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Captain Ed goes back to the records and finds another glaring lie in John Kerry’s Vietnam “narrative.” It turns out that David Alston, who spoke of serving under Kerry at the DNC podium, was wounded and removed from action the day before Kerry took command of Alston’s Swift Boat.

It looks like Kerry and at least some of his supportive “band of brothers” (good thing for Kerry that Stephen Ambrose is dead–otherwise Ambrose would have had plenty to say about that little appropriation) are flat making up stuff about Kerry’s service record.

This would be a major, major story… that is, if the press weren’t completely in the tank for Kerry. As it is, I doubt the story will surface outside the blogosphere. But even that might be enough…

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  1. lpdbw Says:

    Shame on you! Ambrose took the title from Shakespeare.

    Of course, that band of brothers, like the one in Ambrose’s book, really were heros.

    Besides serving beside J F’n K, what’s special about his band?

  2. Sister Toldjah Says:

    John Kerry’s Vietnam stories are unravelling

    Here’s the latest lie, astutely researched and pointed out by Captain’s Quarters.

    It’s regarding David Alston, who claimed at the Democratic National Convention to have served “under Kerry” while in Vietnam.

    He didn’t.

  3. Sean Says:

    “Band of brothers” comes from the St. Crispin’s Day speech in Henry V. It is a speech about comradeship in war.

    Kerry’s comradeship and committment to his “band of brothers” lasted only until the first chance he had to get out.

  4. Doug Says:

    Nothing funnier than the GOP trying to dig up dirt on Kerry. Bottom Line: Kerry served his country in Viet Nam while Bush was doing blow in Houston.

  5. Merat Says:

    So, whats your excuse for the Clinton presidency, then?

  6. Mike Rentner Says:

    I’ve been chasing this story down most of the day and it is very hard to follow. I understand that Alston wasn’t on Kerry’s boat during certain times, but why is there a picture of Alston, Kerry and three other men? I’ve seen two versions of this picture with the men in slightly different poses.

    Surely these five men wouldn’t have posed this way if they weren’t associated in some way. Perhaps Alston has some dates wrong, I don’t even remember him mentioning dates.

    Surely, as the Swift Vets have been pointing out, the crews of these boats were fluid and Alston could easily have been on Kerry’s first boat from time to time.

    I despise John Kerry for any number of reasons, but I’m not so sure that this charge is well founded at this time.

    I’ll happily believe that these five men were in a communist conspiracy that continues to this day, but I’ll need some proof before I’d make the charge publicly. (Not saying that I don’t believe it privately of course.)

  7. John "Akatsukami" Braue Says:

    No, Doug, Kerry was committing war crimes in Vietnam. He confessed to it, remember?

  8. chthus Says:


    Based on the storyline I’ve been hearing about the Vietnam war since I was in grade school: Bush found a legal way to avoid serving in an unjust war while exploring conciousness expansion while Kerry was a scumbag babykiller.

    Isn’t that the way it went or am I working off 1996 talking points. Gotta update.

  9. Ipso Says:

    Edwards said. {Cheney’s}s talking about a man who still carries shrapnel in his body. He’s talking about a man who spilled his blood for the United States of America.”

    Given the success of Edward’s ‘Spend three minutes with anybody who’s served with John Kerry…” in jump starting the Swift Boat Vets for Truth, Edward’s ‘still carries shrapnel around’ line could be a problem if Kerry doesn’t set off any metal detectors.

  10. Scott R Says:

    Didn’t Kerrys’ Winter Soldier group have similar issues with their claims of service? As I recall there were a large number of people who said they served and committed war crimes but were later proven to have never been the military.

  11. Mike Rentner Says:

    Chthus, Bush was in the military. A lot of people were in the military but didn’t go to the war. Just like today.

    Bush was intercepting Russian Bears (those are bombers you know, been a long time since anyone’s talked about them) north of Canada, in jets that were considered very dangerous to fly. Hardly something to belittle.

    But back to the topic, which is Alston. Is there any clearer explanation of why people think this man is a liar? I need more than what I’ve seen so far. I’m not going to claim he isn’t a liar, but the evidence is pretty weak as I’ve seen it.

  12. Phillip Says:

    Ya, Mike. Get Big Media on board to pressure Kerry to produce his records the way it was done to Bush. That should clear up your questions. Less than that, I should think Kerry loses by default

  13. Mike Rentner Says:

    I’m not defending Kerry. I’m just reluctant to condemn Alston without more convincing evidence. As presented it is very tangled and has lots of loose threads. He doesn’t come off as looking too good, but nothing is clearly telling me that he is a total liar.

    Kerry is beyond any benefit of doubts, but I’m not willing to condemn Alston quite as readily.

  14. azlibertarian Says:

    Speaking of Edwards, is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that he apparantly has fallen off the face of the earth since the Swift Boat Vets started their commercial with his statement?

    IOW, is he at an “undisclosed location” or is he simply not making the news?

  15. Zee (Sister Toldjah) Says:

    I think it’s disgraceful this guy continues to embellish his military records.

    I think of Bob Dole and other distinguished veterans who’d never go through the links this guy does to make himself look like a hero.

    Real men don’t have to brag about being one.

  16. Phillip Says:

    My apology, Mike. Your post was clear on that point

  17. The Sanity Inspector Says:

    As I recall there were a large number of people who said they served and committed war crimes but were later proven to have never been the military.


  18. The Sanity Inspector Says:

    BTW, didja know that the spook that Kerry got his lucky hat from has been identified? See:

  19. CERDIP Says:

    Hehe…who is that guy?

    Related cartoon here.

  20. McGehee Says:

    I believe that’s Bill Murray from Caddyshack. I was never able to watch the whole movie. Too dang many commercials.

  21. Merat Says:

    It is indeed Bill Murray from Caddyshack.

  22. Will Collier Says:

    Just a point of clarification… obviously, Ambrose borrowed the phrase “Band of Brothers” from Shakespeare, but I would bet you my laserdisc set of the original Star Wars movies that the Kerry spin dweeb who first started applying “BOB” to Kerry’s supportive shipmates was thinking about the HBO series based on Ambrose’s book, not Henry V.

  23. G.Gilbertson Says:

    Seems it kinda boils down to whether or not Alston returned to PCF-94 after he an Peck were wounded on 1/29/69.
    What I find odd is Alston and the Kerry people could make points against the “examine the nam record” crowd by just leaking proof this new claim was garbage. Don’t make a big deal… Just a quiet leak… That way you would not feed calls to answer other Swifty initiated questions for which you may not have answers.

    The Kerry machine’s silence on this matter tells me something isn’t right.

  24. Danny Says:

    Ya, Mike. Get Big Media on board to pressure Kerry to produce his records the way it was done to Bush. That should clear up your questions. Less than that, I should think Kerry loses by default

    Jesus Christ. This took all of fifteen seconds to find:

    What other records do you want released? Where are the equivalent documents for Bush?

  25. chthus Says:


    The rest of the after-action reports, specifically the January 1969 one that Brinkley claims puts Kerry in Cambodia, would be a good start.

  26. G.Gilbertson Says:


    I see Kerry with 3 bronze stars and only one award form on the website.

    As a private first class in Vietnam (Army 2/502nd, 101st airborne 3/67-3/68), I received one bronze star. When I returned home to the US I requested and received a copy of the form to see who signed it and what the S-2 clerk had been told by some officer to write in the “what happened” space. I was curious.

    I think Mr. Kerry could put this to rest (or have it blow up in his face?) by requesting the other two bronze star forms be released. I have a feeling seeing all the little filled in spots on the first one might make a most interesting read…

  27. Grayson Says:

    Kerry also tried numerous times to avoid service and combat. More to the point is his credibility. Yes he served in country. So did 2.4 million others. What the vast majority of those others didn’t do was concoct schemes to get themselves out like Corporal Klinger while having a storyline to enrich themselves. Also, once out, most American soldiers and seamen didn’t turn around and slander their “Band of Brothers” and thereby help the North Vietnamese kill more of our men. Our men didn’t go to Paris to scheme with Communist front groups. Our men didn’t make a name for themselves by flying the flag upside down and wearing communist slogans on their uniforms. The new Democrat hero did. John Kerry served. So did Benedict Arnold.

  28. Danny Says:

    G. Gilbertson,
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Kerry only received one Bronze Star. The citation for that award is available at the link I provided. Is there further information you’d like to see regarding the Bronze Star? That’s a genuine question.

    Might it be the case that Kerry’s service records that mentioned Cambodia were scrubbed? After all, American troops were in Cambodia at this point in time, even as the U.S. government was denying the fact. I’m not saying that this is the case, but it certainly seems like a possibility.

  29. G.Gilbertson Says:

    Danny: You’re absolutely correct. My mistake. Guy got so many awards I got em confused *smiles*. I was hoping to see the forms that generated the first purple heart.

  30. Danny Says:

    You’re right in pointing out that the forms that generated Kerry’s first Purple Heart don’t seem to appear on the website. This Salon article ( [you may need to watch an ad to read all of it]) indicates that the award was entirely legitimate.

    Purple Hearts are awarded for wounds sustained during enemy combat, right? I’m not sure how Kerry’s wound wouldn’t qualify.

  31. e-Claire Says:

    One Down?

    twelve [12] to go . . . David Alston at the DhimmoCon — My name is David Alston, and I am a minister from Columbia, South Carolina. …I know [John Kerry] from a small boat in Vietnam, where we fought…

  32. G.Gilbertson Says:


    Ok watched the ad… Read the article… Also read chapter 3 in the “Unfit” book. Been reading as much as I can find on this subject. If you can direct me to more info from Kerry’s point of view (not his website – gone through that) I would appreciate it.

    In Vietnam we were told that friendly fire wounds even during combat would not get you a purple heart. Looking up the actual language I found commanders had some latitude here.
    see b.(6)(b)
    OK… That could help Kerry’s position on heart #1… Now I just need to find out that his commander (at the time) wrote him up for it. If he wrote himself up for it months later… That would… suck.

  33. chthus Says:


    That might be the case, but too date, not a single person from his camp has suggested that. Further, Brinkley went back and checked these documents (he’s been granted access) recently to clear up Kerry’s “mistake” about incorrectly and repeatedly saying he was in Cambodia on Xmas in ’68. Based on these unreleased documents we were told that he was actually in Cambodia in January of ’69. How about releasing those to start.

    It MIGHT be the case that they were written in ivisible ink that only Brinkley can read, but I’ve yet to hear that offered up as an explanation for the non-disclosure.

  34. Danny Says:

    It looks as if you’re moving the goalposts a bit here. Kerry’s wounds merited a Purple Heart. Period. Whether Kerry filled out the forms is a separate issue. And, frankly, I wouldn’t be all that concerned if Kerry did fill out the form. He earned the award. Ambitious people seek recognition. Kerry’s ambitious, as all successful politicians are. What’s the problem here?

    As far as I can tell Douglas Brinkley relied on John Kerry’s wartime diary for the relevant passages on Cambodia. So it’s no surprise that Kerry’s campaign hasn’t said anything along the lines that official military records were scrubbed. Should Kerry release his journal? Perhaps, but as anyone who has ever kept a journal would agree, it’s understandable that he wouldn’t want to share his diary with the world.

    Do the relevant records exist? I don’t know. But it’s plausible that they don’t.


    Stepping back a bit, I don’t understand the uproar over Kerry’s supposed lies. Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that Kerry has in fact lied about his military record. What were the consequences of those lies? Bush has, to be generous, made equally mendacious claims, with far graver consequences. Why is Kerry being held to a higher standard?

  35. G.Gilbertson Says:

    Danny: I believe as a Senator from Mass. his value or lack thereof was something for the people of that State to decide. Wanting to be President of the whole country puts him into play for national scrutiny. His Vietnam record was something he chose to bring up. I agree with you, if a case as well documented as the “swiftys” was to surface showing me how Bush knew there were no WMD’s and lied… I would be right with you on this.

    On the first purple heart… I again agree with you about ambitious people… Nothing wrong with that. I was in Vietnam and I saw how officers would get more medals with less effort than enlisted folk (like me) but if he put himself in for that PH after his commander told him to forget it… Well it becomes a serious character issue to me.

  36. no loss for words Says:

    A Compare & Contrast of my own

    And this, my friends, is what we call moving the goalposts.

    On August 14, Will Collier, guestblogging (I think) at Vodkapundit, wrote this about John Kerry’s service in Vietnam and Kerry’s use of that service in his campaign:

    It looks like Kerr…

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