Okay, Just Don’t Let Him Do Another Rap Video

Ditkamania is gaining steam. I love this bit:


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  1. The Lonewacko Blog Says:

    Jim Oberweis finished second behind Ryan in the primary. However, the Illinois GOP – perhaps including higher-ups – apparently doesn’t want him. His sin? Opposing illegal immigration.

  2. mikeski Says:

    “Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) said thought this was just a ‘last-minute ploy’ by a ‘desperate’ state party following the announcement today that Rauschenberger was withdrawing his name from consideration…”

    No shit, dude. A last-minute ploy by a desperate state party worked pretty well for the Dems in NJ with Toricelli and Lautenberg, though, dinnit Rahm?

  3. Jim Nelson Says:

    Speaking as a lifelong Bears fan and also a Republican, there’s no freakin’ way I’m voting for Ditka. It’s not that I have any problem with the idea of a football coach becoming a senator, I just don’t think Ditka’s the guy for the job.

    People remember the colorfully eccentric Ditka of the 1985 Super Bowl season, and the more mellow post-coaching Ditka, but they don’t remember what he was like when the Bears started losing. Honestly, I don’t think the word “unhinged” would be an exageration.

  4. Ed Driscoll Says:


    I dunno–the prospect of Iron Mike in the Senate taking on Byrd and Ted Kennedy is pretty irresistible.


  5. Backcountry Conservative Says:

    What if his opponent is a hurricane named Ditka?

    Mike Ditka may be the next Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from Illinois. There’s even a Draft Ditka website. (Link via James Joyner via Will Collier.)…

  6. ordi Says:

    I with you Ed!

  7. Jason Says:

    Ed, that’d be the only reason to vote for him!!

    IN general: Spend a half-hour with the guy (before the booze starts flowing!) and then see whether you want the guy as your Senator. Yowsa. Unhinged? Remember his tenure with the Saints.. not good.

    On The Other Hand: he’d drive Kennedy and Byrd completely nuts. That alone is worth the pric eof admission! Now, make Butkus the Sen. from California, and those two loonies would turn the Senate into an even bigger circus than it already is!!!

  8. Spoons Says:

    Da Senator.

  9. Donnie Says:

    Heh, now if we could only get Michael Demmons to run against Cynthia McKinney here at home…

    – D

  10. Donnie and Bejus and Donnie's Ain't Done It! Says:

    Yeah, but…

    Sheesh Will, if we run Ditka, you just know they’re gonna replace Obama with……

  11. Outside The Beltway Says:

    Beltway Traffic Jam

    Blogrolling.com continues to be down and I’m still having trouble accessing several blogs on my Top Referrers list from home (a combo of problems with my ‘net connection and very slow sites on their end, I’m guessing.)

    So, given those handicaps, …

  12. Sandy P Says:

    Diana said she’d divorce him.

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