Shock And Awe

Mark Steyn is at the top of his game today. Just one sample:

There was an old joke back in the Cold War:

Proud American to Russian guy: ”In my country every one of us has the right to criticize our president.”

Russian guy: ”Same here. In my country every one of us has the right to criticize your president.”

That seems to be the way John Kerry likes it. Americans should be free to call Bush a moron, a liar, a fraud, a deserter, an agent of the House of Saud, a mass murderer, a mass rapist (according to the speaker at a National Organization for Women rally last week) and the new Hitler (according to just about everyone). But how dare anyone be so impertinent as to insult John Kerry! No one has the right to insult Kerry, except possibly Teresa, and only on the day she gives him his allowance.

There’s a lot more. Read it all.


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  1. RandMan Says:

    In a battle of wits with Mark Steyn, EVERYONE is an unarmed man. I continually marvel his work, and revel in it.

  2. betsy Says:

    Thank God for Mark! We’d all be in a bad way without him. And I still miss Michael Kelly, every blessed Wednesday. Somehow I always think of the two together.

  3. RandMan Says:

    Betsy –

    Believe it or not, I had the same thoughts as you about Michael Kelly, but didn’t post them. I miss him too.

  4. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Stephen Green
    RE: What CAN Be Said About Kerry?


    At least nothing beyond that fact that he served in Viet Nam.

    Everything else, his being in places he never was, his strange set of awards, his actions after coming back from Nam, his stint as Lt. Governor of Massachusetts, his voting record in the Senate, his attendance record in the Senate, EVERYTHING ELSE is ‘off limits’.

    We’re supposed to buy a pig in a poke, here; sight unseen.

    Maybe Democrats are that stupid, but not real people.

    I’m reminded of the Catholic Church during the medieval era, the priests told people what to believe. And if you disagreed, why they’d excommunicate you. Or burn you as a heretic.

    Then again, I’m reminded of Islam today. If you say anything bad about the prophet, they’ll issue a fatwa against you.

    I guess that someone already has, in West Virginia where they’re taking to shooting up the opposition’s headquarters.



  5. Chuck Pelto Says:

    P.S. Now that I think of it, I guess that the Democratic Party has become a religion unto itself. At least it’s acting like one.

  6. jay Says:

    Kerry only has run in a one-party state, so the senator is surprised that candidates actually experience questions and pressure–and true competition (fyi, the fabled Weld debate was a one-time oddity). Sure, he has a sycophantic press nationally, but it isn’t quite as slavish as the propaganda mills of Boston. Kerry has access to piles of money, but even it pales in comparison to what is needed to finance a national election. Heiresses don’t shine to bigamy, so he is stuck with one cash cow when a herd is needed.

    So here is a man, whose electoral experience is mildly Marxist and whose lifestyle essentially is that of a Eurotrash baron. And people question his claims for the first time in three decades. Hell, the peasants criticize him. They refuse to applaud or laugh or cry on cue. The masses don’t realize he is above democracy.

    So Kerry is madder than hell and he ain’t gonna take it anymore unless medicated.

    To paraphrase Bush, we’ve seen his kind before. And to say what Bush didn’t, we’ve always kicked his kind’s asses.

  7. Andrew X Says:

    “(Kerry) decided to start the post-Labor Day phase of the campaign three days before Labor Day. The way things are going, Democrats seem likely to be launching the post-election catastrophic-defeat vicious-recriminations phase of the campaign round about Sept 12.”

    BAM! Man ‘o man, Steyn is an ice cold MoFo. God Bless and Keep ‘im!

  8. Andrew X Says:

    “No one has the right to insult Kerry, except possibly Teresa, and only on the day she gives him his allowance.”

    (Repeat above)


  9. Jonathan Bailey Says:

    Not a religion, Chuck. A Cult. And it may be too late to save them. They’ve already drunk their Jonestown Juice, Kool-Aid that is.

  10. Birkel Says:

    The most amazing thing about Mr. Steyn is the high quality he produces so often. He writes clear-headed, cogent, self-contained articles every day.

    Everyone should check for the musical compositions offered by his readers.

    Oh, and check my site too, fledgling that I am.

  11. RB Says:

    Yes, Chuck, democrats really are that stupid.

    Why do you think public schools are such a disgrace, despite being showered with infinite cash? The democrat party agenda made into a school curriculum, and taught by unionized clones.
    Result–America has to import half its scientists, engineers, technicians, and many of its physicians.
    Letting the democrat party controlled unions run our schools is like performing lobotomies on most of our children.

  12. Fear Biters: Revealing the hate speech and fear of the Left, in their own words. Says:

    Steyn Identifies Kerry Double-Standard

    Kerry’s favorite expression when he isn’t acting like a victim with hurt feelings is “Bring…It… On…”. I guess he meant for us to watch the Kirsten Dunst cheerleader movie, and not to actually look at his record and ask him about it.

  13. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Jonathan Bailey
    RE: Good Point

    “Not a religion, Chuck. A Cult.” — Jonathan Bailey

    And a cult of personality to boot. It’s all about “ME”, whichever Me is on top at the moment.

    And don’t you dare question Me….



  14. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: RB
    RE: Preaching to the Choir

    “Letting the democrat party controlled unions run our schools is like performing lobotomies on most of our children.” — RB

    Ain’t it the truth. I counsel my friends to home school their children.


    [Education: Should be replacing an empty mind with an open one. With the Democrats it’s replacing an empty mind with a closed one.]

  15. John B. Says:

    Kerry previously stated that he would not allow his record to be questioned by the Swift Vets (who served in Viet Nam), and now will not allow his record to be questioned by anyone who did not serve in Viet Nam. Well, most baby boomer males did not serve in Viet Nam (including Edwards and Clinton). Kerry and his surrogates have insulted millions of us by equating the legal use of student deferments with cowardice. That they would treat so many voters with contempt is the height of arrogance.

  16. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: John B
    RE: Insulting. Isn’t It…

    “That they would treat so many voters with contempt is the height of arrogance.” — John B

    It boils down to this.

    We are to give him the power. Including the nuclear power. And not ask ANY questions.

    If he is that way before he gets into power. Imagine what he will be like when he has command and control over the FBI, the BATF, the CIA, the Pentagon.

    And we thought Waco was bad?


    P.S. I guess I should go see the Manchurian Candidate after all….

  17. Chuck Pelto Says:

    P.P.S. Didn’t Kerry support the Communists in North Viet Nam?

  18. Gene Neary Says:

    Alas, poor Captain Spaulding. His fantasies are outmatched by
    John Kerry. Any man who can invent a self-serving fable and
    later describe it as the defining
    moment of his life reigns supreme
    as a fantasist and a liar. When a
    gutsy reporter directly confronts him with his whopper about Christmas in Cambodia, he will unravel. Till then:

    Captain Fraud

    I am Captain Fraud
    And I am, by gawd,
    Captain of Cambodia.

    With my lucky hat,
    From a spy, at that,
    I stormed into Cambodia.

    Flaunting three purple hearts,
    Three bandaids apart,
    I spent Christmas in Cambodia.

    With camera and gall
    I re-enacted all
    My exploits in Cambodia.

    My fantasy, “seared” in memory,
    Will end with me in the
    President of Cambodia.

    For I’m Captain Fraud
    And remain, by gawd,
    The Liar of Cambodia.

    Gene Neary
    USS Fantasy

    “Bring it on!!” Here it comes.

  19. Chuck Pelto Says:

    P.P.P.S. Not to mention working control of the IRS, DEA, Homeland Security….

    Gosh, the list just goes on and on. And it’s a bit more scary with each addition.

  20. Good Ole Charlie Says:


    In the same vein, I have a better chance of becoming President of Harvard than John F. Kerry has of becoming President of The United States.

    Only I’m more qualified. I do have research papers and patents, teaching experience, and scholarly (earned) degrees.

    Say, maybe the Demos will turn to me when they decide to do a nation-wide Torricelli.

    You saw it here first, pal.

    “When I run for (Chicago) City Council, I’m going to have posters printed that say: ‘Vote for me, I can’t be any worse.'” Peter Finley Dunne, Mr. Dooley

  21. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Good Ole Charlie
    RE: Hopefully…

    “I have a better chance of becoming President of Harvard than John F. Kerry has of becoming President of The United States.” — Good Ole Charlie

    As I live and breath, I truly hope so.


    P.S. I’m trying to convince the distaff that she should run for city council here.

  22. Chuck Pelto Says:

    P.P.S. I still say that the Kerry candidacy is a set-up by the Clinton camp to insure Bush wins this year, clearing the way for Hillary to run in 2008.

  23. Good Ole Charlie Says:


    Encourage the wife to run (as long as you don’t have to finance it yourselves).

    I might run for the local steward’s post in our local NEA branch. The local teaching folk always like to elect a complete reactionary right winger nutcase. Makes for a fun union meeting.

    I’m available. I’m going to use the above as my Campaign Statement (“Vote for me: I can’t be any worse”).

    Best Regards, Chuck(le)

  24. Chuck Pelto Says:

    TO: Good Ole Charlie
    RE: Finances

    It’s not as big a town as Chicago.


    P.S. It’s not this year. Maybe the next cycle; 4 years from now.

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