Paranoia, The Destroyer

I have to admit, I’ve been wondering what the big deal was over the Kerry “bunny suit” picture that popped up this week. I just didn’t have the same reaction everybody else had (i.e., cracking up); my thought was, “Oh, he’s in a clean suit.” That’s it. Then I read this today:

The pictures have prompted chuckles and jokes among political pundits covering the Democratic National Convention in Boston because, to people unfamiliar with shuttle operations, the head-to-toe light-blue suits look goofy.

However, astronauts, workers or anyone else getting inside a shuttle or near other spacecraft and rockets being readied for launch wears such coveralls to protect the delicate vehicles from contamination.

Exactly right. If you’re familiar with clean-area procedures, the “bunny suit” wasn’t that much of a giggle-inducer (and what the heck, Kerry looks goofy in normal clothes).

Of course, all of the above just reinforces how dumb it was for Kerry flack Mary Beth Cahill to freak out and accuse NASA of a “dirty trick” in releasing the photos. I’d bet you dollars to donuts (mmm, donuts) that nobody at NASA even thought there was anything weird about those pictures.

But now the Kerry campaign has pissed off the vast majority of a large workforce in the most crucial electoral state on the map. Bad move, Mary Beth.

UPDATE: Oh, good grief. Now a silly legal threat has forced NASA to remove the photos from their site. Maybe Rove really does have moles embedded on the other side–why else would the Dems be so dead-set on turning a non-story into an embarrassing black eye?

If this is an indicator of the Kerry campaign’s political savvy, Bush should be sleeping very well these days.


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  1. Bruce Says:


    I agree with you in kind, but the bottom line is that it is a funny pic. When Dukakis rode in the tank, he was wearing what all soldiers do, but he still looked funny. I guess it is because of who is in the suit, not the suit itself.

  2. Crank Says:

    He really did look like Woody Allen in the “Everything you needed to know about sex” movie.

    But yeah, it was D-U-M on the part of Cahill. Should have been a 1-day story.

    And I just have to applaud your use of a fine Kinks song for the post title.

  3. alcibiades Says:

    Did you see Allah’s take on the photos?


  4. Will Collier Says:

    LOL. Allah Ackbar!

  5. D Says:


    Just what post would Mary Beth Cahill take should there be a Kerry Administration? I can just see her as Press Secretary, lambasting “leaked memos” any time her news conference statements make the evening news.

  6. Ken Says:

    For the Canadian in the room, what is a “Hatch Act concern”, and how could that lead NASA to chuck the pics down the memory hole?


  7. Will Collier Says:

    The Hatch Act is a law that prohibits federal employees from engaging in partisan political activity while on the job. This is one of the dumber invocations of the Hatch Act that I’ve ever seen.

    Here’s a summary of the act.

  8. Mike M Says:

    The Kerry campaign could have even used this as a positive, taking the opportunity to have a good laugh and explain how Kerry took an interest in science and supported NASA, but noooooo…

    Instead they blame Bush for a conspiracy, file lawsuits, and come off looking like petty fools. Not to mention guaranteeing the jokes will be recycled on the net and on the talk shows for days, if not weeks, to come.

    Is there any doubt that the season premier of SNL is going to feature a blue-suited Kerry and a stuffed-pants Berger?

  9. D Says:

    Mike M,

    Is there any doubt that the season premier of SNL is going to feature a blue-suited Kerry and a stuffed-pants Berger?

    Only if the producers invite Dennis Miller back as a guest star. 🙂

  10. John Thacker Says:

    Have to agree with you. I had the same reaction, “Big deal. It’s a clean suit, of course he’s going to wear one.” I thought that the laughs and photos were all really childish.

    The dirty tricks allegation is insane, though, and stupid.

  11. Tom Says:

    The future if Kerry elected: the MALE BURQUA

  12. villageidiots Says:


    Its low-brow, but still damn funny (via Hugh Hewitt): Hugh UPDATE: Vodkapundit has more on the stupidity of the “evil NASA” meme being pushed by the Kerry campaign: Of course, all of the above just reinforces how dumb it was

  13. monkeyboy Says:

    Also don’t see the big deal with the suit, to take away the power of the photo, he should simply walk out at the convention wearing one and make some quip about having to talk to Cheney back stage. End of story.
    Blaming NASA, however, is just stupid. First it was that he didn’t know they were taking photos, then that they didn’t know they were being released. Both shown to be lies. Combine this with “that SOB knocked me down” and “a scriptwriter injected Benedict Arnold CEOs” and its a disturbing picture.

  14. Jim R Says:

    The Dems are so terrified this photo will become a “Dukakis” moment, and if there is a God it will, they are going into their “shift the focus” strategy. Recall the First Responders to the Sandy Burgler disaster …”you leaked the investigation”.

    From some comments here, it appears it is already working.

  15. Patrick Phillips Says:

    The only thing important about this otherwise minor incident is that it showcases a very worrisome trend in the Democratic party towards enshrining conspiracy theory.

    Even the sanest political movements or parties has ‘fringos’ who see conspirators behind every tree and underneath every bed. But when that kind of thinking becomes mainstream within the organization, then that organization is in trouble. If that organization happens to have political power… Well, things can get very strange, very fast.

  16. Kyle Says:

    I think Bush should get in one of those suits, and then talk about how proud he is to be even associated with the fine people at NASA, then act dumbfounded when people tell him that Kerry sued to have that picture removed.
    “Why would he be ashamed of that? I’m proud of out American space explorers!”
    (You know, since he doesn’t read the papers and all, he could say he never heard about it at all until he got down there.)

  17. Kyle Says:

    Umm, that should be “our” not “out”–not that there’s anything wrong with our “out” American space explorers…

  18. aaron Says:

    Heh, before the Democrats over-reacted, I figured the picture would help him a little. He looked silly in a situation where anyone would look silly. More importantly, in some pictures he looked genuinely interested in
    what was going on. It was the most real I’ve ever seen him.

    Mary Beth blew it. She must be working for Rove.

  19. aaron Says:

    From instapundit:

  20. Alan Furman Says:

    One America: John “do you know who I am?” Kerry, and Sandy “Oscar Madison defense” Berger.

    Another America: The NASA employees pestered for photographs then smeared for “dirty tricks,” and the defense workers and armed service members who know they will get reamed for a fraction of what Berger did.

    Two Americas, indeed.

  21. furious Says:

    The stupidity of Ms. Cahill is truly profound. She thinks NASA removing the photos will remove them from circulation?

    Not only is she drawing even more attention to them with her thin-skinned paranoia, but the photos have replicated on hundreds of websites that are BEYOND HER CONTROL. She might as well try and take pee out of a pool.


  22. Captain Holly Says:

    Whenever I read stuff like this coming from the Kerry campaign, I can’t help but recall what Den Beste said a few days ago:

    “After the November election, a lot of people are going to wonder why it was that anyone ever thought that Kerry had a substantial chance of winning.”

  23. Larry J Says:

    Blowing a silly photo into a lawsuit and “dirty tricks” conspiracy theory was just plain stupid. It seems that John Kerry lacks the self confidence to laugh at himself. He could’ve easily turned the photo into a positive. Now, it’s just one more example of him being insecure. He comes across as being uncomfortable in his own skin.

    Oh, and cursing out a guy whose job includes catching a bullet meant for you is really, really dumb, especially over something as trivial as falling while snowboarding. For a guy who obviously thinks he’s so smart, he does a lot of stupid things.

  24. Peter Says:

    Kerry’s whole campaign is a series of ‘Dukakis Moments’, snowboarding outfits with flower zipper pulls, spandex bicycle pants on the skinniest legs since Olive Oyl, and that first pitch in Beantown. Let’s face it, the guy looks abnormal no matter what he wears. Ordinarily it wouldn’t matter. There are plenty of people so uncomfortable in their own skin that it doesn’t matter what they put over that skin, they look phoney. We just look at them and quietly wish they’d figure out who they are and be that person. It’s worrysome, though, to think of such people in charge of the nuclear launch codes.
    It’s not new with Kerry, either. Y’all know that pic Kerry has of him dressed up like a Rambo in bad need of a good feeding? Find a combat-experienced infantryman and point out the way he was carrying that M-16.

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