17 Responses to “Quagmire!”

  1. Alan Kellogg Says:

    It’s what you get when news reporting is run by drama queens and people who overdosed on Vietnam documentaries.

    Not only are they reporting the wrong war, they’re doing it badly.

  2. El Jefe Says:

    Ahhh, Boston Brahmins at their finest.

  3. Jonnelle Says:

    Shoot… I thought the article would be about “The Family Guy” cartoon show.

  4. Scott S Says:

    Yeah, and we thought quagmire meant Vietnamization of smaller wars. Nice to see the term applied equally to both parties. Oh wait, a convention and a war. Not equal. I take it back.

  5. Mike M Says:

    The liberal media won’t have much longer to wait until Iraq turns into Vietnam…only about 99 years if casualties occur at the same rate. Hey, maybe the Democratic party will be back in power by then! (nah)

  6. Mark from Boston Says:

    Please don’t snicker. Some of us have to go about our lives here while that happens!

    I do want to see the city host a successful event, but I’m amazed that these traffic/security concerns are seemingly just occurring to the planners. No one north of the city is going to make it in to work (well, not easily.) Hard to blame the GOP for the economy while telling the voters a Dem media event is more important than workers getting to jobs.

  7. Alan Kellogg Says:


    Just today a dangerous feature of our new ball park was fixed. They topped off this low wall with a chain link fence. Something somebody could’ve noticed during the 7 years it took to build the dang thing, but didn’t.

    Sometimes people miss the obvious. Sometimes they deliberately ignore it. And sometimes they declare it’s something else entirely. (Yes, I have watched ‘mainstream’ coverage of events in Iraq. Why do you ask?)

  8. John Farren Says:

    You know the plans to reflood the lands of the Marsh Arabs?
    Apparently the media are predicting a quagmire.

  9. wrapper Says:

    Considering how screwed up the current admin. has rendered things, I would suppose one has to find some humor somewhere in some thing.

    Perfectly understandable. No posts since Mon.? Hmmmm.

  10. Mike M Says:

    Shhh. Steven’s getting his new orders from the Zionists and Cheney’s shadow government. All the other bloggers have just been posting fluff and repeats since Monday to cover it up. The New Agenda will be rolled out shortly, don’t worry.

    (word has it that all the “recipies” on this site were acually secret code to coordinate the right wing political attacks over the internet. croutons, indeed)

  11. The Old European Says:

    Shh. I have to listen to Rummy speaking about progress in Iraq. He is turning out more and more like a second-rate copy of Comical Ali.

  12. JNS Says:

    Between Bush’s astonishingly inappropriate jokes about looking for WMD in the Oval Office and some of the posts on this page, I am seeing a disturbing pattern of supporters of the Iraq war making light of it, apparently to draw attention away from how bad things really are.

  13. Mike M Says:

    Open gun battles, Marine assaults… Why, at this rate all the terrorists will be dead in days instead of weeks! How terrible! What will Bush do?

  14. Alan Kellogg Says:

    He may have to find another country to invade, to divert attention from our successes in Iraq.

  15. JNS Says:

    Terrorists? You mean those ingrate Iraqis who are pissed off that we are shelling their neighborhoods and killing their neighbors? Dammit, don’t they realize that we’re trying to save them? And by God, if that means we have to destroy half their country to do it, well, so be it.

  16. Alan Kellogg Says:

    Do you get the impression somebody’s still ticked over missing his soaps when the war began?

  17. wrapper Says:

    Can you imagine the stress floggers are under going when they want us to shoot the same people were proud of saving from Saddam? Poor bastards.

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