Boo. Freakin’. Hoo.

Germans Wary of U.S. Troop Withdrawal

Look at it this way, Euros: if you don’t behave yourselves, they’ll be back.


Or maybe not.


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  1. Dave in Texas Says:

    It’s time. We always train for the wrong war.

    And I’m soooo saddened to hear Germans are expressing concern.

  2. Faith+1 Says:

    Yeah, it’s about time Bush admitted out “post-War European Peace plan” wasn’t working out and brought the troops home.

    Yes, that was meant as sarcasm.

  3. Bravo Romeo Delta Says:

    I’m just glad to see that Bush has finally gotten past FDR’s failure to develop an effective exti strategy for our involvement in Europe.

  4. CERDIP Says:

    Time to get out of that Post WW 2 quagmire…

  5. Tony Says:

    My heart surely bleeds for the Germans, after the events of the past year and all, *snort*

    My favorite part of the story is where the mayor “called on the German military to move into facilities vacated by the Americans.”

    To which, I say, “What German military?”

  6. rosignol Says:

    I have mixed feelings about this, mainly because of my Norweigan grandfather.

    If I had ever complained to him that the germans were too pacifist, he would have told me to count my blessings.

  7. Xrlq Says:

    The only semi-sad part is that many of the areas hardest hit by our withdrawal are the areas most friendly / least antagonistic toward the U.S.

  8. Stephen Says:

    If the Euro/UN crowd had half a clue,they would try to use some of ex-US bases as facilities for training UN “peacekeepers”.

  9. Frank Martin Says:

    Shouldn’t the headlines read:

    ” Germans beg world to be invaded by American Army immediately”

    “Hell no – you cant go – Says Chancellor Shroeder”

    “UN asked to intervene to insure American troops occupy Ruhr river valley”

    “Gasthaus disaster looms as American troops depart Europe”

    “German girlfriends sob as American troops reverse their 1945 invasion

    “German males write massive spontaneous letter campaign to American President George W. Bush saying “thank you America for leaving so I can finally get a date”

    “Ich Bin Ein Outta Here ” sez GWB.

  10. Frank Martin Says:

    how could I have missed this one:

    “German girls grateful as American Troops finally pull out. “

  11. Ed Says:

    “Ich Bin Ein Outta Here”

    Will Collier and the commenters at Vodkapundit have some thoughts on President Bush’s decision to pull US troops out of Germany. The best analogy of Europe that I’ve seen, was the one that Jonah Goldberg wrote a couple of years…

  12. Robert Says:

    ” The only semi-sad part is that many of the areas hardest hit by our withdrawal are the areas most friendly / least antagonistic toward the U.S. ” I think, Xrlq, that not only is there a correlation there, but actually a causation. Personally I don’t mind that Germans are now pacifists, though they seem to be militant pacifists. Still, to the fact that Germans are trying to beg our military to stay I can only say “tee hee”

  13. ed Says:

    Nothing different than we did in the US in 1988, 1991, 1993 and 1995. I’m sure the Congressional Democrats can provide the same assistance that they gave to the various towns throughout the US.


  14. Swanky Conservative Says:

    While I was out

    Oh my Lord. What a week. The Freshmen, I mean the First-Years, are here. Regular classes start in a week and we in the IT world are on triple overdrive. Add to that the Boy started 5th grade today and…

  15. Dave Schuler Says:

    I calculate that if the U. S. closes all of her bases in Germany that will mean a loss of about $4B per years to the German economy from a total GDP of $1.6T. Nothing to sniff at but not too painful, either.

  16. Dave in Texas Says:

    Dave, I think you’re number is pretty close, but don’t forget the additive effect of dollars in a local economy. Conservatively, I think you could say 1 to 4.

  17. swampfox Says:

    it’s about time–the center for any european redeployment of a smaller portion of these forces should go eastward to Poland where the people understand the fight for freedom and the central role of the US in ensuring world stability. It would be nice for our soldiers to go where they are sincerely wanted.

  18. Slim Shady Says:

    It would be nice for our soldiers to go where they are sincerely wanted.

    I agree. That’s why they should all return to America.

  19. Greg D Says:

    I can’t see any reason why we should send troops back there.

    Bombers, maybe, if we have to.

    They want to live in their pathetic “pacifist paradise”, fine. When the shit hits the fan, they can die in it, too.

  20. fghj Says:

    Looks like the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan to promote liberal democratic capitalism in post-war Europe has been a failure.

  21. tioedong Says:

    The Germans have been busy condeming America in huge anti American demonstrations since Reagan was in office. We are “cowboys”, which for some reason is a bad name among the Eurowimps.
    What they forgot is the ending of High Noon, the classic cowboy movie.
    Where Gary Cooper, after saving an ungrateful town, takes off his badge and grinds it into the dirt and leaves.
    Watch what you ask for Germany. You might just get it….

  22. blogoSFERICS Says:

    Oppose, Oppose, Oppose!

    Bush Plans to Redeploy Troops Bill Sammon, The Washington Times CINCINNATI — President Bush yesterday announced the withdrawal of up to 70,000 U.S. troops from Europe and Asia during the next decade in the most comprehensive repositioning of American…

  23. john marzan Says:

    Now that Bush has announced that he intends to pull out most of the US troops currently stationed in Europe, how does John Kerry feel about it? Does he agree or disagree with the decision?

    If he does not, then he should say so publicly and explain his reasons why pulling out of Europe is a bad move.

    If he agrees with Bush, then how can he convince other European countries like Germany to send significant numbers of foreign troops in Iraq if Germany feels that — with the US planning to significantly reduce it’s troops in Europe — they cannot afford to send troops overseas anymore for peacekeeping missions?

  24. jr Says:

    This is a great idea. This way the Germans can stop paying the billion and a half so a year they pay to fund our bases there and we Americans can pick up the tab.

  25. MartiniPundit Says:

    Did Bush clear this with Chirac yet? I mean, we can’t have any of this unilateralism stuff. Sheesh, it’s like the guy thinks he’s capable of going it alone …

  26. Fleming Says:

    The germans are going to have to cut social benefits and lengthen the work week if they’re going to start paying for their own defense.

    They’ve been getting a free ride for way too long.

  27. gomtu Says:

    Dave Schuler, looking at percentages of DoD budget vs. percentages of troops we’re moving, I get a higher figure, from $7-14B/year. So we’re yanking as much as 1% of their GDP at a time when they’re desperate for growth. Ouch.

    Dave in Texas, agreed about the multiplier effect.

    Bottom line: yanking the troops is going to cost Germany a LOT of money.

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