Get Well Soon, Blogfaddah

The Oracle of Blog Mountain is under the weather–way under the weather. If you have a pulse, a computer, and you can spell “blog,” you read Instapundit daily (if not hourly), so go hit his tipjar.



4 Responses to “Get Well Soon, Blogfaddah”

  1. Laurence Simon Says:

    If he had six guinnesses, a diet coke and amaretto, a major blow to his marriage, and one hour sleep last night then I know exactly how he feels.

  2. Patti Says:

    What if we can’t spell “bolg”?

  3. Stephen Green Says:

    Well, crap. Hope Glenn is feeling better soon. Me too, for that matter.

  4. Les Jones Says:

    Is there a way to send restful sleep through PayPal? It sounds like he needs that more than anything.

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