Day Of The Dog-Blog

Meet Bob, my step-dog:


Bob (we really couldn’t call him “Palindrome”) is a stubby-legged mostly-lab pound hound, rescued from the Atlanta Humane Society about nine years ago by my now-wife. His hobbies include sleeping, licking people, wagging his tail madly, acting weird, and inhaling Milk-Bones. Sorry, Cosmo, but he is horribly bad at squirrel home defense (he’s hell on cockroaches, though).


10 Responses to “Day Of The Dog-Blog”

  1. Pete Says:

    Looks a lot like my 16-year old lab that I lost in May. God Bless him and you both for taking good care of him.

    Great blog – thanks for your efforts!

  2. Lawren Says:

    What a cutie! 🙂

  3. Will Collier Says:

    He is that, Lawren.

    Like most labs, Bob is certifiably nuts, but he’s also a sweetheart and a love sponge. Absolutely adores everybody he meets.

  4. Sekimori Says:

    Whyinell didn’t anyone tell us labs were nuts *before* we got one??

  5. P.A. Breault Says:

    If you did, would you have joined us in the Ranks of the Damned? (mine is 18 months)

  6. Amos Says:

    That’s not a very attractive picture of your dog. Take another one immediatly. I command it.

  7. TC-LeatherPenguin Says:

    “There better be a bone in this for me sitting still while you blow out my eyeballs, boss. If not, something’s getting chewed straight to hell.”

  8. Will Collier Says:

    Stacy, at least we warn visitors ahead of time. This is our doormat.

  9. rick Says:

    Aawwww. That looks just like my (ex) dog I gave up after the big D. She’s also a pound pup, maybe 3 to 5 years old when we got her back in ’98 or ’99, and according to the ex-wife, nearing the end. I love the way they gracefully gray around the chin!

    Someday I will have another. Someday….

  10. Mark J Says:

    Sounds like Onyx the Lab we’re raising for Guide Dogs of America. His tail goes even more wild 30 minutes (Feed Me Seymour!) before feeding time.

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