Bush’s numbers have shot up in the Rasmussen “robot” automated tracking poll. I don’t particularly trust that one (it and the automated Battleground Poll burned me bad in 2000), but as Kaus notes, this is the first significant “bounce” that we’ve seen from either campaign this year.

Harbinger? Heck if I know. But it’s an interesting tidbit.


4 Responses to “BOINNNNNG! (?)”

  1. Gerry Says:

    Mr. Green:

    The automated “Battleground” poll? If you are talking about the Battleground poll by Celinda Lake and Ed Goeas, then let me add that it is not automated (Rasmussen’s is), it was within the margin of error (which no matter how good a poll is conducted, it can never hope to be more precise than that), and it was run five days before the election– and all the tracking polls done right up until election day showed the same late movement to Gore that the Battleground poll could not have measured, since it was not conducted.

    Lake and Goeas’ poll is the best in the business, IMO.


  2. rosignol Says:

    I wouldn’t call a 2-point move to 49 ‘shot up’, especially when Bush was at 48 four days ago. Wait and see what the numbers look like monday.

  3. Will Collier Says:

    I could have sworn Battleground was automated in ’00. Could well be wrong about that, but it definitely overstated Bush’s support that year.

  4. The American Mind Says:


    Maybe I’m too cautious or too conservative (and is that bad?) but even with how well the GOP did with…

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