Oh, Good Grief.

For God’s sake, would somebody please remind Bill Clinton that it’s not always about him?


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  1. Ryan Frank Says:

    Good God…

    You mean Nancy doesnt want to hear from Carter and Clinton now that her husbund is finally at peace? What a shock!

  2. Dean Says:

    It’s Ford who should be ticked, not asked to speak at either Nixon OR Reagan’s funerals.

  3. Will Allen Says:

    No, Ford likely doesn’t feel that way, because Ford has some class, a quality that exists independently from any station obtained through either achievement or inheritance; one either has it or one does not. Clinton, no matter what he accomplishes, will never have any, and the fella they are burying this week, who also was born into difficult circumstances, couldn’t have it taken from him, no matter what happened.

  4. Karen Says:

    Aside from the complete lack of class Clinton and his minions are showing about this, it appears to me the speakers are people who actually knew President Reagan for many years and had great respect for him. Neither of these things apply to Clinton.

  5. D Says:

    Karen and others,

    Former President George H.W. Bush, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney will join President Bush in eulogizing Ronald Reagan…

    I see former heads of state who were Reagan’s contemporaries in power in their respective states. Fran

  6. Pug Says:

    Oh for Christ’s sake, give it a rest. Don’t forget this was reported by Drudge. Drudge.

    Why in the hell does Drudge want to use Reagan’s death as an opportunity to take another shot at Bill Clinton? Good grief!

  7. pete Says:

    Clinton isn’t speaking because his fee was way too high. Although, there is something to be said about the huge pulpit the republicans will drool over and the miles of bonus point they will get over it in this election year. Yes, republicans can be very classless themselves.

  8. jpd Says:

    I doubt that the RR funeral will become a pep rally like Wellstone’s.

  9. My Pet Jawa Says:

    Morrissey Gets Confused, Kills a Horse

    I’d like to wish you an unhappy funeral.
    I’d like to wish you an unhappy funeral.
    because you’re evil
    and you lie
    and if you should die
    I may feel slightly sad
    (but I won’t cry).

  10. Laurence Simon Says:

    Excuse me, but I missed when Clinton spoke at the WWII Memorial dedication and the 60th anniversary of D-Day…

    Oh, wait. he’s an EX-President. And apparently, he prefers to conduct his business through petulant leaks and rumors.

    Oh well. He can still command a timeslot on 60 Minutes and Larry King AND pimp his book, too.

  11. Sandy P Says:

    Why wouldn’t #42 speak, he was the VP after all.

    Ohhh, Gore speaking at Bubba’s…..

    Think about that.

  12. Mike M Says:

    Talk about selfish and petty…why does Clinton feel like it’s his right to speak?

    Maybe some good will come of this. Clinton will probably delay the release of his book so he can go back and add some anti-Reagan passages and pontificate about what a victim he is.

    Surprised you haven’t had more posts about the orgy of hatred the left is currently engaged in. Kos was good for a laugh and Slate humiliated itself sufficiently as well. I don’t know. Maybe these people don’t even rate bandwidth anymore.

  13. retired miilitary Says:

    “It is a state funeral, using tax dollars,” the top Clinton insider explained.”

    Clinton obviously thought that since the expense is on the taxpayers than he has every right to be there.

    Shows you what is wrong with the Democratic party today.

  14. erp Says:

    Please just go away Mr. Clinton and take your hideous bride with you.

  15. ali Says:

    I think it’s silly to criticize the fact that both Bushes are speaking and that Carter and Clinton aren’t… Bush Sr was Reagan’s VP, and GW is the current president. I think it would have been absurd if one of them was bumped to put Clinton in, who was relatively unconnected to Reagan in comparison to the two of them.

  16. Booker Says:

    Poor little Clinton. Doesn’t anybody want him anymore?
    “Must be nice to be wanted.”

  17. Dean Says:

    It is fascinating, over at John Cole’s site, to watch the number of people commenting who absolutely, positively believe that Clinton has a right to speak, if only because otherwise it’s a display of partisan politics.

    One wonders: How many Republicans were asked to speak at Paul Wellstone’s post-mortem rally, I mean funeral?

    Also note: At Nixon’s funeral, the only Democrat to speak was—-Bill Clinton, the sitting President. Funny, innit?

  18. N. O'Brain Says:

    This sews it up.

    Bill Clinton is the classless clown for all time.

  19. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Stephen Green
    RE: There’s Something in the Bible About This

    Something about not placing yourself too high in the seating order at an event because the host(ess) might come along and give your seat to someone else. Then one might get ‘ticked’.

    Better to place yourself in a lowly seat and have the host(ess) come and ask you to come sit at the head table.

    But then Clinton needs a lot coaching in his ‘christian’ walk.



  20. Sandy P Says:

    #41 #41 #41, brain said #41, wrote #42. Sorry.

  21. Chuck Pelto Says:

    P.S. Pride ruined the angels.

  22. Harry Forbes Says:

    Willie would think the Second Coming was all about him.

  23. navySEALmom Says:

    Gerald Ford has been quite ill and is also 91 years old. He was unable to come to Washington, D.C. for the annual presentations of his Journalism Award this past week. Dick Chency stood in for him. If I remember correctly he was in the hospital not too long ago.

    It was announced today that Ford will not be attending Reagan’s funeral.

  24. Sandy P Says:

    –Willie would think the Second Coming was all about him.–

    Only Monica wanted to go there…..


    Even Evita didn’t want to go there.

    Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.

  25. The Gweilo Diaries Says:

    It’s All About Meeeee

    Former President Bill Clinton is reportedly pissed off that he will not be among the speakers at President Reagan’s state funeral on Friday. “President Clinton really held out all hope the funeral would be a non-partisan event, like Nixon’s was,”…

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