Oh, That Liberal Media

What word is missing from this story about Frank Ballance, a former North Carolina congressman (he resigned abruptly in June) who was indicted today on fraud charges?

Here’s a hint: It starts with a “D.” As in, “D-NC.”


3 Responses to “Oh, That Liberal Media”

  1. Harry Forbes Says:

    The McGreevey resignation announcement in the Times received similar treatment. You had to get all the way to the end of the Times’ story to find it implied (not stated) which party he belonged to. See this.

  2. Jeffersonian Says:


    “Legacy of slavery”?

    “Civil rights”?


    I’m stumped….

  3. Barbecue means PIG! Says:

    As a resident North Carolinian, I will point out that WRAL-TV is the same station that used Jesse Helms as an editorial commentator in the 60’s. They probably just figured that anyone who followed politics in North Carolina knew that Frank Ballance was a Democrat.

    Now, if the article had appeared in the Noise and Disturber, then the implication of bias would probably be deserved. And actually, they did report that Ballance was a Democrat in their brief mention of the indictment.

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