Suggestion For Lileks

James Lileks says he’s looking for a “direct VHS-to-Digial input” for that big honking Mac G5 of his. I recommend the Canopus ADVC-100 unit, which is cheap (considerably cheaper than the list price if you look around), goes over Firewire, and has rock-solid lock of audio sync, even for very long recordings. Best of all, “it just works.”

I personally have the PCI card version, the ADVC-50, in my old G4 tower, but for portability, I think I’d buy the stand-alone 100 if I had to do it again.

7 Responses to “Suggestion For Lileks”

  1. Lileks Says:

    That’ll do nicely; thanks, Will. But the name worries me. “Canopus” sounds like some horrible dog-headed Egyptian god.

  2. Will Collier Says:

    Well, you do forfeit the warranty if you refuse to be enbalmed in old ace bandages and interned with the bodies of your pets soon after your death. But that’s really a small price to pay for not having sync problems.

  3. Lileks Says:

    Do I have to have my brains pulled out my nostrils with a sharp stick? If that’s the case I might as well go back to PCs.

  4. Kevin Says:

    I bought a Canopus on the recommendation of a semi-professional video photographer and editor. I used it to transfer analog video to my Windows PC for editting and storage. It has worked well for me.

    Good luck, Lileks.

  5. Will Collier Says:

    See, that’s why Lileks gets paid for this stuff and I don’t. I originally went with the brains-through-the-nostrils joke, then changed it to Ace bandages because I though it was too obscure…

  6. triticale Says:

    Hey, that’s an improvement. Most MAC goodies require the use of a dull stick. Much less pleasant.

    Disclaimer: I choose not to expose myself to anything whose users describe themselves as addicts.

  7. Chap Says:

    I use Sony’s DVMC-DA2, a much more craptastic name for a converter box thingy that was recently discontinued (so you can get it on Ebay cheap, prolly). Firewire, audio, video. You want to borrow it when I’m on deployment, drop me a line.

    That does the trick nicely for my Mac. Quicktime, ‘s BTV, and Audio Hijack make everything smooth, on the cheap.

    Oh yeah, and Lileks rules the known universe. Seriously. I think he’s got a throne in that storage room he keeps going on about, where he keeps a scepter made of melted Ken dolls and beer mats. Don’t even get me started on what his crown’s made up of.

    And you really would pay through the nose for the Canopus.

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