Simon Says, “I Scoff.”

I missed Roger L. Simon and the Blogfaddah on Hugh Hewitt’s show today (I would say I have no excuse, since Hugh is now on a decent frequency in Atlanta–but I do have an excuse: I was grilling eggplant and veal cutlets for my wife). Have to catch the replay. In the meantime, Simon says:

Hugh wanted to know if Glenn and I thought the mainstream media (other than Fox) were going to deal with this story thoroughly. We both thought it would take a few days for them to get their fingers out of their ears, but that they had little choice.

After watching the rountable on Brit Hume’s show (via my trusty ReplayTV), I’m guessing he’s right. Both Mara Liasson and Juan Williams–both NPR reporters and neither members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy–readily agreed that Kerry needs to explain his Cambodia story, and that Kerry’s Vietnam record deserves as much press scrutiny as Bush’s National Guard service.

Early spin prediction, based on Williams’ commentary: Kerry will assert that he thought he was in Cambodia, but didn’t find out that he wasn’t until after 1992, when he published a letter to the Boston Globe recounting how being in Cambodia on Chistmas Eve of 1968 was ‘seared into his memory.’ It’s lame, but it might give him an out with the press.

How Kerry explains away blaming Richard Nixon for his being in/near Cambodia nearly a month before Nixon actually took office, I have no idea.


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  1. Frank Martin Says:

    the word is that kerrys campaign staff are saying that he was really “just” 58 miles away and was simply confused as to his exact location so he was not really lying, and once he found out where he really was, he stopped saying that he was in cambodia.

    Vietnam is roughly 150 miles across. For those of you in LA, thats like saying you were in malibu having a drink with a supermodel at a bar, when you were really at downtown disney in anahiem having a slurpee with your 10 year old niece. For those of you in denver, its like saying you were on the ramp at the airport when you were really at the wild oats store in eagle buying a wheat grass smoothie. There are only two river crossings into cambodia, Kerry was not on either of them at any time.

    Kerry also complained about “nixons” false statements about “no americans in campbodia in 1968” and how it was seared into his mind.

    Nixon was not president in 1968. Johnson was, apparently, Johnson and Kennedy get a pass and Nixon, the guy who ended the war and the draft gets the shaft.

    Kerry also promised to release his military records in April 2004. He has yet to do so.

    now, the real issue:

    “Why Should I care”?

    Because Kerry exists as a candidate based solely on the argument that as a decorated veteran he is uniquely qualified to be the president during a time of war.

    Which is like saying that the decorated revolutionary war hero General Benedict Arnold was far better candidate for president than that libertine virginian Thomas Jefferson, who sat out the war in comfort at his desk in philadelphia or at his plantation diddling his slaves while “brave General Arnold” was defending his country.

    Ok, so Kerry was in the Navy and was decorated. Thats nice. Im sure his parents are proud, but I dont really care. I wise old veteran told me once that the real heros are the ones buried in the battlefield. people that constantly talk about their war record are suspect to me. Warfare and confronting death makes a man humble, it doesnt make him a braggart. I dont know anyone with three purple hearts who doesnt limp or jump three feet in the air when the door slams, Kerry, snowboarder extaordinare seems to be undisturbed for his 4 months in combat.

    I’d like to say I’m surprised by the ‘Christmas in cambodia” story, but im only surprised that it took this long to come out. I think we should all expect to see that this is not the last time we will see this kind of revelation about Kerry. Truth is, kerry has spent the majority of his political career being largely unchallenged. Its about to catch up with him.

  2. j. white Says:

    The spin won’t fly because Kerry later embellished the lie and claimed he made several secret missions into Cambodia.

  3. RandMan Says:

    Truth is, kerry has spent the majority of his political career being largely unchallenged. Its about to catch up with him.

    No argument from me. Kerry has had an easy ride as a liberal’s liberal in one of our most liberal states.

    But the 1970’s post Viet Nam Kerry made life long enemies. To many vets, he slandered his comrades to launch his political career. Folks just don’t get over something like that.

    Kerry’s political career was born in controversy, it may die the same way. If so, it would be poetic justice.

  4. hey Says:

    randman makes a good point:

    people have said in the past that they don’t quite believe sbvft (or sbvt your preferred acronym may vary) because J effing K has been in public life for decades…

    the reason is that very few people in mass would care… Taxachussetts is too liberal, and they’d love him even more for lying about the war (since thats all the opponents ever did anyways)

    now that it’s national, j effing k is going to get what he has coming too him, with interest. and not this puny 2% interest we’ve been having recently, but early 80s drinking age interest… 21% interest that is going to knock him on his ass!

    BC04, for the survival of western civilisation!

  5. Teresa Heinz Kerry Says:

    That’s just my old John, always telling tall-tales. Don’t mind him, it’s just his over-active imagination.

  6. Andy Says:

    Ths will unravel and show Kerry “gamed-the-system” for his medals and his early departure. The home movie camera and re-enactments plus self interviews will show him to have played the hero then for capitalization now.

    When it comes down to “who wrote him up” and “who examined him” the truth will spread…

    Kerry acts as the generic candidate. Cliche filled speeches, posing and posturing as tho he was before a green wall with audience and backgrounds to be provided later.

    ABB Angst and the Cliche Candidate might win. No harm in trying to slip one past the public scrutiny; just one more time.

    Too bad we’re at war. It would stand a better chance if there were not real consequences for the public

  7. chthus Says:

    “Christmas in Cambodia”? What’s Jello got to say about all this? If this blows up, maybe he’ll be able to collect some money since his former bandmates took him to the cleaners in court.

  8. Beldar Says:

    I thought Theresa’s “old John” was the dead one, the one she still called “my husband” until a few months ago, the catsup heir himself?

  9. Mike M Says:

    36 years later, and Vietnam is still a quagmire.

    Yet another failure by Kerry’s campaign managers. “Don’t go there” would have been the best advice they possibly could have given him. Now Kerry has taken his one advantage over Bush in the military arena and flushed it straight down the toilet with doubletalk and inconsistency. Nice going.

  10. Frank Martin Says:

    My guess is the press will stand by Kerry unless Kerry begins to make them look bad. If the Kerry campaign begins to de-evolve into a sad joke, I think the press will begin to eat him alive.

    Check this out from new york press’ matt taibbi.

    I actually Matts analysis is why he didnt get a bounce from his convention. I think it made democrats wonder what the hell they were doing in nominating him and not “howlin’ howard” and it was so unbelievably phony, it didnt change any independants and judging by the spring in the step of republicans afterwards, I dont think the dems changed any minds over there either.

    The press wants their man that for sure, but if this guy starts to go south, the knives are gonna come out for him big time.

  11. chris Says:

    I think that the press will make every effort to minimize the story and give Kerry a pass on the 58 miles is close enough excuse, but I still believe that the story will continue to grow. Kerry has called too many good men, too many real heroes, liars and criminals, and it’s going to finally catch up with him. At the end of the day there are two things the media like more than Kerry: scandal and ratings. This story will bring both. I just can’t imagine the stupidity — lunacy — of making his service in Vietnam the centerpiece of his campaign with a service record like his.

  12. Slim Shady Says:

    readily agreed that Kerry needs to explain his Cambodia story

    There is no proof that he wasn’t in Cambodia just as he said. Frankly the stories that the Swiftoboat scumbags for Bush tell are full of shit and I wouldn’t trust them to inform of what the weather was like.

  13. amy Says:

    But wait!

    What about Kerry’s Cambodia version in which the trip up the river was to transport a CIA agent?

    Surely Kerry saved his “lucky hat” given to him by the covert CIA agent in his cabinet with his medals and self-directed after action movies he said he would never use in political commercials?

  14. The Other John Hawkins Says:

    What is it with Democratic nominees and fabricated stories about their past? If Internet Al Gore claimed “Love Story” was based on him and Tipper, is Cambodia John Kerry going to say Apocalypse Now was based on his, ahem, Tour of Duty?

  15. chris Says:

    “There is no proof that he wasn’t in Cambodia just as he said.”

    Yes there is proof. Kerry himself has said he wasn’t in Cambodia. In his own book Tour of Duty he says he spent Christmas ’68 in Sa Dec, Vietnam — 58 miles from the Cambodian border. So which is it? Either way he has lied about it at least once, to gain a political and personal advantage.

    And please don’t say that at least when Kerry lied no one died. When Communist appeasers like Kerry lied back then it contributed mightily to large numbers of deaths in Southeast Asia and elsewhere.

    To say he’s unfit for command is being kind — and I say this as a lifelong democrat who wishes the party had nominated someone not from the Neville Chamberlain branch of the party. The Swiftvets are doing the country a great service. Again.

  16. Crusader Says:

    This will be just another forgotten story soon, just as all bad press for JF’nK becomes. Witness how quickly Sandy Burglers name has dropped off the radar……

  17. Mike M Says:

    “If the Kerry campaign begins to de-evolve into a sad joke, I think the press will begin to eat him alive.”

    Dead straight, Frank. The media will push hard for Kerry, but he’s not the hill they’re going to die on (Hillary in 08, maybe?).

    The media values their role as opinion leader and kingmaker (and their ego) a lot more that they need Kerry in the White House. If Kerry starts to tank, they’ll sell him out and position themselves with the editorials and cop outs that will make it look like they expected Bush to win all along.

    It will all be a bunch of phony nonsense, but it makes them look objective, they avoid backing a loser, and give the next candidate the ability to rail against the media even when they’re being soft on him (what liberal media?). They’ll need time to eatablish the case, so look for it in late September/early October if Bush gets a convention bounce and starts to bury Kerry.

  18. Larry J Says:

    When I heard the Roundtable lefties try to excuse Kerry’s “Christmas in Cambodia” lie by saying he was simply confused about his location, I had to laugh. More than once, Kerry has claimed he was 5 miles inside of Cambodia. The evidence shows he was 58 miles from the border. A 63 mile error doesn’t say much for his navigational skills as a Swift boat commander, does it?

    From the Washington Post last year:

    A close associate hints: There’s a secret compartment in Kerry’s briefcase. He carries the black attach

  19. Dacotti Says:

    Kerry’s fucked. Once the press grudgingly acknowleges the truth of his elaborate fabrication they are going to vivisect him in a way that makes the Dean autopsy look gentle.

    Now to the important stuff… Grilled Eggplant and a Martini for the cook? That’s worth fighting for!

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