Success, At Long Last

Cassini is safely in orbit around Saturn, and the pictures and data are flooding in. Here’s a link to the raw image feed.

Back before the Earth cooled (1997), I wrote a column about how anti-nuclear hysterics tried to have Cassini permanently grounded before it was ever launched. It’s a genuine pleasure today to look back at said hysterics and say, in a polite, mature, and understanding manner, “Nyah, nyah! Told you so! Told you so!”


5 Responses to “Success, At Long Last”

  1. Dean Says:

    C’mon, Stephen. Just because it didn’t happen last time doesn’t mean it won’t happen next time.

    I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that the next spacecraft with a nuclear generator on-board will have just as much negative reaction as this one, and pointing out that Cassini neither smacked into the earth nor blew up during launch will have nary an effect.

  2. Don Says:

    Some of the local media are fixated on the cost, and how many starving children in Vail CO, er the Sudan, that money would have fed. As for me, I rejoice! I hope that the 8 year mission flies, and that Cassini is as successful as the Mars Rovers are.

  3. David Gillies Says:

    There are some people for whom horsewhipping would not be ‘crushing’ their ‘dissent’, but simply chastisement for being a huge asshat. The anti-RTEG crowd fall into that category. These cretins nearly wrecked the Galileo mission, too.

  4. Dean Says:

    David G:

    I know. I had to interact w/ some of them.

    That’s why I’m quite confident in my prediction….

  5. Mike M Says:

    Well at least we can get our Phoebe fix now that Friends in off the air. Ha!

    Can it HAVE any more craters?

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