Tour De Force

There are so many great lines in this long Hudson Review piece by Bruce Bawer on European anti-Americanism (via Los Bros Judd), I don’t even know where to start. So just take my word for it, click, and start reading.

Okay, okay, just one:

During the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, the only time I saw pro-war arguments fairly represented in the Scandinavian media was on an episode of


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  1. American in South Asia Says:

    I currently live in a country in South Asia where I work for the US Government and am on a fellowship where my portfolio can be summed up as “cultural immersion.”

    For all the rhetoric about us not knowing anything about the world, the level of misunderstanding, inaccuracy and outright ignorance about the US among people here who are educated and have even traveled a bit is astonishing.

  2. Sandy P Says:


    That’s a keeper.

    And with the internet…….

  3. Spot On Says:

    The mustest must read.

    I read the most amazing piece on anti-Americanism yesterday and I particularly recommend it to pseudo-intellectuals (you know who you are) who think they seem smarter when they put down America and talk up Europe as the promised land. For…

  4. Bribo Says:

    Wow! Excellent article. This should be required reading for every American (and every European for that matter).

    Thanks Steve.

  5. Steve W. Says:

    Great article. I studied in Europe in 90-91 (same scholarship program as Will).Like Bruce, I found a huge gap between what Europeans claim to know about us vs. what they actually know.

  6. rosignol Says:

    I sometimes wonder if a total ban on TV exports wouldn’t be a good thing overall.

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