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James Lileks is guest-hosting for Hugh Hewitt this evening in the first hour of Hewitt’s radio show. Lileks’ last guest stint included a call from Scott Ott, the one and only Scrappleface. Tonight Lileks is promising an interview with Mark Steyn, and call me crazy, but I somewhat suspect that he might have something funny to say about the Off-The-Air America situation.

Show starts at 6PM Eastern. Don’t miss it.

UPDATE: Steve here, crowding in on Will’s post. We have company coming over tonight, so I won’t be able to catch the webcast — and we don’t get a live broadcast here in Colorado Springs. If someone would be willing to spare a C-90 cassette or two to tape the show, I’d gladly exchange a bottle of something tasty. . .


5 Responses to “Blog-A-Riffic Radio Heads-Up”

  1. Will Collier Says:

    Check your mail, I gotcha covered.

  2. George Says:

    The show is replayed in a continuous loop for the next 24 hours at


  3. frank martin Says:, its pretty handy for cases like this.

    Ive got the thing running now if you need the mp3 later.

  4. Brian Behm Says:

    Steve, we do get a live broadcast in the springs… it’s on 1460. Not an especially strong signal, but I can pick it up pretty much anywhere in town.

  5. Brad S Says:

    And Steve, if you can’t hear 1460, 710KNUS (Denver) has a good signal down to the Springs.

    Something to keep in mind for future listening.

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