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Memo to Paul Krugman: Don’t mess with the Ledeen kids. They’re smarter than you, braver than you, and unlike yourself, they actually know what they’re talking about. Simone Ledeen’s too-brief memoir about her time in the Coalition Provisional Authority is required reading:

I question Mr. Krugman’s implied premise that these were highly desirable jobs for which one needed political connections. He should try telling that to my friend and colleague Scott Erwin, who was ambushed several weeks ago returning from teaching a pro-democracy program he created at Baghdad University. Scott nearly died after having been shot multiple times. He is currently recovering from numerous surgeries and undergoing physical therapy.

The kind of political “reward” Krugman describes doesn’t put you in a flak jacket and a Kevlar helmet and expose you to roadside bombs or rocket attacks. Nor can I imagine any parent celebrating the arrival of his child in a war zone.

Stick to regurgitating the petty bigotries of the faculty lounge, Krugman. You’ll still look like a jackass, but you won’t prove yourself an utter fool quite so often.


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  1. Will Allen Says:

    Paul Krugman is a perfectly hideous human being, really beneath contempt, and it is a shame that so many among the Democrats have elevated him to iconic status.

  2. Mike M Says:

    We’re discussing Krugman why? Demolishing his every word went out of style in the blogosphere about two years ago when it became too easy and too boring. No one even wastes time mentioning him anymore.

  3. Russell Wardlow Says:


    Because it’s good to be reminded every once in a while what tripe and idiocy the leading newspaper in the country chooses to publish and endorse on a regular basis.

  4. Imam-of-Bacon Says:

    “Because it’s good to be reminded every once in a while what tripe and idiocy the leading newspaper in the country chooses to publish and endorse on a regular basis.”


    And how likely is it that anyone will hear about Ledeen’s article outside of NR, this site and maybe a few other blogs? Not bloody likely.

    You’ve got a better chance of winning the Powerball lottery than you do of seeing stories like this reported by CNN, MSNBC, the NY/LA Times, Wash Post, etc.

    The mainstream media have morphed into politicial organizations that are interested only in advancing their political agenda. They don’t care in the slightest about honest reporting and regard the American public as morons who must be trained to think “properly” so they will then vote in accordance with the lectures they’ve received from their media betters.

    Democracy needs honest, legitimate journalism to thrive and we have less quality journalism now than we’ve had since Hearst and “Remember the Maine”. I think it’s critical to continue to call scum like Krugman on their outright lies and fabrications.

  5. Mike M Says:

    I agree and disagree with you guys. I disagree in that we shouldn’t be wasting much effort shooting the messenger. The fact that Krugman is a loathsome partisan hack is readily apparent to anyone who reads him with a shred of objectivity.

    I agree though that the problem is the whole mass media institution. It’s definately losing influence and in decline, but too many people still simply sit back and accept what they’re fed. The goal should be to get out the truth of how the media operates and what kind of people make it up (as a voting bloc, the media is more liberal the Berkley, CA!).

    When that happens, the average joe will realize that people like Krugman are doing nothing more than promoting an adgenda by twisting or inventing the news. It’s already happening via the internet (interesting how the country’s move to the right coincided with the rise of the internet and free flowing information), and will continue as time goes by. We just need to keep pushing and educating.

  6. simone Says:

    Thanks Will. Please note I sent my piece first to the NYT. But why would they be interested in the truth?

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