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The New York Post says Kerry has decided on Gephardt for veep. I saw Susan Estrich on Fox News last night saying she’d bet her house the pick was Edwards. Personally, I think the Post is probably right; by all accounts, Kerry was deeply offended by Edwards not “knowing his place” in the Democratic hierarchy, and I get the impression that John French Kerry is not the kind of guy who’ll drop a grudge easily.

But then again, I was the political genius who declared Kerry “toast” about two weeks before Iowa. I also flatly predicted that Kerry would pick Evan Bayh for veep, which looks, ah, unlikely at this time. And then there’s this (hat tip to Pejman).

The above information is provided for entertainment purposes only… so place your bets. The Drinks, they are open for wagering.

UPDATE, 8AM: As if to mock me, the AP and most of the networks are now saying it’s Edwards.

UPDATE, 8:30 AM: Kerry emails supporters that it’s Edwards (from NRO).

This is why I don’t go to Vegas.


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  1. Signifying Nothing Says:

    I can’t handle this confusion

    It appears that the Kerry Veepstakes will come to an end today. Will Collier is betting on Gephardt, both Dan Drezner (who thinks Edwards is the man) and Matt Yglesias think Gephardt would be a bad choice, and Robert Garcia…

  2. David Says:

    FNC and MSNBC — both reporting Edwards gets the nod.

  3. Cletus Says:

    I think Kerry may have told various people in his organization different names; then he can tell whom to trust by seeing which names leak…

  4. Carl S Says:

    A flippin’ trial lawyer. Class warfare soldiering trial lawyer. What ARE they thinking????

  5. Nordicgirl Says:

    They’re thinking they need someone with a pulse . . .

  6. Jack Says:

    Before we pass over the Gloria’s Fourth, let me tell my tale. While looking for a job after college I was living in a small apartment in Santa Monica. Late one afternoon around the 4th I was sitting on the porch with a cool one when an enormous blast went off a couple of blocks away and a cloud of smoke went up. I wandered over there after the hubbub of sirens, etc. died down. A block away I started seeing signs of debris in the street. Where an apartment had stood, one wall leaned crazily while the other three and the roof had vanished. A mattress, splintered wood, and all kinds of other debris filled the street. The story was in the LA Times the next day: seems a couple of college students, on a trip through Colorado had bought a case of dynamite, and amused themselves on the trip home by throwing lit sticks out the car window. They got home with a half case left, and having nothing better to do, decided to see if a bullet would set off dynamite. They set up the case across the living room, got behind the couch, and plugged it with a .22. And they say Southerners are dense! Believe it or not they were not killed, testament that Providence sometimes does look out for drunks and damned fools.

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