Parrothead Alert and Drink Recipe

Jimmy Buffett’s Atlanta show begins in five hours. Drinking (at least my drinking) will commence in approximately one hour. You do the math.

You can listen to the show live at Buffett’s excellent web radio station, Radio Margaritaville. It pains my Mac-user soul to admit it, but the Windows Media stream is by far the best quality of the three options. I’ll be making my own bootleg at home via AudioHijack software. Show starts at 8PM Eastern, for those who tune in, I’ll be the drunk guy yelling out requests from the lawn section.

Tonight’s Parrothead Tailgating cocktail will be the Fruity Rum Drink (TM), invented by Tom Slappey (his real name) in 1995. The recipe, for those of you playing along at home:

Get a large juice pitcher.

Fill up 2/3 of the way with ice.

Pour in one coffee cup full of dark Bacardi rum, followed by 1/3 coffee cup of Malibu rum.

Fill up with Minute Maid Citrus Punch.



Repeat as necessary.


8 Responses to “Parrothead Alert and Drink Recipe”

  1. doug Says:

    Will, have you heard the new Van Halen song yet? Its going to be one hell of a summer for concerts. Have fun at Jimmy’s show!

  2. Kevin Says:

    Why the late start?

  3. JayH Says:

    You lucky dog! I’ve been trying to score Buffett tickets for years.

  4. BlogDog Says:

    Why don’t you use the Radio Margaritaville stream in iTunes? Oh, well it is only 64K. Are the other options higher bandwidth?
    Egad I love iTunes radio streams!

  5. James Says:

    So how was the show? How bout a report? I haven’t been to a Buffett show in ages…..

  6. Will Collier Says:

    Great show. He played a lot of stuff solo acoustic, which he hasn’t done in the last few tours as much as in the old days. Great atmosphere, the weather was there, as they say (this was the first outdoor show of this year’s tour). Very nice set list, too, nice mix of the “hits” and more obscure stuff. The new songs weren’t bad, either. Jimmy and Mac MacAnally even did a bit of “Midnight Rider” during an acoustic duet of “Great Filling Station Holdup” (which I never thought I’d hear live).

    Buffett recorded his first two live albums in Atlanta, and you could see why at the show, the audience here is absolutely into it. Great party, but especially when the show is on a weekend (not the case this time, so the tailgate was a bit tamer–you should have seen it when he was here on a June Saturday a couple of years back).

    The band was in top shape, I can’t wait to make a CD of my computer recording…

  7. Richard R Says:

    I used to have a business at Santa Monica Airport, and one of the large hangars was used a lot for shooting music videos and rehearsing for tours. Some of the artists were complete assholes about it – Janet Jackson in particular demanded that half the airport be shut down for “security”

    JB rehearsed for his tour in abour ’97. He threw open the doors, set our food and plastic patio chairs and invited the locals in. No booze, but an incredible time. About 100 people in the “audience.”

  8. Will Collier Says:

    I was lucky enough to get to see Jimmy play the New Orleans Margaritaville for an audience of 500 about five years ago, just before he played for 70,000 at Jazz Fest (no special connections on my part; as with most things in NOLA, I fortunately knew people who knew people).

    Fan-damn-tastic. I wouldn’t trade the fifteen minutes I can still remember from that show for anything…

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