Wasn’t The Ending To “Revolutions” Lame Enough?

According to The Digital Bits’ Rumor Mill, the Wachowski brothers won’t be doing audio commentaries themselves for an upcoming boxed set of the three Matrix movies. Instead, they’ve hired as a guest commentator… Cornell West.

Oh yeah, people will be lining up at midnight for that one.

9 Responses to “Wasn’t The Ending To “Revolutions” Lame Enough?”

  1. Mike M Says:

    Is that really wise? Really…who other than the Brothers W. are going to be able to explain the last two movies? Not that what they say would make any sense, but at least we’d be getting it from the source.

  2. Brennan Stout Says:

    I was going to buy this, but Cornell West? I’ll get Equilibrium instead.

  3. hmmm Says:

    I think its bets to refer no to them as the brother/Sister W.

    One of them is being reassigned sexually as a woman. (If I were responsible for the crap sold as cinema in Pts. 2 and 3, I’d be looking into drastically altering my identity too).

  4. Angie Schultz Says:

    Anyone remember that parody of Chomsky and Zinn commenting on The Lord of the Rings? This will be just like that. But it won’t be parody.

  5. hey Says:

    yeah we already knew the guys/girls/whatever are really messed up…

    wow.. I think I’d rather line up for a Kevin Costner movie

  6. charles austin Says:

    Um, are they still the Wachowski brothers, or just siblings?

  7. FJBill Says:

    Who the heck is Cornell West?

  8. Joe Baby Says:

    Good Lord, get me the hell out of Zion.

  9. Chas Rich Says:

    Awesome. Now I have the excuse I needed not to spend the money.

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