News From The Rear

Here’s a facinating first-person account from a recently-returned US Marine about how the Washington Post’s Baghdad bureau is mis-reporting the news (big hat tip to the Blogfaddah). The punchline:

Since I saw [Post bureau chief] Rajiv Chandrasekaran’s integrity up close, I haven’t believed a word he writes, or any story coming out of the bureau he runs. You shouldn’t, either.

Gee, I wonder if the Post will pick this one up as an op-ed?

Since you already know the answer to that, read the whole thing at the link above. Like lots of other important stories, you won’t be seeing it in newsprint anytime soon.


3 Responses to “News From The Rear”

  1. HoosierDave Says:

    “So it shall be in the Washington Post, until Iraq succeeds and they can no longer deny it, just like journalists were forced to admit reality at the end of the Cold War.”

    or until, like Baghdad Bob, reality jumps up and smacks them in the face. Great piece.

  2. Pejmanesque Says:


    Via Stephen Green comes this illuminating essay: George Bush coalesced American support behind invading Iraq, I am told, using two arguments: Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and the capability to deliver them, and Iraq was a supporter of Al-Qaeda…

  3. Outside the Beltway Says:

    How The Media Get Iraq Wrong

    Eric Johnson, a civil affairs officer in the Marine Reserves, has a withering analysis of WaPo’s coverage of the Iraq War entitled, “How Media Get Iraq Wrong.” Soldiers and Marines point to the slow, steady progress in almost all area…

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