Ditkamania Update

This thing seems to be actually getting serious. Da Coach is publicly mulling over the idea; he even gets in a dig at Ted Kennedy in a brief UPI story.


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  1. PoliBlog Says:

    Ditka to Da Senate?

    I heard something about this in passing yeterday: Ditka won’t rule out U.S. Senate runHall of Fame football coach Mike Ditka says he’s just a regular guy but that shouldn’t rule him out as a replacement Illinois U.S. Senate candidate….

  2. pouncer Says:

    Ditka oughta compare himself to somebody other than Teddy Kennedy. Jean Carnahan, maybe. Jim Jeffords, even.

    By measuring himself against Kennedy, Ditka really lowers the bar.

    (So to speak…)

  3. Stephen Green Says:

    OK, Superfans: Ditka versus a bloated, liberal Pats fan — who wins?


  4. philw Says:

    OK with the bloated Kennedy bashing but watch the cracks about Pats fans.
    How’s YOUR NFL team doing?

  5. Begging To Differ Says:


    I’m sure you’ve seen those Mike Ditka ads for Levitra–the ones where Ditka not-so-subtly talks about the importants of “staying in the game.” They make me snicker (fan of lowbrow humor that I am), but they’re effective. Ditka pulls it…

  6. Slant Point Says:

    Republican Star-Gazing, Ditka Style

    Vodka Pundit points out the latest star to come out as a potential GOP Giant, er… Bear. Former NFL coach for the Chicago Bears, Mike Ditka, told TV audiences he would not rule out a bid for US Senate. My first reaction is – Arnold…

  7. Mike M Says:

    Is it Ditka or mini-Ditka?

  8. Stephen Green Says:

    Mini-Ditka vs Kennedy and a case of Johnny Walker Black.

    Winner? Mini-Ditka!

  9. MarkD Says:

    The only question that matters: Who wins: Ditka, or an affirmitive action hire propped by a waning Jesse Jackson, and a media doing a hatchet job on Ditka’s predecessor?

    I gotta go with Dikka.

    Run Iron Mike, run, you’re country needs you.

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