Oh, That Liberal Media (Again)

Compare and contrast: yesterday’s Tom Brokaw interview with Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, and last year’s Dan Rather interview with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Couple of questions: which of the two Iraqis received the more respectful treatment? Which one was softballed, and which one was challenged?

You know the answers already, don’t you?


9 Responses to “Oh, That Liberal Media (Again)”

  1. the voodoo lounge Says:


    Who do you think deserves more respect, a murderous tyrant or the prime minister of a nascent republic? Wrong answers found here….

  2. Mac Says:

    Good contrast. Of course, Allawi is not likely to have Rather’s cameraman tortured, nor (worse!) ban Rather’s network from Baghdad.

    Good guys are less scary and so get worse press. Except President Bush, of course…because we all know what a terror campaign of censorship we…er…he is waging.

  3. Matt Says:

    Yep, got that right. What a pity that the Media is so predictable – slouching towards irrelevance to borrow a phrase …

  4. b-psycho Says:

    Um…what exactly is “liberal” about sucking up to a dictator?

    Addressing the type of people who would do this as “liberals” smears the term itself. Surely there’s a more accurate description available.

  5. moe Says:

    Not completely fair, Will. As Mac (above) points out, if Rather had hardballed Saddam, the interview would have ended rather quickly, and worse things could have happened. Allawi, on the other hand, has some respect for the role of the press, and is probably willing to tolerate rougher treatment.

    I think Tunku Varadarajan wrote something about this on OpinionJournal shortly after the Rather interview – saying that if Chris Matthews or Geraldo had interviewed Saddam, it wouldn’t have been much of an interview at all.

  6. Will Allen Says:

    This is why one should not do interviews with violent people who can and will take retribution against those associated with the interviewer, or do interviews with people who dictate what questions can be asked. Better to just report the news, sans interview.

  7. MakeMineRed Says:

    WIll is completely right, and his point is one that many miss – including large news organizations (CNN, I’m looking at you).


  8. Pejmanesque Says:


    So there really is nothing original that I can contribute to discussing this issue. But it is outrageous nonetheless….

  9. Warren Says:

    I would at least once like to hear someone preface an interview with a man like Saddam by saying “we hope you will find the following interview informative but please recognize that we were not able to ask mr X the tough questions we normally would ask”

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