Crushing Of Dissent In Boston

The owner of a pizza shop across from the FleetCenter is furious that the city has asked him to take down a banner he’s erected across from the FleetCenter supporting President George W. Bush.


Now, the city building inspector told him to remove the banner or face a fine. The inspector said Pasquale never got a permit for it.


Pasquale refuses to remove the banner.

He’s not sure what the fine will be, but he said he’d rather pay it than take the sign down.

Sam Adams would be proud. The Boston bureaucracy should be ashamed. Here’s the link.


10 Responses to “Crushing Of Dissent In Boston”

  1. Francis Turner Says:

    Might I suggest that the VRWC and/or the blogosphere offer to pay the fine?

    Being based in Europe its a bit tricky for me to manage the logistics of getting the dosh to Mr Pasquale but if someone were to set up a Paypal account I’d contribute

  2. v-Man Says:

    Not just paying the fine, the Blogosphere should have people on hand to film the LLL/DNC people who will try to take the banner down or otherwise damage this fine establishment.

    Don’t think it’s going to happen? Bet on it.

  3. P.A. Breault Says:

    Maybe use it as an unofficial blogger-reporting site? Offer to pay for utilities, set up a temporary wi-fi (or offer to set up a wi-fi compensation). The location is prime.

  4. Francis W. Porretto Says:

    Pasquale knows better what this country is about than the Boston police force, its building inspectors, and quite likely every soul that will attend the Democratic National Convention. God bless and keep him — and Boston can shove its permits where the moon don’t shine.

  5. O'McSomething Says:

    Come on! I googled some good info that has been deleted. What was wrong with the point I was making?

  6. O' Says:

    Talk about the crushing of dissent! Give me a break! After 2 years of making the convesation here a little more lively…this is the thanks I get!?!

  7. philw Says:

    Boston talk radio has had a fest over this. The sudden influx of city inspectors has been stoped by the net, Drudge et. al.
    Boston is going to be shut down for a drinking party for Ted Kennedy’s buddies. Commuter rail and Route 93 are now shut down for 1 week.

  8. O'McSomething Says:

    I’ll try this again–the push-cart street vendors will be losing their bread and butter during the Repub-fest in NYC next month. Will you show the same concern? Donations maybe? Now was that soooooo bad?

    Also–Check out item five on George and Libby Pataki’s 10 Great NYC Bargins for RNC Convention visitors.

    5. Best Coffee
    Some of the best coffee in New York can be had at the corner street vendor cart. A large coffee is typically no more than $1.

    Surely the Gov will go to bat for these displaced free-marketers. There will be a rally this Wednesday. The coffee will be delicious!

  9. russ Says:

    Those push cart swill vendors in NYC shouldn’t have been put down like the diseased dogs they are a long time ago…

  10. bolivar Says:

    I would like to tell everybody that his pizza is pretty good and everytime I am in Boston (live in RI) I will frequent his establishment. This is a rarity in New England – somebody with some intelligence and balls. He puts his money (and livlihood) where his mouth is. I like his style and stick it to the assholes running the city (and whole region for that matter).

    As you can tell I have no use for the LLL line and I do everything I can to stick it to them. I have some Flush the Johns bumper stickers on order and will pass them out to the sensible friends that want them. I will be unpopular but, thems the breaks. I will not idly sit by and let that gigilo and pretty boy win this very vital election. My and the entire countries future is at stake.

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