Do The Kranish Shuffle

Hugh Hewitt contacted the Boston Globe yesterday about Matt Drudge’s assertion (see below) that reporter Michael Kranish had been hired by the Kerry campaign to write a forward to the Kerry-Edwards campaign book. Globe editor Michael Baron responded:

[i]t is completely untrue that Boston Globe reporter Michael Kranish ever contracted to write for a Kerry campaign publication.


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  1. Peter Says:

    So, let me get this straight. Mr. Kranish was all set to do the fluff piece, while the Globe’s beat writer for the Kerry campaign but the deal fell through due to a publisher’s (and probably the campaign’s) decision. This makes Kranish as pure as the falling snow. How?
    Pardon me for not being the smartest guy in the world but isn’t the fact that Mr. Kranish was WILLING to do the fluff piece conflict of interest?

  2. jack white Says:

    Exactly, Peter. The mainstream media is so tone deaf it never occurred to Kranish’s editor this would be perceived as a conflict of interest. In fact, the editor probably doesn’t believe it is.

    I can’t attribute the butchered quote, though, to anything other than a deliberate and intentional act to discredit Elliot.

    Great post, Steve. It changed an unfavorable impression I had formed about Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Usually when I read claims of being “misquoted,” I blow them off. I was wrong to do so here.

  3. Steven DallaVicenza Says:

    Not so fast Will, check this Amazon listing

  4. Steven DallaVicenza Says:

    Or just do a search for Kranish under books

  5. emilezola Says:

    Is the Globe editor telling the whole story? He says Kranish was just writing the introduction to an “unauthorized review’ of campaign documents. That book was called ‘Kerry-Edwards: their plans and promises.’ According to Paul Colford yesterday in the NY Daily News that book was cancelled. BUT AMAZON DOT COM LISTS KRANISH AS THE AUTHOR OF THE OTHER **CAMPAIGN** BOOK, CALLED ‘OUR PLAN FOR AMERICA. STRONG AT HOME, RESPECTED IN THEWORLD’. See Amazon for yourself; according to this, KRANISH IS LISTED AS THE AUTHOR OF THE CAMPAIGN BOOK:
    Baron says that Kranish’s possible relationship with the campaign book ended, but Amazon still lists Kranish as the author of the forthcoming campaign book!

  6. PoliBlog(TM) Says:

    Not So Swift: George Elliot and His Many Positions

    Veteran retracts criticism of Kerry. MSNBC’S Countdown reported this evening that according to Elliot’s family he was misquoted and stands by the commercial. Not too impressive all the way around. Update: Will Collier has some more on this story….

  7. Chris Carolan Says:

    The Globe is still obfuscating.

    Note these two links.

    The first is to the campaign-backed Kerry book about to be published by Public Affairs which the Globe asserts Kranish withdrew his introduction from once the campaign got involved.

    The second link is to a forthcoming Kranish book on Kerry listed on

    Now here’s the bombshell/smoking gun. The books have the same ISBN number!!!!!!!

    The Kranish book is listed at 224 pages and the campaign’s book is 304.

    What the Globe is implying is that Kranish edited 224 pages before the campaign got involved and then they added more content, changed the title and authors (to Kerry/Edwards). The Globe wants us to believe Kranish dropped out of the project. Maybe so, but obviously he did the bulk of the work. Was he paid? Did he give back the money? Is the Globe trying to imply that the first 204 pages of a 304 page book are simply ‘introduction?’

  8. ken Says:

    Per the Boston Globe’s rebuttal:

    If you look at the PUBLISHER’S website of the CACHED page, it says that Kranish wrote the forward! Period. I can see a Drudge error. Or an Amazon error. But doesn’t the publisher know who wrote the forward? BTW, the page has been stealth edited to remove Kranish. Remember the book has yet to be printed (as I understand it) therefore anything goes – deniability all around.

  9. Jim Jinkins Says:

    I find I am reading your blog more often, usually by referral.

    If the posts would wordwrap instead of clipping to the screen width as the font size increases, I would read it more often.

    Because I am a programmer, and frequently need to force myself to look at multiple small windows with teeny-tiny text displays, I have set my screen resolution to 1280×1024 pixels.

    But, because of weak eyes, I use a larger than normal font for viewing and editing whenever I can. Scrolling back and forth requires high motivation: paying for groceries or an exceptionally good blog post.

    So please wordwrap.

    Jim Jinkins

  10. Reid Says:

    I think Will is focusing on the wrong part of Maquire’s post (and, indeed, it took Tom a little while to get to the meat of the matter). The important point here is not the Dowdification of quotes. It is that Kranish, according to his own article, and to Elliot’s subsequent sworn affidavit, has willfully misrepresented Elliot as regretting having said Kerry did not deserve his Silver Star.

    What Elliot regretted was having mixed in the emotionally charged allegation that Kerry had shot the VC in the back. He felt it detracted from his real message, which was that, knowing what he knows now, he would not have recommended Kerry for the Silver Star.

  11. jkrank Says:

    Chris brings up a good point. Was he paid? But it’s a lose/lose. If he got a check, he’ll appear not only as a conflict of interest, but as mercenary.
    If he did it for free, he’ll look like a boot-licking lackey for spending his off time shilling.

  12. Porky Says:

    Isn’t the Boston Globe the same garbage scow of a paper that ran photos from a porno film and claimed they were photos of Abu Graib prison abuse?

  13. Porky Says:

    Isn’t the Boston Globe the same garbage scow of a paper that ran photos from a porno film and claimed they were photos of Abu Graib prison abuse?

  14. Doug Says:

    I wonder if Kranish and the rest of Kerry’s publicists feels any shame at the knowledge that we know about their frantic phone campaign to the publisher and booksellers to protect Kranish’s reputation as a neutral. Their very haste is so damning.

  15. capt joe Says:

    Yes, barnes and nobles is selling the same book as amazon

    Mike Kranish is absolutely a shameless bastage.

  16. jaed Says:

    This whole thing has me wondering exactly *when* Kranish backed out of writing whatever it was (the book itself, the foreword). I wonder whether it was before or after he or his editors read the Drudge piece and realized just how bad this was going to look?

  17. Croooow Blog Says:

    What did he know and when did he know it about Kranish?

    Seems to be the question raised here (and it’s certainly no worse than hurling ludicrous accusations of racism around)…UPDATE: The…

  18. Marc Says:

    This new book is just a red herring. Kranish co-wrote a book released in April of this year “The Complete Biography by the Boston Globe Reporters Who Know Him Best”.

  19. BeldarBlog Says:

    Kranish and Elliott on the phone: a fictional recreation

    How did the Boston Globe’s Mike Kranish get George Elliott to “retract” his affidavit testimony about Kerry, when Elliott reaffirmed that same testimony under oath only a day later? It could have gone something like this ….

  20. blaster Says:

    Over at LGF they have the image from B&N of the cover of the book with the words “With an introduction by Michael Kranish of the Boston Globe” on the cover.

    So they got to the point of designing a cover with the guys name on it without having a contract?

  21. The Moderate Voice Says:

    Another Big Drudge Scoop Is Apparently Inaccurate

    Yet another big Drudge story deflates. VodkaPundit’s Will Collier has the details here. You never seldom see any corrections on the Drudge Report. (We are happy this site did not play up his report about how Hillary Clinton was going

  22. fifthcolumnist Says:

    So, how long before Jerry/Edwards campaign lawyers start threatening Amazon, Barnes and Noble, et al if they don’t pull any references to Kranish from the book ads?

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