Crushing Of Dissent In Atlanta

This is one of the more outrageous things I’ve read in quite a while. The public statements of one Vera Rorie, the Assistant Dean for Campus Life at Emory University in Atlanta, recently found their way onto the internet. Ms. Rorie subsequently received a critical email (gasp!) from an individual not associated with either the university or the local College Republicans chapter. Upon reading said email, Rorie abruptly cancelled a meeting with the CR leadership, and has refused contact with them ever since (nearly three months ago now).

Rorie’s “logic” in cancelling the meeting? Here are her own words, in an email to the CR representatives:

My office had offered to assist the College Republicans in planning an event that would bring a conservative speaker of your choice to campus. In light of the attached email and link it is clear that you are not interested in practing [sic] community. The information you provided to outsiders is the source of the enclosed personal attacts [sic] on me. I am rescinding the offer to meet.I will not participate in email name calling or personal assaults.

You got that? Here we have a high-profile college administrator, whose job is to oversee the “campus life” of students saying, in effect, “If you dare tell anybody else what I’ve said, and they respond to me in a way I don’t like, I’ll cut you off completely, you miserable little fascists.”

Folks, I submit that somebody this immature and thin-skinned has no business dealing with even 18-year-olds. Ms. Rorie should clearly look into a line of work more in line with her sensitive nature. Like, say, kindergarten teacher.

Kudos to Erin O’Connor, Jonah, and Emory’s Dr. Harvey Klehr for getting this story out. Here’s a complete rundown of the story from a mirror of the Emory CR website (the actual site is jammed; just keep scrolling down).

Oh, did I mention that there’s been absolutely no word of this in the local paper? Nah, why bother–you probably already guessed that.


40 Responses to “Crushing Of Dissent In Atlanta”

  1. Paul Says:

    Wait… This story is too good.

    An “Assistant Dean for Campus Life” spells worse than I do?

    If that mail is legit she needs to be shown the door just for the abuse of the english language, content not withstanding.

  2. Russ Goble Says:

    I notice that none of the links that get the story out or have a complete rundown include the local newpaper. And sadly, we won’t see anything from the Atlanta Journal & Constitution about this I would wager.

  3. Sandy P Says:

    They begin to reap what they sowed.

    Reality is slapping them upside the head.

    I wish I really were a rich republican, I’d fund a discrimination lawsuit.

  4. Will Collier Says:

    Russ, unless Jim Wooten does a column about it, it’s very safe to assume that the Urinal-Constipation will avoid this story like it was a bed of epileptic fire ants.

  5. Fred Says:

    Be sure to read Prof. O’Connor’s follow-up post. The Emory CRs and other groups raised private money after the March events, and Horowitz came to speak, despite efforts from some campus ninnies to obstruct the speech. Emory President Wagner apologized, which is inadequate without punishing the wrongdoer. We’re facing a similar situation here in Louisville – some local KKK types have been posting flyers, etc., and a couple of days ago the University banned a couple of KKK’ers for life from the campus for posting “offensive and inappropriate” materials, an official statement that the university now disavows. In our case, the Courier-Journal has openly criticized the decision and the university (in part due to a long-running feud with the college president over the openness of records from the private UofL Foundation). To be a blatant link-whore, I wrote about it yesterday and today.

  6. Bob Says:

    Y’know, a lot of web sites, such as Blogger, have terms/conditions of use that include babble about not using the site to defame, harass, etc., others. Well, Ms Rorie deserves all the harassment and defaming she gets! The sheer unmitigated gall of blaming the College Republicans for a third-party’s e-mail (an e-mail concerning PUBLIC statements at that) – one is just absolutely agog! You’d think she was at Harvard or one of those snootier holier-than-thou Yankee schools – Southern folk have a hell of a lot more honesty in dealing with their problems than she’s shown.

  7. protein wisdom Says:


    “Welcome to Emory University: Like China, with grits!” **** h/t Will Collier…

  8. Bostonian Says:

    I wouldn’t want her to be teaching kindergartners, either. What a bad example she would set!

  9. erp Says:

    Anywhere but academe this dame would be on the janitorial staff where she would be closely supervised. No need to ask if she’s a protected minority. If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t get the job in the first place.

    Typos are one thing. We’ve all had them, but this is phonetic spelling and I’m sure she pronounces the words like she spells them . . . and no I’m not a racist. I’m an egalitarian.

  10. Captain America Says:

    That is indeed wrong, Will, but if you don’t think “crushing of dissent” cuts both ways, read the following:

    Daytona Beach News

    Last update: 15 May 2004

    Bill Nevins, a New Mexico high school teacher and personal friend, was fired last year and classes in poetry and the poetry club at Rio Rancho High School were permanently terminated. It had nothing to do with obscenity, but it had everything to do with extremist politics.

    The “Slam Team” was a group of teenage poets who asked Nevins to serve as faculty adviser to their club. The teens, mostly shy youngsters, were taught to read their poetry aloud and before audiences. Rio Rancho High School gave the Slam Team access to the school’s closed-circuit television once a week and the poets thrived.

    In March 2003, a teenage girl named Courtney presented one of her poems before an audience at Barnes & Noble bookstore in Albuquerque, then read the poem live on the school’s closed-circuit television channel.

    A school military liaison and the high school principal accused the girl of being “un-American” because she criticized the war in Iraq and the Bush administration’s failure to give substance to its “No child left behind” education policy.

    The girl’s mother, also a teacher, was ordered by the principal to destroy the child’s poetry. The mother refused and may lose her job.

    Bill Nevins was suspended for not censoring the poetry of his students. Remember, there is no obscenity to be found in any of the poetry. He was later fired by the principal.

    After firing Nevins and terminating the teaching and reading of poetry in the school, the principal and the military liaison read a poem of their own as they raised the flag outside the school. When the principal had the flag at full staff, he applauded the action he’d taken in concert with the military liaison.

    Then to all students and faculty who did not share his political opinions, the principal shouted: “Shut your faces.” What a wonderful lesson he gave those 3,000 students at the largest public high school in New Mexico. In his mind, only certain opinions are to be allowed.

    But more was to come. Posters done by art students were ordered torn down, even though none was termed obscene. Some were satirical, implicating a national policy that had led us into war. Art teachers who refused to rip down the posters on display in their classrooms were not given contracts to return to the school in this current school year.

    The message is plain. Critical thinking, questioning of public policies and freedom of speech are not to be allowed to anyone who does not share the thinking of the school principal.

    The teachers union has been joined in a legal action against the school by the National Writers Union, headquartered in New York City. NWU’s at-large representative Samantha Clark lives and works in Albuquerque.

  11. JFH Says:

    Capt. America,

    While I abhor the behavior of the suppression of speech… Your “Bill Nevins” isn’t the innocent open minded teacher the article shows:

    Teachers should not be activists in the classroom, his curriculum is far too controversial for 10th graders.

    Besides this is old frickin’ news (over a year old…. why bring it up now?)

    Just another aging baby-boomer (born in ’47) trying to re-live the ’60s via his students… What a loser!

    I’m still angry about the speech suppression, however. It’s a young left-winger’s duty to make an ass out of himself/herself at this age.

  12. Bob Hodges Says:

    Vera Rorie is entirely too sensitive. Of course, the distillation of 150,000 years of experience in how to deal with 18-year olds is the Marine Corps D.I.

  13. Spoons Says:

    What bothers me most about this whole thing is learning that there’s a speaker out there named “Jello Biafra.”

    And Captain America, that Bill Hill column has been fairly well debunked. See the update to this post.

  14. mike Says:

    commentary in CAPS
    My office had offered to assist the College Republicans in planning an event that would bring a(HOW MAGNANAMOUS ONE LITTLE CONSERVATIVE-THANK YOU MA’AM) conservative speaker of your(DISSAGREEMENT OF SUBJECT OF ASSIST AND YOUR) choice to campus. In light of the attached email and link it is clear that you are not interested in practing(DONT AKS) [sic] community. The information you provided to outsiders is the source of the enclosed personal attacts(DONT AKS WHY) [sic] on me. I am rescinding the offer to meet.I will not participate in email name calling or personal assaults(DO YOU MEAN INSULTS YOU IDIOT)

  15. jim sweeney Says:

    As a former GI DI from PI, I agree with the poster as to how to treat 18-year olds (male anyway). Look what they turn out to be: Men who put Death before Dishonor; Duty and Country before Me and Myself; and Marines forever.

    Let’s see Dr. Spock wimps do better.

  16. JOsephMendiola Says:

    These are all NOTHING compared to what goes on at Penn State, where the Admins and elements proclaiming to be State and Feds, conduct NONCONSENSUAL EXPERIMENTATION on students or selected human subjects – if caught and complained about, ordinary students may find themselves being QUIETLY-COVERTLY “BLACKBALLED”, to include but not limited to being labeled as psychotic, any and all academic records being manipulated or non-consensually altered, credit status being manipulated or altered, bank accounts or records, non-consensual domicile break-ins, …………………………..all the way to the IRS suddenly but PC auditing you or demanding audit! PSU’s environment looks “CONSERVATIVE” but in reality its operating utility-focii is contemporarily LEFTIST-LIBERAL! These people think like they are the KGB, or at least PETER GRAVES and his [Gay-Lesbian] IMF [Impossible Mission Force] of MALICIOUS-CRIMINAL ENTRAPMENT BY PUBLIC OFFICIALS-GOVERNMENT, WHOSE TARGET-AGENDA IS AGAINST AMERICANS, NOT THE ENEMIES OF AMERICA! Only God knows how many Americans are in jail, at least in Pennsyvania and Centre County, for crimes they did NOT actually commit BUT ONLY APPEARED TO COMMIT thanks to their detection of criminal activities committed by collusory public authorities – Can State of Federal Agencies that engages in such behaviors or actions, or wilfully tolerates such activities by its own officers-employees, over time achieve such “critical mass” that the national security, well-being, system(s) of law and governance, and the very existence of the Nation itself, becomes ABSOLUTELY secondary or tertiary to CYA and DIVERTING ATTENTION FORM THEMSELVES BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE, CRIMINAL OR NON-CRIMINAL, i.e protecting their butts! Can agencies that tolerates or routinely engages in ABUSE-OF-PROCESS, ABUSE-OF-LAW, andor FRAUD-ON-THE-COURTS NOT put priority on intel datas that indicates their country is about to be ATTACKED OR IS UNDER FORMAL GEOPOLITICAL THREAT? I think so – the issue is whether the State and Fed and Organized Government is going to “clean house”, to ‘straighten up and fly right’, OR WILL IT CASUALTY-INTENSIVE MILITARY AND GEOPOLITICAL DEFEATS IN IRAN AND OR NORTH KOREA-TAIWAN, ET AL. OR A FULL COMMUNIST INVASION OF AMERICA, WITH MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF LIVES AT RISK OR LOST, AND EXCLUSIVE OF GOD’S ASTEROIDS, TO CONVINCE THEM! Remember, boyz, for the Clintons to argue CENTRISM is synonymous with them and the Left arguing that contemporary America WAS AND IS COMMUNIST AND SOCIALIST, ergo AMERICANS OURSELVES ARE INHERENTLY COMMUNIST AND SOCIALIST, whether you know it or not, like it or not, believe it or not! WHAT “CAN’T HAPPEN” OR “WON’T HAPPEN” IN AMERICA DID AND IS HAPPENING – NATIONAL FASCISM and Clintonian [Command] Federalism IS THE NEW COMMUNISM/SOCIALISM and the NEW DEMOCRATIC CENTRALISM, et al. i.e TO BE RIGHTIST or FASCISM IS TO BE LEFTIST AND COMMUNIST! The Clintons and the politicized don’t care – we’re all just mistaken or misguided Americans, with yet another psychological or mental problem, whom once again mistakenly believes BIG BROTHER-BIG GOVERNMENT is harassing, spying, or experimenting on him; AND EVEN IF BIG BROTHER-BIG GOVERNMENT WAS DOING WHAT YOU SAID THEY WERE DOING, ITS SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT, AND OR ITS YOUR FAULT, NOT THEIRS, NOT AND NEVER THEIRS, AND REGARDLESS OF THE AMOUNT OF EVIDENCE YOU HAVE, ala “Just because we’re directly or indirectly trying to harm or kill you doesn’t mean you have the right to complain, or fight back! If the Public Sector is going to punish those whom developed or made advanced technologies work, or won the Nations’s or Government’s WARS FOR THEM, or BOTH, simply because Government MUST ALWAYS BE RIGHT AND CAN NEVER, EVER MAKE ANY MISTAKE(S), EVEN AT RISK OF DIVINE DESTRUCTION, can anyone genuinely believe these bevaiors does NOT aid and abet the agenda of America’s enemies, and justifies the cause of all forms of despotic TYRANNY!

  17. mrbill Says:

    Whewwwwweee…I bet that was a load to get off.

    Now clean up after yourself.

  18. Gerry Says:

    Joseph Mendiola!,
    Could you repeat that, please? Also, got any of that beer left over? If so, I’ll be right over. (Send Address!) Heck, everyone has a focii.) G

  19. Gerry Says:

    Joseph Mendiola!,
    Could you repeat that, please? Also, got any of that beer left over? If so, I’ll be right over. (Send Address! Heck, everyone has a focii.) G

  20. FH Says:

    So this is where Joe Mendiola ended up… he used to troll the boards at Strategy Page, but no longer.

  21. SarahW Says:

    JOsephMendiola – back from the 9/11 hearings I see.

    Forgot to pack the Risperdol.

  22. Veeshir Says:

    I don’t feel communist or socialist.

  23. Robin Munn Says:

    Capt. America,

    That story’s been thoroughly discussed over at Misha’s blog. You’ll be happy to learn that the initial reactions of just about everyone, right- or left-wing, was the same disgust over the apparent suppression of free speech. Further evidence has surfaced, though, suggesting that the article you quoted was… less than fully honest, shall we say. I won’t reproduce all the evidence here, I’ll just suggest you head over to Misha’s blog and take a gander.

  24. JorgXMcKie Says:

    My experience at several universities (getting a job is a bitch) leads me to believe that of all the ass-hatted administrators you can imagine, the ones with titles like assistant deal for campus life, or assistant dean of student affairs, or (if they’re into lots of fancy titles) associate vice-president of campus life or student affairs are the worst. Defensive, not too bright, uniformly hired for either their “diversity quotient” or their willingness not to make waves (or, preferably, both), ill-educated, haughty, they’re a blight on any place that presumes to provide an education. Pfah.

  25. Ralph E. Luker Says:

    Odd that VodkaPundit is three months late in getting to this story and that, not noticing that, Glenn Reynolds gives it fresh attention. We covered this three months ago at Cliopatria, heard Horowitz’s public lecture, and blogged about it then, when it was still news.

  26. Joe Baby Says:

    While feeling displeasure at the embargo on certain beliefs at Emory, it’s exhilarating to realize that even the most mediocre of educations can propel one to Dean-dom.

  27. Says:

    Crushing of Dissent at Emory U. (Vodka Pundit)

    Crushing of Dissent at Emory U. (Vodka Pundit)

  28. STLGreg Says:

    Hey…be nice! There are those of in academic administration who aren’t all that bad. Granted, we can be far and few between, but be glad we exist to temper the idocy of those on the left.

    It is amazing how students figure us out and eventually seek us out when needed. Even more amazing when we find each other.

    There are conservatives on America’s Universities….do not dispair!

  29. Jimmy Says:

    It’s never too late to cover a good story.
    Besides that, imagine the expression on the face of this supercilious administrator when, believing this is all in the past, she suddenly is the recipient of a fresh load of indignant emails.
    She thought she was “the man”, but imagine her surprise.

  30. Heartsinatlanta Says:

    No coverage in the Al-Jazeera-Constitution? Does anyone read the AJC?

  31. John Anderson Says:

    Emory, home of Michael Bellsisles and a blatant attempt at whitewash (the commitee formed to investigate charges was told to restrict itself to a certain small part of his book: in their report they did, but clearly read the whole and found it, er, biased: search

  32. Ex Nihilo Says:

    Southern Hospitality

    Vodka Pundit has an interesting story out of Emory University where Assistant Dean of Campus life Vera Rorie has refused to meet with the local College Republicans chapter because a third party responded negatively to her in an email when

  33. Ralph Luker Says:

    Mr. Anderson, Your comment is the utterest nonsense. Does Bellesiles hold a position at Emory any longer? The directions to the committee pointed to the most vulnerable part of its text — to those parts which were not subject to subjective interpretation. The directions to the committee were, in fact, the directions which led to Bellesiles’s ouster.

  34. La Femme Crickita Says:

    What is ‘practing’ community? Is that a proctologist for liberals? And ‘attacts’. Now
    THAT is a good one. Her spell checker must be off line, or maybe that was the best alternative!

  35. Paradoxical-Man Says:

    so chill… 😉

  36. Mike M Says:

    The liberal phenomanon on campus should be exposed, but it’s hardly new or even that big of a deal. I think that by the time most get to college, the “skulls full of mush” are pretty well set in their core values. I’ve seen people’s beliefs get magnified or blunted at college, but I’m not personally familiar with anyone who experienced a radical philosophical change.

    I took a political theory class from about the biggest caricature of a flaming liberal you can imagine and came out a rock solid conservative. At that level, a liberal and a conservative are speaking different languages…my prof literally didn’t see a difference between equal opportunity and equal outcome.

    So relax. The internet will weaken whatever advantage the lib establishment has by making it impossible for them to supress ideas in secrecy a la this article. And give some credit to the students, they aren’t a bunch of zombies awaiting orders…they can do just fine on their own.

  37. aaron Says:

    No one is posting on the President’s speech. I wrote what may be a fitting opposing response last week (although actually in response to Joseph Biden on the Future of Iraq):

    Last night I watched a good portion of the foreign relations committee on the future of Iraq from yesterday. I hope that I

  38. tim Says:

    This is nothing but the right’s now unvieled hatred of education coming out. Why be outraged? The College Rep. at this school number about 7 people. And her email seems to imply they forwarded her speech to someone which also seems to imply they wanted that person to send a nasty personal attack to her and remain innocent. Poor uneducated Repubs, if it has to do with economic fairness, peace, or education, you instinctively hate it…..the funny thing is that is exactly what you all need because many of you are trailer trash on welfare, getting your young killed in wars by rich white men and are undereducated so you can not tell the fact you are supporting a party which does not care beans about you. You are nothing but cheap labor and votes to them. But who cares, right, have a beer! USA USA

  39. The Commons Says:

    Tea In The Harbor Time!

    VodkaPundit – Chill Before Serving What tyranny Ms. Rorie must defend against. Thank goodness we have her defending us against the rabble in the College Replublicans. How that bunch can maintain their charter is beyond me….

  40. Lauren Says:

    Hi, I am the Chairman of the College Republicans at Emory. Thanks for all of the moral support; we appreciate it.

    In response to Tim’s post of 25 May, Emory College Republicans number about 80 members. Also, the article which spawned the third-party email to Dean Rorie that upset her so was not publicly published by us, but rather our campus newspaper, the Emory Wheel, online!

    Thanks again for the support!

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