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Great John Fund OpinionJournal column today on political bloggers, who seem to be getting under the collar of certain Old Journalism types:

Randell Beck, editor of the Argus Leader, is feeling the heat. In a column yesterday, he wrote: “Those perched on the political fringes have found a home on the Internet. True believers of one stripe or another, no longer content to merely bore spouses and neighbors with their nutty opinions, can now spew forth on their own blogs, thereby playing a pivotal role in creating the polarized climate that dominates debate on nearly every national issue. . . . If Hitler were alive today, he’d have his own blog.”

According to Godwin’s Law, an Internet discussion-group dictum that long predates blogging, when one side in an argument invokes Hitler, it proves he’s lost. And indeed, Mr. Beck’s column announced the Argus Leader’s own tepid entry into the world of blogging.

Mr. Beck: You are a hack, and a dinosaur. You clearly can’t stand it that the “little people” out here aren’t subject to your personal political filter.

Get used to it. We don’t work for you, and particularly after being compared en masse to an infamous homicidal dictator, we aren’t terribly interested in your take on things. Your tar pit isn’t getting any smaller–but your influence is.

For chapter-and-verse on the ongoing asininities of Randall Beck, check out Daschle v. Thune and South Dakota Politics.

9 Responses to “Fund On Blogs”

  1. Bob Says:

    Mr Collier writes, of the small universe inhabited by dead-tree newspaper editors: “Your tar pit isn’t getting any smaller–but your influence is.” Actually, I think the tar pit is getting smaller, or soon will be, as advertisers realize “this ain’t where the readers are.” Advertisers go elsewhere, newspapers go out of business, the tar pit shrinks. Everything else Mr Collier put in his commentary on Mr Beck’s role in the universe is spot-on.

  2. Eskimo Says:

    —when one side in an argument invokes Hitler, it proves he’s lost. —

    That is quite true. Before the fall back position when liberals try to defend an undefesible position was to simply call you a racist or a bigot.

    Now they call you Der Fuhrer.

  3. David [.net] Says:

    Good thing there weren’t blogs back in Germany during the 30s. Who knows what could have happened?

  4. Mike M Says:

    I want to coin “Mike M’s” law: which is the nauseating speed of the interval that blogging geeks will stumble over themselves to appear clever by citing Goodwin’s law when Hitler is mentioned.

    In more serious terms, I’m not sure if the media reaction to the internet is more jealousy or fear. Jealousy that blogs don’t have editors dictating content, or fear that it doesn’t take anything special to report the news. I’m sure it’s both.

  5. Jeff Harrell Says:

    It’s a funny coincidence. Just the other day I wrote to Adam Penenberg that if the Internet had been around in the 1780’s, the Federalist Papers would have been blog entries.

    I guess you can get more political mileage, though, by comparing bloggers to Hitler instead of to the founders of our country.

  6. Mr. Lion Says:

    Blogs = Hitler now, is it?

    Well, we’re certainly doing something right.

  7. McGehee Says:

    I’ll now propose a corollary to “Mike M’s Law,” referring to the speed with which one commenter calls attention to a misspelling by another commenter — in this case, it’s Godwin‘s Law, not Goodwin‘s.

    I think Goodwin’s Law refers to how angry Nero Wolfe gets when he sees the policve detective get out of a chair without using his hands.

  8. Matt Says:

    It’s not the first time I’ve been compared to Hitler. I laughed then too. Such ad hominems are always the sign of poor debate skills and an insufficient grasp of the facts.

  9. Jeff Harrell Says:

    And on the subject of X = Hitler, we’ve all see the 25-point National Sociality Party platform for the 1920 German elections, yes?

    Downright enlightening. Really puts all those “X = Hitler” accusations in perspective.

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