There are times when I suspect The Sopranos is actually a documentary.

This is one of those times.


11 Responses to “Badabing!”

  1. Stephen Green Says:


    Do you find it slightly suspect that the ABC News story doesn’t mention McGreevey’s party affiliation?

  2. Will Collier Says:

    You know, I’m so used to this by now, I didn’t even notice.

    Anybody want to place bets the word “Republican” wouldn’t have appeared in the headline and first graph if the shoe were on the other foot? Followed closely by the words, “ally of George W. Bush”?

  3. erp Says:

    If only the media knew how transparent they are. It’s hilarious. Wake up in the morning, look at morning paper to see how an election went.

    Nothing on front page, Democrat lost.

    See a lurid headline or a political scandal. A glance will tell you if the culprits are from the left or the right.

  4. Sandy P Says:

    NJ is in play. Wonder how this’ll affect it?

  5. Dean Says:

    Sorry, much as I’d like to believe it, I find it almost impossible to believe that NJ is actually in play.

    That would have to mean that 9-11 is casting a FAR greater shadow, or McGreevy is so corrupt that people are ticked, or Corzine’s been downright incompetent.

    I just doubt, very, very much, that any of these, even in combination, are enough to ACTUALLY move NJ into the Bush camp.

  6. Fred Jacobsen (San Fran) Says:

    Stephen and Will: You have your counter-example with Governor Rowland in Connecticutt. Every story about the corruption in his administration led with the fact he is a Republican.

  7. Sandy P Says:

    Corzine wants to take my Clorox away.

    Let him clean his own bathrooms w/his own hands. Housewives of America will unite against this nonsense.

  8. John Thacker Says:

    Well, NJ has been swing before. And I believe the elder Bush won it quite handily.

    They tend to get annoyed at taxes. Has McGreevy been corrupt AND raised taxes? That might annoy them.

  9. Veeshir Says:

    That cracked me up. The word ‘Democrat’ is nowhere in that story. A lot of the time they will bury it, but to totally ignore it is pretty darn funny.

  10. Sean Hackbarth Says:

    Actually, I consider the Sopranos to be the television’s greatest black comedy.

  11. Tommy the Cat Says:

    Kushner’s been doing a redevelopment “project” in my NJ town. Needless to say, it’s been on the board for years, totally screwed up, and overbudget in advance of commencing. Looks nasty too — a field of weeds right in the middle of downtown.

    As far as McGreevey’s concerned, he’s certainly not winning too many popularity contests around here. If his mouth was octagonal, he’d be talking out of every side of it. On the other hand, Christy Whitman (who I strongly supported) squandered a booming economy and a lot of anti-Florio momentum to bring us such goodies as a barely functional EZ-Pass system and a non-functional vehicle inspection system at the discount price of about a billion dollars. Whatever happened to the true fiscal conservatives in the Republican party?

    Let’s face it — NJ’s the home of some seriously greasy politics (remember “The Torch”) that would look up to the Sopranos for moral direction…

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