Geek Alert!

This one’s for Steve:

STAR WARS geeks might want to sit down for this breaking news.

Fans can now stop losing sleep over the title of the next film – Star Wars: Episode III–Revenge of the Sith.

Here’s the Lucasfilm press release. Kind of cool (if you think these sort of things are cool) that they recycled the old discarded “Revenge of the Jedi” logo from a long time ago, and a decade far, far away…


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  1. Robert Says:

    Yeah, but are they going to have a decent script, acting and directing?

  2. Karl Hallowell Says:

    Was that question rhetorical? 😉

  3. Gonz Says:

    Now if only they’ll release the REAL versions of episodes IV, V, and VI.

    Gredo shoots first, MY ASS!

    (PS, I got the letterbox and full screen versions of the THX updates of the “real” versions some time back and they’re both sealed in the box. My sense is that I will use a DVD recorder to preserve them into digital at some point for my own use (fair use applies), given that Lucas refuses to release the real star wars trillogy.

  4. Stephen Green Says:


    As I told Will a few days ago — I set the bar pretty low for a Star Wars movie. I only want three things:

    1. See some cool stuff I’ve never seen before.
    2. See some stuff blow up real good.
    3. See a kick-ass lightsaber fight.

    Now, hardcore fans will disagree, but by my (low) standards, Episode I was a success. And don’t even tell me you didn’t dig the final fight between Maul and Kenobi.

    Revenge of the Sith? Even if it sucks, we’re all going to love it. Why? Because we’re finally going to be able to see the fight where Anakin gets melted. We’ll get to see the black helmet put on for the first time. And lots more we’ve been waiting to see since Jedi, 21 years ago.

    We’re all gonna love it. Mark my words.

  5. rosignol Says:

    Yeah, I’m gonna see it.

    But I think I’m going to be disappointed. Ever since Episode 1, I’ve had this suspicion that Lucas ran out of ideas after he did Empire Strikes Back.

  6. The Moderate Voice Says:

    So It’s Going To Be A Film About SKIN ERUPTIONS??

    It has been announced that the next Star Wars installment will be called “Episode III: Revenge of the Sith,” the official site for the film announced. “Revenge of the SITH”? They spelled “CYST” wrong. Do they REALLY think a film

  7. Alan K. Henderson Says:

    There’s a character named General Grievous?

    I have a bad feeling about this.

  8. M. Scott Eiland Says:

    That never-used “Revenge of The Jedi” title changed history as far as another long-running movie series was concerned: the original title of the second Star Trek movie was originally supposed to be “Star Trek 2: Khan’s Revenge.” Lucas kicked up a fuss, Roddenberry, et al., changed the title, and he ended up not using the title after all. Weenie.

  9. Independent George Says:

    I’ve had this suspicion that Lucas ran out of ideas after he did Empire Strikes Back.

    Given that Laurence Kasdan wrote ‘Empire’, it’s more likely he ran out of ideas after ‘Star Wars’. Or maybe ‘American Graffiti’.

    Of course, all that would make me happy is seeing Jar-Jar’s head split open like an overstuffed burrito. How’s that for setting the bar low?

  10. Gonzo Says:

    You read it hear first:

    I’d bet a month’s salary that the end of ROTS will be a scene depicting the black mask being installed on Vader for the first time, followed by his bow and submission before the “Emperor.”

    The last line will be: “What is thy bidding, my master.”

  11. Hogarth Says:

    Too bad Drudge this morning turned me off of Nat Portman forever.

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