Nelson Muntz “HA-Ha!” Alert

According to Drudge, Barking Moonbat Radio (aka “Air America”) is going broke after just two weeks on the air, and has been pulled from affiliates in Chicago and LA.

You have to wonder if Drudge actually has the goods on this one. I figured it would flop, but I don’t think anybody thought it could flop this fast. Still, given Al Franken’s dismal record of failure in television and movies, nobody should really be surprised if the story pans out.

“Developing,” as they say…


10 Responses to “Nelson Muntz “HA-Ha!” Alert”

  1. Chaos Central Says:

    Air America Grounded?

    Will Collier points me to a Drudge story that says that Air America radio may be shutting down already!! This is truly a shame as I probably have never enjoyed listening to talk radio as much as this. I mean,…

  2. Chuckg Says:

    Damn, I think they just broke the betting pool at LGF. IIRC, nobody was covering “less than 4 weeks”.

  3. Blackfive Says:

    I thought Soros was funding them until the election…?

    Good riddance.

  4. Mike M Says:

    Soros vowed to defeat Bush “at any cost”, and Air America still wasn’t worth the investment. Ouch.

    Let’s see…

    Fox News and Rush Limbaugh: gaining audience

    CNN and Network News: steadily losing audience

    Air America: never gained an audience to lose

    I’m seeing a pattern here…hmm.

  5. Robert Says:

    Not that I’m advocating irresponsible/bad habits, but it seems to me that Al Franken hasn’t been funny since he sobered up. Or maybe Tom Davis was the brains behind the duo.

  6. BoreAmerica Says:

    “Aren’t you supposed to be monitoring Air America?”

    Yes, that is our stated job. However, when I turned on 1580 AM in L.A. and I heard a religious

  7. Dean Says:


    Doesn’t this flaunting of the power of the VRWC scare you?

    Will Collier wonders, in a thread further up, whehter you can force someone to braodcast your programming. Clearly, this is the only solution left—compelling the American people to hear the truth, as posited by Franken, Garofolo, et. al.

  8. Mike M Says:


    I truly think the courts have the best interests of the American people in mind…but forcing continual broadcasting of Air America is a serious threat. We could have chaos on the roads from people dozing off behind the wheel, and millions of dollars of lost productivity at work as people snooze at their desks.

    Air America committed the cardinal sin of the entertainment industry…they were boring. They could have made it being slavishly devoted to the left or intentionally controversial attacking the right…but instead they made NPR look like American Idol on speed.

    Nothing kills a radio or TV show faster than apathy.

  9. Little Miss Attila Says:

    Off-the-Air America

    I like Will Collier’s verbiage best, so I’ll use his version (he’s Stephen Green’s partner in crime at VodkaPundit, you’ll recall): According to Drudge, Barking Moonbat Radio (aka “Air America”) is going broke after just two weeks on the air,…

  10. jtj Says:


    Indeed. All true.

    But I can’t help but let my finance and economics bent come out here; and I believe this fiasco is the result of the ultimate law of economics: supply and demand.

    There’s no demand for liberal radio. Soaking wet, liberals amount to maybe 15 percent of the total populace. And a huge percentage of those people are located in about five cities nationwide, all of which are saturated with radio programming already.

    Then, on top of the lack of demand issue, there’s an overabundance of supply. If you’re a liberal and you want to hear liberal radio programming, well, heck, just turn on NPR.

    And if you don’t realize that NPR is a partisan-liberal squawk box, then you’re probably too ignorant to be counted on to listen to talk radio in the first place.

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