Lying For Liars, or, “Hey, The Post Bought It!”

It’s now been three days since we learned that ex-Red China lobbyist, ex-Clinton National Security Advisor, and (as of Wednesday) ex-Kerry senior advisor Sandy Berger is under investigation for stealing highly classified documents from the National Archives.

So, what’s the most important question we need answered about this affair? According to the media, it’s, “When did the White House find out about the investigation?”

Former Clinton press secretary Joe Lockhart, who is serving as a spokesman for Berger during the controversy, said the expanding circle of officials who the White House acknowledges knew of the criminal investigation heightens his suspicion about the timing of the disclosure that Berger is under investigation.

“This is the third day in a row that the story has changed,” Lockhart said. “Did the political operation know? Did [adviser] Karl Rove know? I think it’s time for them to come clean, say what they knew, when they knew it, and what role if anything they had in leaking it.”

No, Joe, you sniveling toad whose pathetic job it is to lie for other liars. It’s time for your client to come clean and admit:

(a) Exactly which copies of the after-action draft he stole, and whose marked-up review copies they belonged to at the time they were reviewed,

(b) Who, if anyone, asked or told Berger what needed to be removed from the Archives before it could be reviewed by the 9/11 Commission, and

(c) What, in unclassified terms, was Berger trying to hide when he stole (apparently) one-of-a-kind hand-marked copies of a code-word classified report?

Those are the important points, Lockhart. Not when the White House learned of Berger’s pants-stuffing, not who might have let that word out to the press (although I suspect it was your fellow liar-for-liars, Lanny Davis), and not the fallout from Berger’s illegal actions on your corrupt political party.

UPDATE: via Drudge and the Blogfaddah, from the New York Sun today:

In other words, according to the commission report, Mr. Berger was presented with plans to take action against the threat of Al Qaeda four separate times


15 Responses to “Lying For Liars, or, “Hey, The Post Bought It!””

  1. AWW Says:

    The Dems and media will shift this story so that they actually look good. Like how the Dem Senate Judiciary memos showing that they were coordinating with outside groups was shifted to how the GOP got the memos rather than what was in the memos. Another loser for the GOP.

  2. Mike m Says:

    He actually came out and said “what did they know and when did they know it”…about the White House finding out about their political opponents being investigated? Huh???

    Aside from being some kind of grotesque self parody, this doesn’t even make sense. I think Holden Caufield would describe this the best…with excessive use of the f-bomb and the word “phony”.

    Beyond that I’m at a loss. It’s like the Democratic political machine just popped its faceplate and is stuck in a loop saying “this is a recording…recording…recording”.

  3. Justin Says:

    The releasing of this story now is not due to a Republican Conspiracy to sabotage the 9/11 (extremely partisian) committee. This is most likely a Dem ploy to lighten the impending situation. The reaction would have been far more severe if the coveted “9/11 Commission” would have released the information or if it would have come out of another government institution. As it is, Clinton and his cronies can now attempt to “laugh” it off as another of Sandy’s comical mishaps. Well call me insesitive to humor, but I dont think frequently mishandling vital top secret security information is something to gaff over.(Remember Clinton was in office for 8 yrs. 8 yrs of sloppy secret document fumbles?) It seems as though Clinton has got his hand caught in the cookie jar once again. Let us now hope that Sandy didn’t accidentally “misplace” anything that would put Americans in a security bind i.e. with Terrorists or more dangerous Sen. Kerry.

  4. Eskimo Says:

    I agree that the ‘leaking’ of the Sandy McBurgler story is irrelevant with respect to the real issue; stealing classified documents.

    The Dem spin on this is akin to the school troublemaker demanding to know who was the tattle-tale who got him in trouble. Whether or not the snitch did it to be the teacher’s pet does not invalidate the wrongdoing.

  5. Parker Says:

    Going up against someone defending Berger must be the easiest debate assignment there is.

    All you have to do is occasionally say, in incredulous tones, “Pants!” or “Socks!”, with an amazed, unbelieving look on your face.

    “Pants” is a funny word.

    When committing a crime, try not to involve your pants, or people will laugh at you. A lot. Forever.

  6. Gordon Says:

    OK everybody listen up. When you get asked “What did Sandy Berger take and what is still missing?”- You say “That is under investigation and it would be inappropriate to comment. However, I beleive the more important question is what did the Whitehouse know, and when?”
    What???…isn’t that the same response they used for the Joe Wilson Niger lies?
    As for what the Whitehouse knew, they knew Sandy Berger was a lying scumbag. As for when they knew it…I’m sure it was before this thing broke.

  7. Gary B Says:

    The Onion strikes again.

  8. Scott Janssens Says:

    I think the more intersting issue of timing is when will the investigation end.

  9. Frank Martin Says:

    The dems have decided that the best way to fight a war, is to first engage in a civil war at home. They seem to feel that the best way to win a war abroad in which the stakes are genocide and enslavement is to attack the president at home.

    All that matters to todays democrat party is the return to power and they will stop and nothing to ensure that their goal is met. If in the process of returning to power they divide and weaken the country and as a result get more people killed, then so be it.

    In a time of war, the only way to survive is to put your pettyness aside and stand together, as James Lileks says: “we can debate on the parameters of western civilization after weve ensured that it has survived”. My grandfather despised FDR, but when war came to his generation, he put it aside and got on with the job at hand. Where would we be today if his generation had enganged in the politics of bigotry hatred and division had directors like John Ford created movies like ” Farenheit 12/7 – FDR Knew!!”. You think everyone just loooooved FDR?, just go look at what the “America first” people were doing to him in the days before December 7th.

    The Dems attack the President as a proxy for attacking the people and culture of America itself. The bile and hatred that they show for President Bush is just a reflection of what they think of the rest of us who live in flyover country and dont worship hollywood.

    I can take al-queda trying to kill me, but I cant understand why so many of my neighbors are willing to help them do it.

  10. mary ware Says:

    The drafts that are missing are the ones having to do with the millienium after report. Since these damning papers were left in by Sandy Berger and not stolen, it makes one wonder what on earth was written by him on the drafts of the after report–must have been something pretty horrible. For him or for Clinton or for both???? M. Ware

  11. Jim Russell Says:

    It is another embarrassment for our country to have another reminder, from a long list of what seems a never ending bad dream, of the unprofessionalism of President Clinton’s administration.

    To see his flippant reaction to that ham, “Burger’s”, national security breech speaks volumes of the standards of conduct he expected from his people, and himself.

    I have heard President Bush, or a spokesman, denied knowing Berger was under investigation. Then, later admitted the Whitehouse knew. If this is true, and it would be very hard not to believe they did not know, it didn’t help their denial of a leak by joining in the lying game. Kind of like asking your enemy to shot you in the foot while in the process of shooting himself in the head.

    Totally dumb. Say it ain’t so guys!

  12. Hogarth Says:

    I think the strongest argument for the GOP NOT being behind the leak is yesterday’s news cycle: All 9/11 report, all the time.

    I think that argues the opposite: a DNC leak timed such that the 9/11 report pushes it to the background.

  13. JustLeftOfCenter Says:

    How quickly we forget

    Will Collier Over at Vodka Pundit, there

  14. RandMan Says:


    Well said.

    Let me add this. Berger was finished as an future office holder as soon as this investigation began last year. No matter what the outcome, Berger would not be able to serve in a Kerry administration having been, at the very least, investigated for security breaches.

    Berger fell on his sword for the Dems back in Oct 2003 (inadvertantly, of course). Given the nature of all this, revealing that now is much better for the Dems now than it would be in Sept. or Oct. Besides, you might be able to make the “who leaked the story” more important than the what and why of a former NSA stealing documents.

    And what do you know? The MSM is playing out the Follies Berger (thanks Roger L. Simon) just the way the Dems hoped. Wag the dog indeed.

  15. CurrencyLad Says:


    A famous Australian cartoon seems apposite.

    Stop lying! This is serious!

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