Dirty Pool At The Boston Globe

Is John Kerry’s hometown paper acting as a spin arm of the Kerry campaign? Via Drudge, a couple of items that’d give one that impression:

BOSTON GLOBE journalist Mike Kranish has been commissioned to write the foreword of the official Kerry-Edwards campaign book — just as he is covering the campaign in an official capacity as a journalist for the BOSTON GLOBE!

Kranish made waves on Friday by reporting in the GLOBE how a key figure in the anti-Kerry vet ad campaign, Kerry’s former commanding officer, “backed off one of the key contentions.”

But Captain George Elliott claims the Kranish article is “extremely inaccurate” and highly misstated his actual views.

Having Kranish being a paid part of Kerry’s campaign book is pretty damning for the Globe (owned by the New York Times Corporation, incidentally). While I’m very much in favor of reporters disclosing their political views, having what amounts to a Kerry staffer covering his campaign is going several steps too far.

When Kranish’s story broke this morning, my reaction was that it was very bad news for the “Swift Vets” group to have their credibility undercut so quickly. Now I think things may work in exactly the opposite direction. Elliott’s post-story denial has a lot more impact cast in the light of Kranich’s connections with Kerry, more than it would have if any other reporter had “broken” today’s story.

Keep watching this one, particularly for when and if Elliott goes on the record in front of the cameras. It’s more than appropriate to ask whether Kranich is reporting Elliott’s statements accurately, or carrying water for a campaign that he overtly supports. We’ll have to wait and see if the rest of the media has the cojones to put one of their own under the conflict-of-interest microscope.


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  1. Game the World Says:

    Let Slip the Dogs of Spin

    Things have certainly been heating up since the Swift Vets for Truth came out with their ad. Via Vodkapundit and Balloon Juice, one can see all of the attempts to control the play that the Swift Vets are generating. There have even been letters sent to…

  2. Ed Driscoll.com Says:

    Media Bias At Its Zenith

    In a post very approiately titled “Dirty Pool At The Boston Globe”, Will Collier of Vodkapundit looks at Mike Kranish, the Boston Globe journalist who’s simultaneously written the introduction to the official Kerry-Edwards campaign book and written a h…

  3. M. Scott Eiland Says:

    Gee, I wonder if the “objective” mainstream media will nail this reporter’s hide to the wall if it becomes obvious that he lied through his teeth to lick the hand that feeds him?

    Oh, I’m sure they will–about the same time I win a street fight with Roy Jones, Jr.

  4. Dem Talking Point Central Says:

    What did he do that was so wrong? All he’s doing is exercising his right to make a capitalist living, and expressing his opinions. You know, just b/c he’s a journalist doesn’t mean he’s given up his First Amendment rights!

    And he didn’t lie. After all, it takes premeditation to lie, like Dubya did about WMD.

    And even if he did, how many people died?

  5. jack white Says:

    I don’t know, for certain, who will win this election. I do know who has lost: the mainstream media. They have been so blatantly in the tank for John Kerry the mask of impartiality will never cover their left-wing bias again.

  6. chirs Says:

    Lied and died? Many, many people in Vietnam died because of lies Kerry told when he got back. That’s why he’s so popular with Vietnamese immigrants to the U.S. — who support Bush by 9 to 1.

    According to Elliot’s statement today Kranich did lie, or at least twist his statements beyond recognition and context to further his own political agenda.

  7. Miller's Time Says:

    Miller’s Twelve Pack…

    Happy Friday to you, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Twelve Pack. Here are the posts that caught my attention this week, and are well worth checking out.

  8. Beatnik Joe Says:

    Hugh’s permalinks are broken, but it sounds like the Boston Globe is now disputing the claim that Kranish was commissioned to write a foreword for the Kerry-Edwards book. So it sounds like Kranish’s mistreatment of Captain Elliott was probably the result of sloppy, biased reporting rather than direct shilling.


    Anyone heard anything about this? Did Drudge get this one wrong? It sounds like either way the Captain Elliott’s sticking by his original story.

  9. M. Scott Eiland Says:

    Hugh Hewitt just made a new post–it appears that Drudge got the story wrong: Kranish has no financial ties with Kerry. I’ll retract my suggestion that the man lied for pecuniary reasons, though he might still be lying: either her or Elliott is.

  10. M. Scott Eiland Says:

    Either “he” or Elliott is, obviously.

  11. Peter Says:

    Drudge doesn’t have to be lying, anyone who has ever put words to paper for money is familiar with deals that fall through. Given that Kranish is the author of an authorised Kerry bio, the most likely explanation is that the Dems pulled the plug on the deal when the relationship came into the open.

  12. Jody Morgan Says:

    “We’ll have to wait and see if the rest of the media has the cojones to put one of their own under the conflict-of-interest microscope.”

    That’s what I love about this website: the deadpan humor.

  13. MartiniPundit Says:

    Of our two hometown papers, the Boston Globe can generally be counted on to support Kerry, and the Boston Herald to be critical. An interesting paradox, as the Globe is the so-called ‘thinking’ man’s paper (the true sophisticates in Boston still read the NYT), while the Herald is the blue-collar tabloid. But isn’t Kerry supposed to be the champion of the little guy? Not here, where they know him.

  14. Captain Says:

    Herald = Murdoch = right wing rag.

  15. Pixy Misa Says:

    Now who do I believe, the Boston Globe or some guy I’ve never heard of?

    I’ll take some guy I’ve never heard of.

  16. furious_a Says:

    The Boston Globe was also the paper that credulously ran hoaxed photos purporting to show American soldiers raping Iraqi women.

    Don’t much feel, absent some compelling disclosure from them otherwise, like giving the Globesters benefit of the doubt on this one.


    “Fool me onc

  17. JunkYardBlog Says:


    Whatever excuse the Kerry campaign comes up with for his 1986 and 1992 versions of Kerry’s claim to have spent Christmas Eve 1968 in an illegal firefight in Cambodia–dropping off SEALs or CIA spooks, or dodging bullets from drunken South…

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