Subtlety Is Not Their Strong Point

Call me naive, but I though the headline of a news story was supposed to, you know, tell you the main point of that story. You know, like “War Over,” or “Nixon Resigns,” or even, “Dewey Defeats Truman.”

Given that, wouldn’t you expect the headline of a story about Saddam Hussein’s appearance before an Iraqi court today to go something like, “Saddam Faces Court”? Or even, “Defiant Saddam Charged”?

Apparently not. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution leads its homepage today with: “Saddam: The Real Criminal Is Bush.”

Yeah. That’s the most important thing that happened in the courtroom. Mmm hmm.


17 Responses to “Subtlety Is Not Their Strong Point”

  1. Frank Martin Says:

    Hey! I think we found Kerrys Running Mate!

  2. Silicon Valley Jim Says:

    Ah, yes, the Urinal-Prostitution, too busy trumpeting Atlanta’s “sophisticated cultural milieu” to indulge in actual journalism. I used to work in Atlanta. The Urinal-Prostitution is one of the things that I don’t miss.

  3. Will Collier Says:

    Lately it’s been known as the “Al-Jazeera Constitution”…

  4. John Doe Says:

    Last night Ted Koppel talked about Saddam’s ‘election’ where he got 100 % of the vote, and referred to the trial as a ‘recount’. This served nicely to equate Bush with Saddam.

  5. megapotamus Says:

    John, are you serious? I’m pretty jaded on the “liberal bias” angle at this point and I know there is precedent… Dan Rather apparently took the 100% meme quite seriously but, um. Jeez.

  6. Andrew X Says:

    Fear not. Memes are viruses… they can mutate and do all sorts of weird things.

    Do these “journalists” even realize that they are inadvertantly signing up Saddam to the Democratic Party? “The real criminal is Bush”. Ask people at random who said that and see what a list of answers you get. Gore? Moore? Blumenthal? Dean?…… Sadddam?

    Somehow, I thing some of the tiny coterie of beseiged cool-headed Democrats cringed when they heard that quote. They know all too well that Saddam is far from the first to say it in a general sense. So now they are all keeping company, wether they like it or not.


  7. Jackal Says:

    I suppose if they took off the Saddam and the quote marks, they could re-run it as an editorial. It would be in line with their others.

  8. Jeff Medcalf Says:

    What’s really sad about this is that, from the perspective of the “journalists”, that probably was the most important point. I can see where your problem comes from though; it’s right here:

    “I though[t] the headline of a news story was supposed to, you know, tell you the main point of that story”

    Not these days. Now, the main point of the headline is to set the basis of opinion that the editors want you to take away.

  9. Mike M Says:

    You know, if we would just annex Iraq like the imperialist pigs we’re supposed to be, Saddam could run for VP…

    Kerry/Hussein ’04! A star on the flag, the election in the bag!

    Alternate idea: Saddam plays the lead role in the movie version of Michael Moore’s “Dude, Where’s My Country?”

  10. Mike Says:

    Lately it’s been known as the “Al-Jazeera Constitution”…

    Hasn’t it also been called the “Atlanta Urinal-Constipation?”

  11. Mike Rentner Says:

    Is subtility a word, or am I missing a joke somewhere?

  12. Some guy Says:

    It’s “subtlety.”

  13. Will Collier Says:

    Thanks, Mike. I thought that looked weird from the jump, but didn’t check it. Friggin’ no-spell-check-in-Movable-Type…

  14. rick Says:

    the ajc is always calls terrorists insurgents and militants. they take their lead from cynthia tucker who thinks that her role in life is to fall for every dumbass idea that comes down the pike that will cost us all money and to uplift the “oppressed peoples of the world”. and now they have the balls to charge for their sports coulumnists(and I use that term loosely) online. their food section is decent though.
    and if you keep the paper dry enough in our humidity it makes a nice starter for the charcoal.

  15. Ham Says:

    Look, the terrorists are nothing more than student activists. If their slogans sound like democratic party slogans, it is because they are all liberal democrats.
    And Saddam is merely misunderstood.

  16. pete Says:

    I’m pretty damn liberal- just ask steve. hearing shit like this though makes me want to puke. We need a new party. lets call it “pete cant stand to listen to whiney liberals anymore nor has any patience for one ounce of conservative drool party.

  17. HoosierDave Says:

    The headline is for those who only scan the paper without actually reading the articles. The libs get to voice their slant without actually matching the facts – if indeed there are any facts in the article in question.

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