Global Warming, My Heiney

Memo from the co/guest/mooching blogger:

It is 72 degrees and utterly gorgeous in Atlanta today. If you think I’m staying in the house in front of a computer, you’ve got another thing coming. My only regret is that there isn’t a football game I can go to tomorrow (but by the time the season starts in September, it’ll be back up in the 90’s and humid as a sauna set on “render”).


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  1. Stephen Green Says:

    Will, I don’t think it’s hit 75 here all week.

    Of course, even when it’s 95, the air is still nice and dry. Neener.

  2. Paul Says:

    enjoy it, here in Chicago it’s been high of 60s all week. It’s usually 95 with decidedly wet air this time of year.

  3. Mark Says:

    It was 67 in Birmingham at noon. Really wish there was a football game tomorrow. Roll Tide.

  4. Crusader Says:

    It’s been in the 80s all week here in Charlotte, a nice change.

  5. Dave in Texas Says:

    mid to high 80s here, which for this time of year is a real treat. It’s normally 100 and dry as a bone by now.

  6. Marc Says:

    BaaaaaH… It’s 92 here in the Philippines.

  7. Doug Says:

    Polar shift. What was once South is now North. The earth’s magnetic field is losing strengh thus the polar shift.

  8. ed Says:

    I am headed to the Pacific Northwest next week…..eastern part of Washington. It was 107 degrees there on Wednesday. That’s where your heat is, baby.


  9. bolivar Says:

    It is 66 here in RI and loving it. This has been a strange summer and frankly I blame it all on Kerry’s hot air!!! Now seriously hope all weathered Charley safely. We have friends in Dunnellon FL that bugged out to GA. They are ok but, she is a real wimp and well maybe I don’t blame her. I would probably stay but, my better half would be all over my ass as she is a wimp too – albeit a smart wimp (ok dear?)

  10. Will Collier Says:

    You remember that “neener” when you’re shoveling snow, Martini Boy…

  11. Stephen Green Says:

    That’s the thing, Will — we don’t get much snow here in the Springs. A lot less than St. Louis, where I grew up.

    Mostly, the storms dump on the mountains, exhaust themselves, and then don’t build up again until they’re well east of us.

    And when we do get snow? It’s usually gone in a couple days. None of that “white stuff everywhere from Thanksgiving until April” crap.

    My kinda town.

  12. American Mother Says:

    …and besides, it’s a “dry snow”…
    Snow in Atlanta?–put there for the amusement of yankees!

  13. Dave in Texas Says:

    I’ve heard of this snow. Seen it even. It falls at night here every four years and occasionally stays until 3pm the next day.

  14. RB Says:

    Didn’t you guys know? Global warming means it’s getting colder. Much colder. It’s a paradox, but John Kerry is the only one who can solve it, and make everything okay again.

  15. Becky Says:

    “you’ve got another ‘thing’ coming.”

    That’s a cute little “eleminopee”. The correct cliche is “you’ve got another THINK coming.

  16. Indy Says:

    been roughly 75 degrees here in NashVegas all week; have broken 3 separate individual low temp records over the weekend. Lovely weather, but makes me think what the winter will be like.. i.e. either lovely and mild, or 8 inches of snow for Christmas.. & it NEVER snows before January here…

  17. Slartibartfast Says:

    Well, Will, it was lovely in Atlanta because of that fabulous cold front that pushed Hurricane Charley right into my house. Thank you very much.

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