’t afford to be uber-leftist right now.

    When the campaign mudslinging begins in earnest, I would expect the standard boilerplate charges to be levelled against Jones. By Boxer’s actions, it appears the Democrats don’t believe standard smear tactics will work this time.

    “May you live in interesting times” – Chinese saying

  14. jtj Says:



    But, I think it’s more of a case of circling the drain, not the wagons.

    The trends over the past 40 or so years are unmistakable; stunning, actually.

    Population drifts:

    Massive relocation out of the (liberal, Democratic) Northeast to the (conservative, Republican) South, Southwest, and Midwest.

    More electoral votes for the conservative, Republican South, etc.

    Voting trends:

    Previously unthinkable degree of realignment in the South from Democratic to Republican voting patterns.

    Demographic trends:

    Aging popluation.

    More older people as a total percentage of the electorate. Older people tend to be more conservative (especially fiscally) and vote with a higher degree of regularity.

    Conservative trends in child rearing.

    This is the Roe v. Wade effect: comparatively higher percentage of children being raised by traditional, conservative families; overwhemling percentage of abortions (and therefore lack of people) being conducted by white, professional, liberal, career women.

    It’s getting real ugly for the Democratic Party. And the worst is yet to come.

    As for their power grabs, the election fraud, the vitriol, etc., I believe it will hit a crescendo this Fall and then spike again one more time in 2008. If the GOP nominee wins the 2008 Presidential election and then the Dems fall to 40 or less seats in the U.S. Senate by, oh, say, 2012:


    Total implosion. Along the lines of what happens to stars when they stop burning.

  15. Mike Rentner Says:

    I think there is a monumental misunderstanding here.

    She’s not saying that the people should have weapons. Only agents of the government. She doesn’t view pilots as regular citizens. They are controlled and licensed by the FAA.

    This is no different from saying that the police or the military should have weapons, in her mind.

    This is non-news.

  16. Will Collier Says:

    Mike, I see where you’re coming from, but I really don’t agree. The Left’s position on armed pilots was from the outset, “No way, they don’t work for the government, they aren’t police or sky marshalls. They’re civilians and they shouldn’t have guns, period.”

    I maintain that it’s a big deal when an excessively vocal member of the citizen-disarmament caucus like Barbara Boxer breaks from that party line, for whatever reason.

  17. pianoman Says:


    By “total implosion”, I assume you’re referring to the shedding of the extremist planks in the platform — in effect, purification of the Party — which would alienate the Angry Left, and leave only the Lieberman/Gephardt Democrats.

    If this is true, it could result in Balkanization. Imagine a true multi-party system: the GOP is at the top of the heap, and the rest (Green, Natural Law, Angry Left, Democratic Middle) dissolving into a mess of single-issue parties.

    I think that’s a more possible scenario than true implosion. When the Reform party grenaded, most of those voters went back to their old party. Where will the Democrats go? There is no “party” to return *to*….so they’ll either Balkanize or abstain. (They’ll do anything rather than admit that the GOP was “right”.)

  18. Amy Lopez Says:

    She has the Daschle Disease…they have to hide in order to have a chance at their re-election campaigns…Notice the 2 most vocal lameasses have had to litterally take themselves out of the equation. Thats preety sad when your polling tells you no speaking, stay off the stage if you want a chane at keeping your seat.

  19. jtj Says:


    Exactly. That’s exactly what I meant; although I guess the star implosion metaphor was not as useful as it was when I was envisioning in my own head.

    I’m envisioning a scenario in which the Democratic Party collapses in upon itself; shedding its fringe elements (of which there are many), and leaving the core intact (e.g., Biden, Lieberman, Bayh, Gephardt, etc.).

    The result:

    GOP with absolute majorities at all levels of the federal and state governments (as is the case right now; but with higher percentages);

    Democratic Party with roughly 20-25 percent;

    Lunatic fringe leftists (e.g., Greens, Sierra Club, NARAL, PETA, etc.) with about 10 percent total

    [perhaps united; but most likely in separate, single-issue voting blocks];

    Far right parties/voting blocks with the remainder.

  20. PapayaSF Says:

    jtj, Good points, and here are two other factors in Democratic decline: the dying off of the staunchly-Democratic FDR/Truman generation, and the near complete takeover of the universities by ’60s leftists. The latter makes a difference because now, the politcal rebels on campus are conservative or libertarian. In earlier decades, one could be a rebellious, noncomformist college student by being a leftist, but now it means you’re conforming to what the administration wants….

  21. timekeeper Says:

    Not to defend Boxer, but she has consistently stated that she supports this legislation, ever since it was first broached in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. It shocked me that Boxer was running to the right of Bush on a gun issue.

    (I wonder if that is why she supports it&#151because Bush opposes it.) &ltsmile&gt

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