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September 30, 2004

A few things that caught my eye this morning:

Pace Dick Cheney, I’m glad Mark Steyn is on our side.

Sith Lord Reynolds has taken the Boeing–er, Concorde, no, Airbus. He’s also resurrected that old Darth Blogger picture. (Great piece, incidentally; fairly shocking to read this much good sense in The Guardian.)

Bob Novak says Kerry is boldly going where Al Gore has gone before.

I’ve also been watching the multitude of stories on potential vote fraud with some interest. I grew up in Alabama, where vote fraud is almost as much of a tradition as college football.

One of the perennial favorites is fraudulent absentee ballots, sometimes “discovered” in the last moments of vote-counting for a tight race (Greene County in particular is infamous for this), as well as the disgusting practice of campaign “volunteers” filling out ballots for catatonic Alzheimer’s and stroke victims in nursing homes.

I would go on to note which political party held monopoly power in the state while all of this was becoming standard practice (hint: it’s the same one that still dominates the crooked legislature), but nah, that’d be piling on.


Basement Blegging

September 27, 2004

First up, apologies to Steve, as well as VodkaPundit’s regular readers, for taking up space with an entirely personal request.

I have an occasional problem with water in my basement. Since I bought my house (summer 2001), I’ve had to rip up and replace the carpet pad twice, most recently this last week after Hurricane Ivan dumped about a million gallons on Atlanta. I also have a very noticable damp spot in the basement’s “low point” after other heavy rainfalls.


Review Of 2/3 Of A Movie

September 22, 2004

While I was stuck in Hellhole, Virginia last week, I decided to kill and hour and a half watching “Alien Vs. Predator.”

Yes, I know, I know, that’s time out of my life that I’ll never get back. But bear with me.


Demon Customer Star Wars DVD Deal Alert

September 21, 2004

For those who haven’t snapped up their Star Wars DVD set, here’s the best deal I found, with a big hat-tip to FatWallet:

If there’s a Fry’s Electronics in your area, they’re selling the set for $36.99. Get a copy of their ad, and take it to Sears. Sears’ price match brings the price down to $36.19. Then use the $5 off $35 Sears coupon on this FatWallet page to bring your pre-sales tax total all the way down to $31.19. That’s just $10 a movie, plus the great extras disc for $1.19.

To paraphrase Cheech in “From Dusk Til Dawn,” if you can find a better deal than that–BUY IT.

Okay, Now It’s A Scandal

September 21, 2004

Utter jaw-dropper in today’s USA Today, via Powerline:

CBS arranged for a confidential source to talk with Joe Lockhart, a top aide to John Kerry, after the source provided the network with the now-disputed documents about President Bush’s service in the Texas National Guard.

Lockhart, the former press secretary to President Clinton, said a producer talked to him about the 60 Minutes program a few days before it aired on Sept. 8. She gave Lockhart a telephone number and asked him to call Bill Burkett, a former Texas National Guard officer who gave CBS the documents. Lockhart couldn’t recall the producer’s name. But CBS said Monday night that it would examine the role of producer Mary Mapes in passing the name to Lockhart.

Burkett told USA TODAY that he had agreed to turn over the documents to CBS if the network would arrange a conversation with the Kerry campaign.

So, let me get this straight. CBS just spent more than a week “protecting” the identity of Burkett, refusing to release his name to the general public–but they did put him in touch with a senior adviser to the Kerry campaign, before their story ran? The same week when the DNC started running ads based on the CBS story, which built on Burkett-supplied forgeries?

That’s the tipping point. This is officially a major political scandal, not just an embarrassment to a dinosaur news outlet.

CBS is toast. Dan Rather is toast. Joe Lockhart is toast… and John Kerry is burned French toast about to be tossed out in le dumpster.

Stick a fork in all of the above. They’re done.

From The Bleachers

September 20, 2004

For those who’re interested, my Monday-morning Auburn football column is up, covering the real Tigers’ 10-9 win over LSU.

For those who aren’t interested, we now return you to your regularly-scheduled blogosphere triumphalism…

Well, Shi’ite.

September 16, 2004

It’s Thursday evening, about 8 PM. I’m stuck in lovely (read: hellhole) Hampton, Virginia, after spending the day in a tiny room attending a meeting that would bore a John Kerry zombie. Meanwhile, back home in Atlanta, the power is out, and my wife and dog are dealing with a flooded basement thanks to our pal Ivan. My parents are also in the dark tonight, and I don’t just mean about what I did in college. I have no chance of getting out of here tonight; all flights into Atlanta are cancelled until at least tomorrow, and in the meantime, Ivan is doing his best to float my house down to Macon.

I think I’m going to go buy a bottle of anything and get loaded. Sitting around in airports is much more fun when you’re hung over…

From The Bleachers

September 13, 2004

As some of y’all are aware, I have something of a second life as a freelance sportswriter. Scott Brown and I published “The Uncivil War,” about the Auburn-Alabama rivalry several years back, and for the last three football seasons, I’ve written a Monday-morning column called “From The Bleachers” for I learned last week that the column wouldn’t be picked up for this season (no need to go into any details, suffice to say a few people in the AU Athletics Department need thicker skin commensurate with their pay grades), so I’ll be posting them to my own site for the time being.

If you’re interested, this week’s edition, covering Auburn’s 43-14 win over Mississippi State, has just been posted.

Miracle Strip, RIP

September 5, 2004

Unless you grew up in the Southeast, or wandered a bit off the drunken path during Spring Break, you’ve probably never heard of it, but Miracle Strip Amusement Park in Panama City Beach, Florida opened up its gates for the last time today. The site has been sold, and will be razed to make room for condos and upscale shops. If you needed proof that the old, familiar, seedy, but still comfortable as an old pair of flip-flops Redneck Riviera is going the way of the dodo, this is it.

I haven’t been on the Miracle Strip premises since I was a kid, but I sure wish I’d gone and taken one more ride on the Abominable Snowman when I had the chance.

A little piece of the past, passing. RIP.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

September 4, 2004

There’ve been a few early games over the last week, but college football season really begins today, and there is much rejoicing in the land.

I’m outta here for the first Auburn game in a few minutes, so y’all have a nice day, and may your team do well. Unless your team is Alabama, in which case, may they be humiliated beyond all reckoning (not very likely, considering UAT is playing Utah State–but hey, Utah State isn’t any worse than Northern Illinois, or Central Florida, or Louisiana Tech).

War Eagle!