“Casablanca came out in 1942”

Lileks today:

I wonder whether Hollywood execs shy from a 9/11 movie because they think it might send the wrong message.

It would anger people anew, and we


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  1. Mike M Says:

    Good historical movies show the event from a different perspective or introduce the event to a previously unfamiliar audience. That’s why the classic World War II movies didn’t come out until the 60’s and ’70s. There really wasn’t anything new to say until then.

    What is there to say about 9/11 that anyone doesn’t know already? Are the nations two years olds demanding to know what happened? Any such movie is bound to be underwhelming, politically charged, and tacky anyways. Wait a decade and maybe it will be worth it.

  2. Ian Hamet Says:

    Um, the classic WWII movies, like Casablanca and Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, and The Sands of Iwo Jima didn’t come out until the ’60s and ’70s? What are you smoking?

    On the other hand, I am in the process of trying to help rectify the situation. Probably won’t get anywhere, but somebody’s got to try. 🙂

  3. Fersboo Says:

    Maybe he is referring to that great classic “WWII” movie, Kelly’s Heroes.

    / sarcasm on

    It defined the GI during WWII without any of that jingoistic stuff like those simplistic, flag-waving movies made during the war.

    /sarcasm off

    I did like Kelly’s Heroes, BTW. Maybe he is referring to Midway and Tora! Tora! Tora!.

  4. wrapper Says:

    Clarkes’ book is over half way to a screenplay. He’s got characters and dialogue. Lileks wants to whine and this nonsense is his vehicle. Moving on.

  5. Mike M Says:

    Battle of Britain – 1969
    The Longest Day – 1962
    Battle of the Bulge – 1969
    Bridge on the River Kwai – (1957, close)
    A Bridge Too Far – 1977
    The Guns of Navarone – 1961
    Midway – 1976
    Tora! Tora! Tora! – 1970
    Patton – 1970

    I didn’t say ALL the important World War II movies came out in the 60’s and 70’s, but that was pretty much the prime time for them.

  6. denise Says:

    Elsewhere in the piece, Mr. Lileks contrasts actual war movies with movies where the war is a backdrop. Doesn’t Casablanca fit into the latter type?

    There’s one important difference between WWII and 9/11. The only way to watch WWII for people in the US was in movies. We all watched 9/11 on television, live and over and over for the next few days. I think it reduces the imperative for and the impact of a movie on the subject.

  7. Maniakes Says:

    In both cases the war was the background, the setting for gleamy-toothed actors to strut and emote. That

  8. Mike S Says:

    Denise writes:
    “Elsewhere in the piece, Mr. Lileks contrasts actual war movies with movies where the war is a backdrop. Doesn’t Casablanca fit into the latter type?”

    It’s not a dramatization of the battles, true. But “Casablanca” is all about making the choice to participate in war rather than indulge your own wishes for happiness or safety. The story centers around characters who have removed themselves or been removed from the fight, and the ultimate outcome is to return them all to it. In the absence of the war, the characters would be expected to make entirely different decisions.

    So unlike many movie romances, war doesn’t simply function as a plot device obstacle to Rick and Ilsa’s relationship. It’s central to the theme of the story, and its specifics are reproduced in miniature via Major Strasser and Louis Renault and the refugees and Victor Lazlo. “Casablanca” is at least as much about World War II, and the American response to it, as it is about Rick and Ilsa. I’d say, then, that it’s very much a war movie.

  9. Alex Says:

    Showtime made a passable 911 movie already. I saw it, but don’t recall the name.

  10. claude tessier Says:

    Milke M: “What is there to say about 9/11 that anyone doesn’t know already?”

    Judging from the posts, plenty:

    – start with OBL helping organize the resistance against the Soviets in Afghanistan.

    – then OBL decides he wants to purify Islam by getting rid of the utterly corrupt House of Saud (scenes of princelings covorting in London discos).

    – then Saddam invades Kuwait and American troops come into Saudi Arabia to protect the Saudis from Saddam, and in the process foil OBL’s plans to take over Saudi Arabia

    – OBL gets pissed off that the infidels are on holy Islamic soil (scenes of American soldiers leering at dark-eyed Saudi virgins)

    – OBL decides to get revenge on Americans by orchestrating attacks on NY and Washington

    -Scenes of Atta and the gang in flight school as flight school operators take their cash no questions asked

    – planes crash into WCT and Washington (followed by scenes of Atta and the gang cavorting with dark-eyed virgins in heaven)

    Hey, this would get at least an R rating!

    I think I’m gonna write the script myself…

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