Well, Shi’ite.

It’s Thursday evening, about 8 PM. I’m stuck in lovely (read: hellhole) Hampton, Virginia, after spending the day in a tiny room attending a meeting that would bore a John Kerry zombie. Meanwhile, back home in Atlanta, the power is out, and my wife and dog are dealing with a flooded basement thanks to our pal Ivan. My parents are also in the dark tonight, and I don’t just mean about what I did in college. I have no chance of getting out of here tonight; all flights into Atlanta are cancelled until at least tomorrow, and in the meantime, Ivan is doing his best to float my house down to Macon.

I think I’m going to go buy a bottle of anything and get loaded. Sitting around in airports is much more fun when you’re hung over…


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  1. BumperStickerist Says:

    Creme de Menthe …

    get plastered on Creme de Menthe

    sitting around airport hungover, but smelling like an after dinner mint, makes it more fun for everybody else, too.

  2. BumperStickerist Says:

    btw – safe travels and may all the small children around you be pleasant, well-behaved, and quiet.

  3. Barbara Skolaut Says:

    Welcome to Virginia, Will.

    Sorry it couldn’t be under better circumstances.

    And just about ANYWHERE but Hampton! 😦

    Hope everything’s OK when you do finally get home.

  4. aaron Says:

    Cheers to you, have a good trip.

  5. matt Says:

    hahaha – i’m gonna get loaded on your behalf tonight.

    wait, i’m already loaded – BONUS!!!

    save travels

  6. The Maximum Leader Says:

    You are stuck in an un-fun place indeed. There should be plenty of places near you where you could get a bottle of something… You’re so close to Langley AFB you know.

    Alas, that side of the water (north side of Hampton Roads) isn’t all that hip. You’d need to take a 30 min drive to Norfolk or VA Beach to find some cool places.

  7. redsoxrebel Says:


    I live on the Peninsula, the geographical area which includes Hampton, Va. I reside in Yorktown. I can certainly see where someone from Atlanta would call Hampton a hellhole. The whole area is a far cry from a big city – we are just a large suburb with no big city. However, the other cites surrounding Hampton (Newport News, Yorktown, Williamsburg, etc.) are a stand out. The Southside which includes Norfolk, Va Beach, and Portsmouth also stand out. If your stuck another day, let me know and I’ll show you around so you can see the difference.

  8. Suli Says:

    Thangs in Huntsville have calmed down a bit. Earlier today I was afraid we were going to lose our cant and our fence.

    Safe travels, Will.


  9. Sister Toldjah Says:

    Oh my … good luck on both the flight and your home. Another hurricane on the way, unfortunately, this time coming in on the Atlantic end, it looks like.

  10. aaron Says:

    Have you noticed that Kerry seems to studder worse than Bush nowadays? He even smirks a little when he thinks he’s clever.

    Bush has always felt weak speaking, but I think this is new to Kerry.

  11. James M Says:

    I sympathize. I’m in Asheville, NC, and we’re getting what Atlanta just got. I’ll get plastered with you until a tree falls on my electricity supply.

  12. nobody Says:

    …airport booze is always costly and watered down…

  13. Stephen Green Says:

    Get home safe, Will. Hope the wife and puppy are high and dry.

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