Well, this didn’t take long:


5 Responses to “GRABASSES–BAD!!”

  1. Ryan Frank Says:

    While I dont have a huge problem with 2 men fondling each other in public, it would be better if the men in question weren’t married…

  2. Ryan Frank Says:

    Although now that I think about it, this may explain Andrew Sullivans increased interest in the Kerry camp…

  3. D Says:


    I had to get to the paragraphs about Ken Lay before realizing that the link was satire…

  4. Robert Says:

    The part about the fat man with the film crew is true

  5. kelly Says:

    It ain’t just ass-grabbing. I’ve seen enough shots of the two of them inches away from a liplock. I wish they would just get a motel room.

    I’m really afraid they might not wait until the convention to, y’know, consumate the relationship.*

    Sullivan must be in a constant lather by now.

    *not that there is anything wrong with that.*

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