Da End Of Ditkamania

Da Coach speaketh:

Former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka said Wednesday he would not run for the Senate, leaving Illinois Republicans still without a replacement candidate less than four months before the election.

Ditka, who first told Illinois Republican Party leaders of his decision, made his announcement outside his Chicago restaurant.

“I don’t know how I’d do on the Senate floor if I got in a confrontation with someone I didn’t appreciate or maybe didn’t appreciate me,” said Ditka, known nearly as much for his hot temper as his Hall of Fame football career.

Ah, well. It was pretty damn fun while it lasted.


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  1. The Lonewacko Blog Says:

    The second funniest part of this episode was learning of the existence of a cookbook from IL GOP Chairman Judy Baar Topinka entitled Here We Dough Again!. (It’s a cookbook, get it?)

    Based on my limited, recently-acquired knowledge of the IL GOP, I fully expect their next big choice to be Bozo. He’s another Chitown institution, right?

    Or, they could just go with Jim Oberweis, who came in second place in the primary.

    Of course, going with Oberweis might require them to grow a spine:

    But many Republicans remain uneasy over TV commercials Oberweis ran during the primary attacking President Bush’s immigration reform plans. Oberweis insists he only opposed illegal immigration, but the ads drew fire from immigrant groups and Republicans alike… “There is a group in the party which obviously is enamored with Mr. Oberweis because he finished second,” said DuPage County GOP Chairman Kirk Dillard. “[But] an Oberweis candidacy would present unique problems when it comes to immigration and race and ethnicity, [problems] which I’m not sure we want to take on at this time.”

    If Ditka won’t take on Teddy Kennedy, perhaps he could work his magic on Kirk Dillard and the rest.

  2. Enobarbus Says:

    “I don’t know how I’d do on the Senate floor if I got in a confrontation with someone I didn’t appreciate or maybe didn’t appreciate me,” said Ditka.

    Heaven knows we can’t have folks on the Senate floor telling people to “go f*ck yourself” or anything, right?

  3. Percy Dovetonsils Says:

    I would pay good money to see Ditka slap the living crap out of Pat Leahy.

  4. Omnibus Driver Says:

    Yeah, it would have been fun. But according the Volokh Conspiracy, a new possibility is equally as entertaining.


  5. MarkD Says:

    Not to surprising, Ditka obviously doesn’t want the press crawling up his ass with a microscope they way they did with Ryan, and you damn well that with the election of a diversity candidate at stake, the diversity-uber-alles Democratic spinsters masquerading as journalists would dig as deep as they had to to find dirt on Ditka, and then make it up if they couldn’t find it.

  6. John Doe Says:

    Can we nominate others we’d like to see? How about Jeri Ryan? How about Bill Cosby?

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