Speaking Truth To Appeasement

Via Roger L. Simon, Mohammed from Iraq The Model lays his cards on the table:

Can you answer the question what will be the response of Iraqis towards these horrible attacks? I

3 Responses to “Speaking Truth To Appeasement”

  1. Scott R Says:

    That is the clearest thinking that we have heard from either side.

  2. syn Says:

    Mohammed has captured my sentiments completely. I am so proud my country liberated Mohammed from his hell so that he may express to us history.

    Saddam was a Weapon of Mass Destruction just as Michael Moore is a Weapon of Mass Destraction.

    Both are equally evil “disgusting parasites”.

  3. mailman Says:

    Remember that the first group to pull out of Iraq after a terrorist attack was the UN. The Spaniards and Filipinos were just following the lead of that august institution.

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